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Started by svenne, we want to host an online metroid marathon mostly for fun, to basically show off every metroid game speedran! Ranging from the more popular games like super metroid and metroid prime, to the obscure like prime pinball!

We don't have a charity, as the marathon is too short to justify raising donations for a charity. We're primarily doing this for fun and to showcase the huge variety of runners we have!

Current dates: April 12-13




-The schedule is completed and finalized, barring unexpected circumstances
-Thanks to charleon, we have a stream layout!
-Thanks to many people, we now have the individual game logos that fit well with charleon's layouts!
-We also have the marathon logo here, thanks to kari_fry:
-The mumble has been set up, courtesy to svenne and grukk, on the ludendi channel
-Svenne organized the application to get this marathon on twitch's front page and they accepted it! We have a description and a thumbnail (thanks to heero_fred)


Thanks to charleon for the below layout he's put together! I've produced this layout, and this is what it will look like for metroid prime any%, as an example.

If you aren't directly involved but still would like to help out, please spread the word about the marathon and show everyone the google doc link above! (It has the information about the marathon). That would be highly appreciated! Thank you!
Thread title:
I will likely just do 2-boss. Any% is hard to do live.
Hockey enthusiast
What about romhacks / fan made Metroid games?

Will the games in ran in that order, or maybe in chronological with commentators explaining the story? 
Jumping Turtle
Ooh, some hacks might be nice. Maybe even AM2R?

IIRC the only main games not currently covered are Hunters and Pinball.

(I read this on m2k2 first, but responded here because I guessed more people see this thread.)
Talk to the Hand
I can do ALL THE PERCENTS in Metroid II!
Jumping Turtle
Oh right that reminds me, Metroid 2 is essentially the same route any% as it is 100%. Is it better to just do 100% straight up, or make that an incentive of some kind instead?
Quote from Emptyeye:
I can do ALL THE PERCENTS in Metroid II!

With pause abuse for 0:00 finishing time! :V

Also the games should be done chronologically and I'm not sure if Pinball is actually runnable.
Jumping Turtle
The chronological order for anyone that doesn't recall (M2k2's Taiga is organized in this order):

-Metroid 1
-Zero Mission
-Prime 1
-Return of Samus
-Other M

Pinball is based off of Prime 1, but if it's featured (sure, there's time), it should probably be after the standard runs, possibly as a break before alternate categories or fangames/romhacks.
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Fusion and Zero Mission

Assuming the time is ok, I can offer to do zero mission and fusion.

Any% and 100% should be ok for MZM since they're both really different; though if dragondarch offers low% hard, then it's probably better to replace any% with low% hard. OR WE CAN DO MZM THREE TIMES YAY

Fusion is a game that could do with only one category, since a lot of it is similar across all categories. I can do fusion 100% (preferred) or 1%, though I can do both too. Jaggerg should also be able to do the fusion and the mzm categories too (he's better suited for 1%, I'm better at 100%, for fusion). Still, we could always just do fusion 1% AND fusion 100%, considering how short this marathon'll end up Tongue

Prime 1

Metroid Prime 1 should have both any% and 100%, cuz well it's prime 1 Tongue I'm not qualified to run this game at all, so it's best if a better player does it. If miles doesn't offer to do prime 1 for some reason, I'll poke around for the other better prime 1 runners. I'll only be willing to run this as a very last resort <.<

Prime 2

Metroid Prime 2 should have both any% and 100% like MZM, because both categories are so different (practically a different game). I'd be up for doing either, though only if miles isn't up for doing them; he's much better and more qualified than me (I kinda doubt he'll want to do 100% Tongue )

Prime 3

I'm basically the only guy who runs metroid prime 3 (I wonder why?), so I can offer just metroid prime 3 100% because eff doing this game twice any% and 100%, and 100% is a lot more interesting than the any% single-segment route.
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JaggerG: 2013-12-03 07:08:56 am
Jumping Turtle
At least Zero Mission isn't a very long game. 3 times might not be so bad. Any% and 9/10% are pretty different in terms of strategies, at least.

Also kirbymastah: think 1% race is interesting enough?
Quote from JaggerG:
At least Zero Mission isn't a very long game. 3 times might not be so bad. Any% and 9/10% are pretty different in terms of strategies, at least.

Yeah, MZM is pretty viable to do three times honestly Tongue

fusion 1% race would be cool, but so marathon unsafe haha. I'd be ok with it, it'll make it very interesting Tongue
Jumping Turtle
So I thought about Zero Mission Hard mode, and the fact that it's been done less on SRL than Fusion 1% has [citation needed], and I suddenly realized that it's easier to convince yourself to do something you expect to fail at than it is to try something you should be able to do just fine, but are afraid you might fail at. It explains a lot about life.
Pinball is very much runnable. It has credits that plays after beating the final boss (Metroid Prime). I thought of a few timesavers here and there for the game, if anybody wants to pick it up.
Quote from Edenal:
What about romhacks / fan made Metroid games?

Will the games in ran in that order, or maybe in chronological with commentators explaining the story? 

