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Metal Gear Solid (Any %) (Segmented) (Extreme) [Large-skip glitches]

Verifier Responses

Quote from RoboSparkle:
It's very very close, but I'm going to move to narrowly reject this run. There are several elements to this (warning, essay ahead!):


1) A/V Quality.  There are several instances of the audio cutting out for a split second (8:50 on segment 2 is a prime example of this) apparently the runner submitted a quality check which was passed which contained these issues so I'm not sure what happened there.  I'm uneasy about passing it on those grounds as it's really something the runner should have noticed before putting in a quality check in the first place.

2) The time.  While nobody is denying that 1:09:16 is a fantastic time, it's still more than a minute slower than the fastest SS and having compared this run to Slade's latest video, I'm pretty sure the biggest contributing factor is the act of segmentation.  I'm not sure how much, but I'm pretty certain that the codec calls to Mei Ling (in order to save) are added to the IGT and this is what makes this run slower than the top SS runs.

3) RNG manipulation.
Even though the runner uses segmentation to get a good elevator fight (he mentioned getting shot but it doesn't appear to cost any time), and to manipulate the rat with the PAL card, he puts the start of segment three in the wrong place.  It should go at the start of the furnace room in order to make sure he gets a good crane, and this ends up costing him time.  Moreso, because of this or because it was right at the end of an otherwise strong and very tough segment, he loses a few seconds unnecessarily waiting for a guard.  Considering that the only thing segment 3 has in it of any real challenge is the Elevator fight it's a shame that the furnace wasn't added.

The main thing in favour of the run is the execution.  In summary: Top notch, brilliant, wonderful.  I have a few little nags (missing the crawl glitch near the end of segment 1, selecting the PSG1 near the start of segment 4 and the extra stinger on Rex at the start of seg 5) that I'm less keen on.  With a segmented run you really don't want to see things like that at the start of segments.  However, the liquid fight may as well have been a TAS (I always get goosebumps when Liquid shouts "nice shot!" while eating fist), the elevator fight was very smooth, Raven was excellently executed, the glitches were performed very well, movement was mostly seamless (The Comms Tower gauntlet, the gun camera dodge after the elevator fight, the rappelling scene and the one-stun bridge fight are also VERY worthy of note) and overall demonstrates a lot of talent on behalf of the runner who picked up the game less than three months ago and has only just moved to real hardware.  My real question to the runner, then, is with this level of talent, why not Single Segment?  It will take more work to get the run but if this is where you can get to with only a couple of months I'm very interested to see what you can do with more time.

The other thing to bear in mind is how this run represents an improvement over what we have on the site currently.
The current runs are prehistoric (one of them is slade's run from 2006!) and even the segmented run is nearly 20 minutes slower than the current SS record.  However this run wouldn't replace them (different categories) and with Segmented MGS runs actually being at a disadvantage to SS runs due to the time lost in saving the game without really reaping the benefits of segmentation (Even Crane RNG manipulation won't really bring the time back), I don't think it would be that long before this run is replaced by an SS run.

Ultimately if this run were Single Segment OR if the audio issues weren't there then I'd have given this an accept.  As I said it's very close, but I'd urge the runner to work on something Single Segment as looking at how far he's come since October I really don't think it will be long before we're seeing 1:08s or 1!:07s from you.

A/V: both shows signs of interference throughout the run (audio skips and video is jumpy). Considering that the Quality test here @ SDA was given a green checkmark I'm assuming that it's good enough though

Gameplay: overall good, but it has its flaws too. Most notably, the second segment should have been ended just after switching to disc 2 since the crane in Blast Furnace is very bad due to RNG, which to me seems like a miscalculation in terms of the segmentation. However, the fight with Liquid was perfect and besides from an accidental switch to PSG1 in the MG Rex room, there's nothing really major that comes to my mind in terms of gameplay.

Even though this is a segmented run, SS runs that are faster that this one exists. Because the current runs on SDA are very old, I'm going to give this one an Accept for now, but both gameplay/planning and A/V Quality should see some improvement the next time around.

A/V: Not that good. there are a lot of places where a crackling sound can be heard, and sometimes the screen wobbles a bit, but it seems as the quality test was approved so I guess it's good enough.
No cheating detected.
Timing: The previous segmented run used the in-game timer, so I guess that this one will also be using it.

Segment 1:
Gameplay is good. The only mistake were at the wolves pit (as noted by the runner), but it couldn't have cost more than a second. Still, I think that the runner should have done a shorter segment to start with so that he could have paid more attention to smaller details, like that skip.

Segment 2:
Everything seems to go pretty well until the very end of this segment, where the runner experience some bad RNG with the crane in the blast furnace, and also have to wait a couple of seconds for a guard to turn around. Getting caught at the crane look bad in a SS run, but even worse in a segmented run. Since this segment is so long, I can't really understand why the runner didn't save just after switching discs. I'm sorry, but it doesn't make any sense what so ever to save just after the blast furnace.

Segment 3:
Not much to say about this segment, elevator fight is good, so is the battle with Raven.

Segment 4:
A lot of running in this segment. The only big mistake was after the runner collected the PAL card, where he selects the PSG1 instead of chaff, losing about 3 seconds. It's not that much of a time loss in a run that's over an hour, but I think the runner should have restarted the segment at that point. The segment is about 20 minutes long, and this error occurs about 3 min into the segment, so it doesn't take you that long to get back there if you reset.
Everything  else seems to be optimized so there's not that much more to say about it.

Segment 5:
The Rex fight is pretty good, it could be a little bit faster due to a missile not hitting the sweet spot (as noted by the runner), but otherwise it looks fine. The fist fight with Liquid is really impressive, almost TAS-like execution. During the escape, the runner gets caught up a bit at the second checkpoint, but the ending battle with Liquid is good so it doesn't matter that much.

I have mixed feelings about this run. Even though the run is pretty good for the most part, there are a couple of errors that looks really bad (the blast furnace in particular). There is also faster single-segment runs out there, which would obsolete this run if they were uploaded. But since it has been almost eight years since the MGS page on SDA was updated, I'm going to give this run a weak accept.

Decision: Accept

Reason: It does have some issues but it's an improvement over the current run

Congratulations to 'Neb'!
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It's awesome getting all this feedback.  A lot of people seemed to question my choice in the blast furnace save, which in this run does hurt me a lot. While the oppourtunity was lost, I do save having to exit and re-enter the elevator room just past the blast furnace, which while it doesn't make up for the crane rng, it does sorta make up for the guard turning around.

While I don't have as much time to play as I used to, I guess my next exploit is to figure out why the AV isn't that great, if there truely is a concern. And work on the All-Boss run to get that improved.

Thanks again to SDA for a great experience Smiley
Just something small I noticed for this run, I'm surprised I didn't get any credit at all for finding these glitches along with Slade and TheThrillness? You credit everyone else except me.