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Metal Storm (Any %) (Single Segment)

Verifier Responses

Quote from MURPHAGATOR!:
Alright, theres so much wrong with this run I don't even know where to start.

First off, the runner selects the boring normal difficulty instead of the insanely awesome second loop. Tragic.

Right in the first stage, runner wastes time collecting powerups only to lose them by plowing into an enemy and collecting a different powerup.

Second stage he wastes a bunch of time backtracking. If he knew what he was doing he'd clearly be able to make it without slowing down at all. He also fails to kill the first laser turret before jumping, so he has to waste time killing it at the end. Terrible.

Third stage he once again wastes a powerup by smashing into the boss. Should have just threaded the needle and saved himself the time.

I don't know why he restricts himself to the gold box for the entire fourth stage, it would have gone a lot faster if he just kept running right. He eventually makes it change colors and still stays in it, its weird. He even makes the box turn around and go backwards.

Stage 5 he wastes a bunch of time killing turrets. If he had just saved those hits from earlier he could have progressed much more quickly through the whole area.

Stage 6 goes ok until he spends forever just waiting instead of shooting the boss. Would have gone much faster if he had just unloaded on them.

The boss rush goes terribly, he makes all the same mistakes he made the first time around for every fight. He even misses several shots on the last boss that doesn't even do anything.

In case it wasn't obvious by now I am just being completely facetious, this run is really well done and optimized. The only really big mistake is that he didn't select the second loop.

Oh and the A/V is fine.

ACCEPT. Now get to the real game!

Alright, I think I'll start with a general overview of the run.  This Metal Storm run was very fluid.  The movement was very polished with little to no wasted motion.  It's clear that the runner knew the game so well that he knows quickest available methods of proceeding through each and every stage.  Also, the overall general usage of the weapons spot on as he knew which weapons worked best for any given area.  That being said, here are a few specifics in each stage that caught my attention.

Level 1: The most obvious strat to note of is the use of the Armor upgrade to destory the mech at the near the end of the stage.  The various usage of the Armor upgrade was key throughout the run; this only begins to show how important it is in keeping and using the Armor.  Also, the boss was handled in a very well-done manner.

Level 2: This reinforces my earlier statements about the overall clean movement, but it shows a lot in this wrap-around stage; especially in the second half where the path taken looked to be the most optimized one to take and was executed exceptionally.  The boss of this stage was also obliterated very easily; nothing major of note there.

Level 3: I like the use of the Gravity Ball towards the end of the first half of the stage.  Being able to destroy that gun turret's bullet and that railed mobile unit without stalling was something that easily caught my eye.  Also, once again, smart use of the Armor upgrade to tank a hit on the boss to put yourself in the best position to destroy it quickly.

Level 4: Due to the nature of being an auto-scrolling stage, there isn't too much to note aside from taking out enemies quickly to possibly avoid any possible lag.  However, both boss fights were superb.  Yet again, the use of the Armor upgrade to take out one of the heads and overall solid shooting to take out the other three was excellent.  Not to mention the actual boss of the level was taken out extremely fast with little wasted movement or missed shots.

Level 5: Arguably my favorite level in this run.  With the laser cannons being some of the most annoying objects in the game, they way he handles them was probably in the best of not only general lag reduction (when possible), but also in just quickly getting said obstacles out of the way to continue on his way.  Near the end of the stage, I have to one more time point out the Armor usage which was used to finish out the stage.  As for the boss fight, it was nicely executed as he uses every available opportunity to get hits in, even to the extent to not even letting the boss use its "Green Form" one extra time.

Level 6: If Level 5 was my favorite, then this stage would rank just as closely.  The runner clearly knew the layout of the stage so well that moving through it was practically a mere cakewalk.  Barring some minor movement mistakes, seeing how smooth the stage went was nothing short of fascinating.  The boss isn't of much note as it was merely a waiting game for its core to be exposed to eventually beat it.  That being said, it was still destroyed in a proper manner.

Level 7: This stage was merely a "wash, rinse, repeat" of all the boss strats up to and including keeping the Armor upgrade from the prior level to use again on the Level 3 boss.  Of course, this leads to the destruction of a pathetically easy final boss which ends the game.

So, to put a long story short, this was an extremely good run that displays just about all the dedication and knowledge the runner has acquired from playing the game many times to get a run that is probably near the peak of total optimization.  Also, as of an extra note, there was nothing wrong with the A/V aspect of the run.  Everything seemed to check out both visually and aurally.

So yeah, a clear ACCEPT for this run.  Great run.

Quote from CarpetCrawler:
I saw this run live. What can I say? Was fascinating to watch again and an easy ACCEPT.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Benjamin 'UraniumAnchor' Cutler!
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