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First off, SUPER HAPPY about the run getting accepted. Thanks to all that helped to make it happen.

I've been working w/ blkyoshi off and on about some possible route optimization, and I've been going back and reading Garlyle's comments on what can be done better with the run. I've also uploaded a few videos to YT rather than keeping them on twitch to make them easier for viewers to watch here. Credit mainly goes to Garlyle and blkyoshi for these strats, but I'll post thema nd they can add on if they have anything else I may have missed. Anyway, just adding to the possible route changes for future runs:

* Going to QuickMan first seems like the best option overall. I was thinking it wasn't necessary if you don't go to BrightMan's stage before IceMan's anyway for MagBombs, but you CAN buy three elecblde's for 3000 instead of an AquaArmr for 2500. If you go to QuickMan's first to get the RegUP and then get the second RegUP in IceMan's stage, you can then preset ElecBlde and use all three to take out IceMan very fast. It's much riskier w/o the AquaArmr, but it's the only real place you would need to use AquaArmr.

* Get the MemUP in NeedleMan's stage (right next to the boss portal).

* Get the MemUP in ClownMan's stage in the second area (that is if you're going for the HPMemory in the second part at the top of the pinball area). Only requires one DoubJump.

* ElecMan doubjump referenced earlier in thread:

* Skip the HPMemory near the Aqua Swordy in SwordMan's stage. That's definitely unnecessary.

* Instead of getting the RegUP in ClownMan's stage, you can get the one in GravityMan's stage much more easily. Both probably would take the same amount of time, but the GravityMan one takes one less DoubJump than ClownMan's RegUP.

* In StarMan's stage, preset Bub-V instead of Heat-V for the miniboss. Chances are that after the miniboss fight in IceMan's stage, you will have A BUNCH MORE  Bub-V's instead of Heat-V's for the miniboss fight in StarMan's stage, and you can spam those much more safely than Heat-V's.

* Zero no damage fight tutorial, for those still struggling with him:

* ShadowMan arrow strat:

* At the beginning of PharaohMan's stage in the disappearing/reappearing block section, you can use three DoubJumps to go straight to the top right part instead of using two to go directly above and another two to go across to the right.

* In Undernet (I can't remember for sure), I believe if you use a FstGauge at the beginning of the area right before the Wood DreamBits and after waiting just a tiny bit longer, you can preset Barrier. Use that to get through the DreamBits instead of taking time to use Energy subchips. By the time you're at the entrance to the boss, another gauge will have filled up and you can preset M-Cannon before the fight.

That's all!
That Guy
Oh man why have I not stopped here in forever?

These are all some pretty great ideas.  The StarArrow one in particular seems extremely "why the hell didn't I do this in the first place" to me and I'm kind of ashamed I never clued in; it's basically MM5's super arrow thing, completely with being faster than normal travel.  There MIGHT be other places you can use it to go faster too, although nothing comes to mind specifically...

And yes, FastGauges are fantastic.  I was entering Undernet with DoubleJump equipped to skip the first two bits, and generally was getting lucky enough to draw something that can deal with the wood viri (and then doublejumping some more over the remaining dreambits).  Barrier sounds like a great way to deal with them though; and with luck within those three draws you can also manage to draw the Zero chip that makes the Firewall so much easier (It instantly trashes the bottom turret when used)

Finally, a 100% run sounds like fun.  Infuriating fun, though, mind you, specifically because of the stupid PopUp chip. Of course, you also need piles of zenny to purchase all the HP Memories, and the stage gives you the best zenny income of any stage, but... yeah.  That would be a hell of a run, and by that I mean an enraging hell of a run.
Hello there Smiley

I finally got a copy of this game and beat it just a little while ago, and now I kind of want to try my hand at running it. Are any of you still working on routing or running it right now?
I'm still awake on this game, if that means anything. I'd be willing to help with routing however I can, although I can't honestly say that I'm running or routing it currently. If you stream, let me know and I'll come watch.
I would love to stream but I don't know what I need to stream console games. I've got streaming PC games more or less figured out, but consoles I don't know much about. For reference I'm playing on a Wii.

Also, is there any IRC channel or something like that around for this?
I linger in #megaman on There are also a ton of other people on there, if you need help with setup.

Basically, start with a capture card. That can be used to capture console gameplay.
Guess I should say I'm working on this game as well.

Notes so far:

Now that everything's timed and zenny drops have been tallied, I'll start working on the route proper.

Here's to sub 1.
Notes are done. Same link, but now there's a step by step (more or less) route:

Casual 1:30. Now it's time to get serious.
Had a run on pace for 1:05:30, then went and died to the core D: I'm bad...

Turns out doing a deathless run is hard. Had a 43:16 StarMan, then went and died to Zero. I jumped when I shoulda slid...

But yeah, sub 1:04 seems like a good goal time for right now.
Edit history:
Tterraj42: 2014-03-14 01:30:17 pm
1:03:34 with 45 seconds of obvious mistakes. sub 1:02 for sure possible.

just( •_•)>⌐■-■ ..... (⌐■_■)wing it
Tagging this thread. Might be interested. Before I take the 5s to look through the rest of this what are some good resources for learning this?
Edit history:
Tterraj42: 2014-03-15 10:27:45 am
Quote from Tterraj42:
Guess I should say I'm working on this game as well.

Notes so far:

Now that everything's timed and zenny drops have been tallied, I'll start working on the route proper.

Here's to sub 1.

Quote from Tterraj42:
Notes are done. Same link, but now there's a step by step (more or less) route:

Casual 1:30. Now it's time to get serious.

Quote from Tterraj42:
1:03:34 with 45 seconds of obvious mistakes. sub 1:02 for sure possible.

