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Mega Man Legends (Any %) (Single Segment) (Hard)

Verifier Responses

Audio and visual are good.  No cheating detected.  In-game timer reads 1 hour, 4 minutes, 5 seconds.

The runner does a great job economizing movement and leading shots throughout the run.  Highlights are the town hall battles, surviving the boat section, and the gutsy finish.

There aren't too many negatives. There is some lost time in the Clozer ruins because the elevator trick doesn’t pan out.  Tracking down zenny drops occasionally looks awkward, but is mostly a game rather than run issue.

All in all, the route appears well planned and the execution is darn good.  Accept.

Sorry took me so long to reply since I had trouble with the video due to it froze the first time I watch it which was entire my end to blame due I didn't update Flash or Java to the last upgrade a while back.

Now to the run which when I read this notes he made it sound amazing. Going from reading about it than watching it just blew my mind completely. Sadly due to me having video problems it flew off my time I was recording myself to help back up the end game time but due to time and not having that much bandwidth left this month left in a position to either A. Get my internet taken away from my provider or B, Starting to watch the run a minute before it stopped for me. I decided to go with B due to the fact I want to be able to watch the entire run and not have to rewatch the entire thing I started a minute before it cut off on me just to make sure.

The 2nd viewing of this run give me no problems at all since I fix my computer enough to allow me to watch the entire run. The highlights I want to go with are what [omitted] mention already but I got to include how well he navigated all the ruins which I know is a large part of this run.

On my final point of watching this run, I got to give this runner a round of applause to how he approach each fight and making the fights I had trouble on normal look like a joke on hard. I got to give this run an Accept for sure since I noticed nothing off.

Terribly sorry for the delay.

Video is good. Suffered from some corruption at points, but I blame my browser for that. Audio was good as well, but you can hear buzzing during parts of the game with no sound, which is the tiniest bit annoying, but I don't really think it too big an issue, and can easily be fixed with a few minutes in any editor.

The run itself was splendid. There were mistakes here and there, but considering this is a single segment hard mode run, with the sometimes volatile nature of MMLegends, I believe they are easily excused. Also, sir/madam runner, way to give me a heart attack twice in a run. First in the second sub-city with a surprise reaverbot, and second against Juno with the very last hit. I'm not even out of college, you awful person! Why are you trying to kill me?! ;-;

I vote accept. Ladies and gentlemen, watch your hearts.

First off, audio and visual is good, no problems there. The run itself is very well done. Other then a few miner mistakes i think this run was good. The mistakes that had happen don't really deterred from the game. The mistakes in a single segment like this are small to none. I love all the sideways movement of speed, it really makes it faster. Shooting some of the enemies could have gone better but for the most part it was spot on. The route looks awesome and no changes need to be done in order to make the run any faster.

For me this is an accept. Congratulations on an outstanding job.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Justin 'JMC4789' Chadwick
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