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Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! (Any %) (Individual Level)

Verifier Responses

Quote from DK28:
Formalities really.  All the MTPO action lately is producing unreal results.

Quote from zallard1:
Zallard here. Glad to see Kaiser obsoleted immediately after submission by getting the first sub 36 on video.  Honda 1 gets taken down too with a nice strat that has been in the works for a while. McHazard's max damage uppercuts were the final piece of the puzzle to get a consistent sub 43 given all the luck is in your favor. Thankfully the luck happened sooner than later & we have another time that obsoletes Turk's WR. Accepts all around.

As far as the other ILs, I am having a hard time accepting them. I guess Great Tiger is ok, but I think the runner could probably obsolete Sandman at least a few more times during this submission, and you're telling me he didn't even get all the frame perfect hits on Mike Tyson?!? What is this guy trying to pull? Barely passable imo.

Wait, what do you mean I can't verify runs that I did? Oh, uhhh, how do I fix that? Is it this button that says "Submit"? I'm not exactly sure, but I'm gonna press it and find out...

Quote from UraniumAnchor:


(No more Sandman ILs from you until I see a TAS-matching Narcis Prince, zallard.)

Quote from sinister1:
Great Tiger:
Finally TAS is matched!! Runner did a great job figuring out buffer strats (surprise, surprise) to make this fight a good deal easier. Still extremely tough to his the 4 frame perfect punches with no good visual/audio cues though.

Mr. Sandman:
What a fight! This is one incredible display of skill and moxy. Runner was in a situation where he could not improve his time unless he did an unthinkable frame perfect gutter punch. Once he landed that he used his patented buffer strat to ensure the fastest phase 3 and a legendary time is born. This fight can only be improved by using the full phase 1 TAS strat which pushes the luck factor from marginal to ridiculous while simulataneously upping the skill factor to new heights. This is one of the toughest ILs in the game already, I do not see this going lower any time soon even though it is hypothetically possible.

A lot of new tech made this fight possible most of which was found by McHazard so shoutouts to him for all his recent MTPO contributions.

Mike Tyson:
This is the hardest IL in the game by a good amount. Luck factor needed is silly, combine that with the need for frame perfect hits all day and you have a recipe for resets. This runner in the ultimate Punch-Out!! player though so he makes it look easy. Runner beat old IL by 2 frame perfect hits in phase 3 but got the delay thus preventing an even lower time. This runner is much more consistent than the old runner at Tyson and showed his frame perfect skill in the best Tyson fight ever seen. This IL will be incredibly tough to improve due to the shear luck and skill combo needed to even get a shot at phase 3. This IL is approaching the holy grail type status of Super Mario Bros. 1 and a perfect fight will hopefully happen one day (execution-wise, luck not included).

If it was not obvious: ACCEPT!

Quote from Elipsis:
I don't really think I have much to add that the masters of MTPO haven't already said.

That Track 3 is uh... special.

Accept all of them, on the condition that zallard promises to stop picking on Sandman for awhile.

Quote from CarpetCrawler:
Sorry for being so late with this. Unsurprisingly, all easy ACCEPT's for our Punch-Out!! masters once again. Special shoutout to zallard's informative Track 2 commentaries and then the really fun Track 3 commentaries. More submitters should do an extra commentary track like Track 3, was really fun!!

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Zack 'Zallard1' Allard & 'sinister1'!
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Not a walrus
Just to clarify, this set contains ILs for:

Von Kaiser
Piston Honda 1
Great Tiger
Mr. Sandman
Mike Tyson
so pro u don't even know
Was the Honda 2 not included in this set?? I am pretty sure I submitted that. Or was that already verified, it is so hard to keep track?
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UraniumAnchor: 2014-04-17 11:37:21 pm
Not a walrus
You mean this one? It's a 46.61.