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Mega Man X4 (ntscus) (psx) [100 %] [Single Segment] [Character: Zero]

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Nikolaj 'ThaRixer' Sørensen!
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Mega Man X4 (ntscus) (psx) [100 %] [Single Segment] [Character: Zero]

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Please refer to the Verification Guidelines before posting.

Please post your opinions about the run and be certain to conclude your post with a verdict (Accept/Reject). If you wish to remain anonymous, you can also send a pm with your reply to 'sdaverification' (please state clearly in that case which run you have verified). This is not a contest where the majority wins - Each verification will be judged on its content.
A/V quality is good, though I noticed some stuttering in a few places like Walrus part 2 and Space Port. Maybe that can happen if the run was recorded using OBS instead of direct framegrabbing software like AmaRec? I'm not sure how it was recorded though. There's a slight audio hiccup in Space Port as well. This stuff is probably not a big deal.

Normally I would verify the SDA timing for runs, but the X4 page says future submissions for this game have load times removed, and I don't know what the start/end frames for loads are here.

Very clean run overall. Given all of the RNG in this run, execution mistakes are minimal. Very nice quick kill on the first Spider fight. The Face Sigma kill was slightly terrifying, lol. Super clutch. It's cool to see a modern submission of this game obsoleting such an old run.

GG! Accept
The Great Farming Empire
A/V Quality - Good Overall (There's a slight humming in the audio, but it's very minor and doesn't detract from the rest of the run)
No cheating from what I saw.

This is the current WR in the game and a 6 minute improvement to the current run. Ricky is an absolute legend getting this run together.

Decision posted.
Aaaand I watched it too! Not a time-waster getting the old run off the site and why not do it with a bang?

Can't see A/V problems or cheating here.

accepts it
Totally missed this thread. I was waiting for my run to show up in a written post on the front page, cause that's how i assumed I would know whether or not my run got accepted ^^'

Thanks for all the kind words though. Yea this took a lot of work to get. There are of course some blemishes, such as the second spider fight being kind of poor, but overall I'm quite happy with the run. I executed well above average and got extremely lucky during several boss fights.

I think the slight hiccups in recording is simply from my computer being kinda bad. I was in a discord voice call while playing and recording at a high bit rate on OBS.

As for cheating, I have been speedrunning for over 13 years, I have no reason to cheat. I have the full session video as well in case you want some more proof, let me know if you want me to upload that. The full session video is 01:22:31 long, and I got the run 34 minutes and 30 seconds into my session

I'm still not really sure though, is my run accepted? I still see Mike's old run on there haha
The verification process on SDA relies on community members reviewing the submitted run. The formal decision is then based on the verification replies. Your run is accepted (see the first post).

The reason some verifiers commented on cheating is not because there is any doubt about the validity of your run. As outlined in the verification guidelines (, there are three major categories when reviewing a run, the gameplay, the A/V quality and the legitimacy. It's not required for every verifier to comment on each category, but it's helpful when the final decision is taken if the verification replies show that different aspects of the run have been reviewed.

Each accepted speedrun is posted on the frontpage when it's added to the site. I can't say exactly when your run will appear in a frontpage update, but it's coming. Nothing else needed from you unless we contact you again.
Alrighty, thanks ktwo, and thanks again everyone. Haven't posted a run on here in about 12 years, nice to still be in the game setting strong times worthy of an SDA submission B)
We're ramping up to the next update again and this run will certainly be in it! Thanks for the submission.