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Run looks pretty good. I was wondering how you did the Door skip. I'm at that point in a casual playthrough so I'm probably going to test that out later. Wondering what the best route for a mainline% speedrun would be (i.e. not skipping Alliance). I'll have to test some of those dungeons.
Okay, so doing a test of Mainline% this is the route I worked on briefly. 1) Start on Dagger Wound as normal, get the quest to report to the guild hall in Ravenshore. Renegade-cast fly to boat, sail to Ravenshore. 2) Deliver letter, get quest to blackmail Arian Hunter.  Wait until morning + 1 hour to take coach to Alvar. 3) Get scroll of invisibility from the magic shop, sell starting books/rings. quest quest to find Cauri  and buy a book of, originally I did Invisibility but Town Portal might be better. 4) Renegade cast fly, go to Murmurwoods, rescue Cauri and use scroll of invisibility to get Air Heartstone as in any%. 5) Recruit Cauri, teach Invisibility. If you bought TP cast to Alvar and get Invisibility then TP back to Ravenshore. Sneak through and blackmail Arian Hunter. Report Blackmail and go to Alvar. 6) In Alvar get Town Portal (if not already obtained), get quest to find survivor of ironsand. 7) Travel to Ironsand and perform the Vilecrawler quests. Afterwards fly over to the plane of fire and obtain fire heartstone (I was in no condition to do this in my testthrough). 8) Start alliance quest.

9)Travel to Ravage Roaming. Sneak into the Barbarian Fortress and grab the dragon egg, get killed. 10) Travel to Shadowspire, drink from the town well, get the quest to obtain nightshade brazier. 11) TP back to Ravenshore then travel to Garrote Gorge. 11) Add Ithilgore to your party, give egg to Dragons [This bit is debateable again, this is what I think provides the best safety performance.] Travel to Murmurwoods. 12) Cast invisibility, sneak into temple of Sun, right before grabbing the Brazier enter TBC, select Cauri then grab the brazier and cast Town Portal. Since the Clerics don't know that you are there yet they will not be hostile and she can cast TP. If the spell fails it will still be her turn, cast it until successful and teleport back to shadowspire. 13) Turn in the Brazier and then spend all your money leveling people up in shadowspire [Again, debateable, but this is what I think I have to do due to safety for pathing.] Put all skill points in melee weaponry. 14) Go back to Ravage Roaming and do the Labyrinth quest, I have no been able to maintain invisibility without running into tritons, hence the safety of leveling up in order to try and beat them back with sticks (Ithilgore will probably be heavy hitter if you put all his points into Dragon Skill.) 15) With Balthazaar's lair cleared return to Alvar. Get the Regnan quest. 16) Proceed through the Regnan quest, after blowing up the fleet Finish the run as if it was any%.