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Mega Man X5 (Any %) (Single Segment) (pc) (pc)

Verifier Responses

A/V is good, no cheating. Time is 12:36 in-game time. I'll give this an accept because it's a solid run and a big improvement over what's currently published, but I'll encourage the runner to take a look at the current WR (, 10:50 in-game time) as some things can be improved, notably boss fights.

There's some sloppy movement in the intro stage. He made no attempt to skip the ladder. And not being able to one round Sigma is really bad. It's a minute into the run, he should've reset.

In Virus Blue he kills a Ride Armor. It's faster to take damage through it instead. On one phase of the Devil he had an opportunity to SDC but didn't do a lot of damage at all.

Again he killed Ride Armors he didn't need to in Virus Purple. It's especially bad on the first one because he gets healed when he becomes infected later on. He also air dashed a lot which should only be used when absolutely necessary. Rangda was fine except he could've killed the green eye in one phase.

His movement in Virus Red is very clunky. And he does not fight Zero the proper way; there's a much better AI loop than the one he used, one that's in two of the other runs on SDA already.

In the beginning of Sigma's stage he makes no effort to kill the little enemies in his way. He misses many Nova Strikes on Rosered, and a few on other Mavericks.

He plays way too safe during Sigma's first form. The run on site keeps attacking and doesn't care about taking damage, because if you space your attacks properly you won't get hit very much. He almost never tries to hit Gamma Sigma twice before he disappears, slowing down the fight considerably.

The final game time is 12:36. This does beat the current single segment run on site by 3 and a half minutes, but that run used X exclusively and visited an extra stage. There also exist runs that are in the 10:xx range and are older than this run by many months. That tells me there was a lack of research on the runner's part.

I reject this run because it can easily be improved with strategies that existed long before the run was completed. I encourage the runner to study the game more so he can approach the better times out there.

A/V: good @60fps.
Cheating: Nope

Intro Stage: Almost perfect, except for the battle vs sigma; this boss can be defeated in one round,
but lost the last hit on the slash-cancel cost 6 seconds.

Virus Stage 1: the player has a mastery of evasion of lasers, the stage was just flawless, just lose 2 secs vs the boss due the fail of slash-cancel.
Virus Stage 2: Well done but with minor mistakes; on a segmented run is necessarily 10 secs faster, the fight was well plained.
VIrus Stage 3: overall were well executed

Last Stage: extreme care not to die is perceivable, but it is completely justifiable, this kind of run is not easily repeatable, depends of luck on a cruel way.
All bosses were well beaten specially Duff McWhalen
The last battles were just decent, couple  giga-attacks were miss.
Enimga Probatily: in my experience can take about 20 attempts, this give a plus to this run Cheesy

Decision: Accept

Decision: Accept

Reason: Faster than the current run even if the strats are outdated

Congratulations to Davi Rodrigues!
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