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(Copied from the speedrun.com page here: https://www.speedrun.com/Midwest_Speedfest_2018/thread/gjd23/1#0e3dn )

Hey all,

Midwest Speedfest is coming back to 2D Con:Critical Hit this year on August 3rd-5th! We will be raising funds for Extra Life again, which supports children's hospitals.

Our stream is going to be upgraded to professional levels! Expect even better quality than MidFall SpeedBall  We will be streaming here: https://twitch.tv/midwestspeedfest

Submissions will be open until July 10th, and the schedule will be released July 17th. Submissions for backup runs will be accepted until August 3rd.

If you are coming, make sure to use the Sign Up button so we can contact you by email if needed!
Submit a run by using the submit run button the left and filling out the form it provides.

Feel free to join our discord here if you have more questions: https://discord.gg/DB7vTZH
Follow our Twitter for more updates and additional questions: https://twitter.com/MWSpeedCrew
Sign up for 2D Con: Critical Hit here: https://www.2dcon.net/

This thread will be updated with more info as time progresses  Smiley

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