Romhacks are fine, as long as we can find some serious speedrunners of them! Wink

Also I am up for anything, if we want to tell the story, lets do it!
Caution: This user contains Kana ^_^
I see you're aming for April/May. Crystals for Life will be from the 29th April to the 4th May. Consider that during planning Wink
Np, I have already looked up the different marathons on here so we will not collide!

Ok, so I will put Cak on Metroid, Kirbymastah on Metroid Prime 3, JaggerG on Metroid: Other M and EmptyEye on Metroid II: The return of Samus for now!

If you know runners for the different games, please let them know about this marathon so we can get the best goddamn metroid marathon ever!
I could maybe do one of the japanese easy or hard catagories for fusion if you want, they are pretty different and cool. To my knowledge the only other runner with access to them is biospark and who knows whether he will be available. I would also be up for a race or whatever comes up.
Toss me in for MZM Hard Low%, Metroid (NES) 100%, and I could also do AM2R, which is a fan remake of Metroid 2. It's not finished yet, but I can run whatever the latest public demo is at the time of this marathon.
How different are some of these categories to eachother, should we mix it up, not having the same game and all its categories back to back? What do you think?

Nice DD, our first Romhack! I know there are some great onces for SM aswell but don't know any runners of those romhacks!
Just an FYI, if you're trying to make it so each person gets only exactly one game, that probably won't work well Tongue there are so few runners in general, you'll be hardpressed to fill up all the games

Jamillton is well-qualified to run fusion too
Edit history:
JaggerG: 2013-12-03 10:58:14 pm
Jumping Turtle
I personally feel that getting through each game normally once should be before any alternate categories. Then it feels like speedrunning the series, rather than running each game in the series individually, see? Additionally, if someone can't see a run of Prime because of time zones, maybe they can see Prime 100% later, so that's cool.

-The thing about Fusion any% vs. 1% is that they're almost identical, as you can't skip major upgrades. You can count the strategy differences on 2 hands. 1% is more dangerous, so it makes it less raceable, but I'm sure kirby, jamillton and I are still open to racing either category. I'm just more likely to be further behind in any%.
-Fusion 100% starts out very closely to any% until the very end, then there are like 20 minutes of additional tricks and routing that are pretty flashy.
-Zero Mission 10% Hard is pretty much the same route as any%, but there's much more danger of dying; not only to bosses (that are made IMMENSELY more difficult), but through the later areas in general.
-Zero Mission Hard any% is pretty interesting, too, since you have to plan around the limited ammo it gives you. It makes Kraid first faster, so that's cool. Maybe an incentive to have someone run Hard mode instead? I don't think that's been seen as a speedrun in a marathon, has it?
-Zero Mission 100% is vastly different in terms of routing. There are some neat tricks that people can learn to do, so it's still relateable, but still impressive because it's single segment.
-Metroid 1 100% is very different from any%, and has more tricks to get around places.
-Metroid 1 morph/ice only is kinda neat, but probably pointless? Cak and Dragondarch?
-Return of Samus any% is like, mid-90%s. The fact that Emptyeye normally runs 100% makes me curious if any% should even be considered.
-As kirbymastah said, Metroid Prime 1 and 2 are both very different any% vs. 100%. I recall 21% is definitely not speedrunnable. I haven't looked at 6% Echoes, though.
-kirbymastah gets bored a lot in Corruption any%, so 100% might be better as the sole run of it.
-Super Metroid...pretty much the more it gets featured, the better, right?
-Other M...frankly you're lucky anyone runs it at all. 100% sounds vaguely interesting, but I haven't looked into it, and have no idea if anyone routed it. Ask again in a couple months, I guess, but it's probably better to only do one category.
-No clue about Hunters, sorry.

Unless you do some kind of double-marathon thing. Perhaps an any% portion (maybe talk to Behemoth about any% RoS?), and a 100% portion, then bonus time for other categories?
Quote from kirbymastah:
Just an FYI, if you're trying to make it so each person gets only exactly one game, that probably won't work well Tongue there are so few runners in general, you'll be hardpressed to fill up all the games

No, I know some people are really good on multipal games! XD I was thinking more to spice it up abit only instead of having 3 categories on a game back to back. Smiley

Yeah, Pinball and Hunters seems to be the hardest to find runners on. As far as I know, Behemoth does not stream but I can ask him!
Talk to the Hand
Quote from JaggerG:
-Return of Samus any% is like, mid-90%s. The fact that Emptyeye normally runs 100% makes me curious if any% should even be considered.

I don't know that I'd go that far--an extremely high-level any% skips a ton of missiles and 3 E-tanks. That, plus skipping the Screw Attack, makes things quite a bit harder. That said, I agree that at the moment, I wouldn't be comfortable with doing any%. Maybe contact Controllerhead, I know he was working on Any% for awhile.
The only runner of hunters that I know of ( currently cannot stream for some reason.
I don't know if you have thought to do a bonus stream, but what about a GoronNop style 2players 1controller Metroid Prime run for fun?  I did one run recently with SpaceVector and that was really cool. itspersonnal and ptorflaxendrosis also did one run... that would be so fun to do a 2vs2 race!
Anyway, I know it's not really serious, but if there is a bonus stream I think it can be funny