Edit history:
Tterraj42: 2014-03-23 12:52:07 am
Tterraj42: 2014-03-23 12:50:55 am
Just an update on times. BlkYoshi got a 1:03:07 I later (offline) got a 1:03:09. Still going for sub 1:02.

aaaaand got it - 1:01:58

I know this thread and forum are super old and not many people check here any more but I figured it would be nice to at least document the current route I'm using for the game since picking it up a month ago, here's a rundown of my quick notes:

Fire Man

- Reg Sword
- Pick up MemUp in Den 2
- Equip Heat Armor at Roll

Guts Man

- Reg Cannon
- Buy 1 HPMem and 1 MemUp from Number Man
- Get PowerUp from teleporter after shop on way to Guts
- If Sword not in draw before Guts, reg Sword

Quick Man

- Reg Cannon
- Get RegUp in Quick 1 (above Roll by shielders)

Needle Man

- Buy Unlocker and 5 Heat-V from Higsby (less if you managed to get any from Spikey2s)
- Get at least 3 Treebomb1 chips, 4 is good but not required with new Elec strats
- Get HPMem in Needle 1 (on top guard rail after dropping past bridges)
- Get PowerUp from PMD and MemUp by exit in Needle 2
- Remove Stonebody, insert Heat-V and reg for Needle

Ice Man

- Buy 3 Elec Blade from Higsby
- Farm 10 DoubleJump from penguins in Ice 1, pick up HPMem after falling down hole
- Use Repair at Ice 2 Yoku blocks if available
- Pick up RegUp and HPMem in Ice 2, fall down platforms on left after Yoku blocks
- At end of Ice 2 or beginning of 3, reg Shockwave for mini-boss, remove DashAtk and Wrecker and Ratton 1 and Guard, insert DoubleJump and Treebomb 1 and Elec Blade and Bub-V
- Reg Elec Blade after grabbing key for Ice 2, then deathwarp to both refill health and draw Blade for Ice

Bright Man

- Reg TreeBomb1
- Pick up HPMem (top platforms) in Bright 1
- Pick up PowerUp (right side drop down) and HPMem (next to boss) in Bright 2
- Reg Treebomb1 if needed for Bright

Color Man

- Reg DoubleJump
- Get MemUp in Color 2 (right side of giant room, need DoubleJump)
- Reg Bub-V for boss

Elec Man

- Reg DoubleJump
- Get PowerUp in Elec 1 (near exit, top mystery data after MegaBunny)
- Get PowerUp in Elec 2 (next to Elec), reg Treebomb1

Sword Man

- Reg DoubleJump
- Get MemUp from Global 2 on the way to Global 3
- Head back to Outer Net to buy all PowerUps and MemUp from Number Man, max out attack and charge (if you don't have 16k Z, buy the PowerUps and get the Mem later)
- Get MemUp in Sword 2 (up by spikes after dropping down)

Gravity Man

- Buy 5 Barrier from Higsby
- Get RegUp in Gravity 1 (next to exit)
- Get HPMem in Gravity 2 (by Canodumb3 on ceiling)
- Remove MiniBomb and LilBomb and Burner after DoubJumping past 4th Canodumb, insert Barrier and Hi-Cannon and M-Cannon, reg Barrier for remainder of stage and Gravity boss

Star Man

- Reg DoubleJump
- Get HPMem in Star 1 (by Yorts on platform)
- Get HPMem in Star 2 (top path by rollers)
- Reg Bub-V / Heat-V for mini-boss if needed
- Reg Barrier for Star if you didn't need to reg earlier, or just go straight in if feeling lucky


- Reg DoubleJump
- Get HPMem (path below conveyor belts leading to Zero, right above Zero portal)
- Reg Barrier for Zero if needed to block Phantom Zero attacks

Pharaoh Man

- Reg DoubleJump
- Buy as many MemUps and HPMems as possible from Number Man
- Reg Barrier at Pharaoh 2 after Rattys

Shadow Man

- Insert and reg Star Arrow (remove Recov30) and use in Shadow 2 after Kunai virus to skip platforms
- Reg M-Cannon for Shadow


- Reg DoubleJump, buy 1 FstGauge, 5 FullCust, and remaining money goes to HalfEnrg
- Use FstGauge at jack-in, if no Cannons in initial draw then reg M-Cannon after Scuttlest viruses, FullCust as needed until you get Z-Canon (if you can pick up Heat-V and Treebomb1 too then good but not required)
- Z-Canon through Firewall
- Buster through most refights, Heat-V if lucky for Needle, Treebomb1 for Bright if lucky, Z-Canon at Quick, if you got an extra Treebomb and drew then use at Elec, otherwise all use alternate buster strats
- Z-Canon + buster alternate LifeVirus 1, use charge shots on LifeVirus 2

Big thanks to mable and Joka for their runs since they mashed out a lot of the work several years ago and all I did was follow up on them. The different stage order, general rerouting, and better gameplay since the last post in this thread has led to a run that is over 5 minutes faster than the last post's run:

Unfortunate that I can't submit that run here since sound didn't get recorded but I plan on beating it with a proper recording and submitting that in the future (assuming RNG cooperates at the end again...). The end goal is 55:xx for me but I would be happy submitting anything that beats the 56:45 I posted since this run is incredibly RNG-heavy for a good time (Z-Canon draw being a huge one at the end, but general draws not having to reg add up to 10-sec time saves).
If you want to do anything on SDA, you'd do it because you like its philosophy, not because it's popular. How popular is the second-biggest video upload site for example?

Best of luck and looking forwards to another good run!
I think there are some people in TeamBN that would be happy to see this. Consider sharing it on their discord:

TeamBN Discord Invite