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Flip: 2012-08-26 10:29:02 am
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SS Normal Mode Any% run
SS any% Easy Mode run with glitches

Verifier Responses

Easy run:
Near the end of the very first ruins, the video becomes unusually choppy for the rest of the run, and by that, I mean that it isn't lag from the game... I know what's happening, but it's still really distracting. I can't really accept the video as is it, so I hope there's a solution...

On to the run itself. The glitch the runner mentions is the biggest improvement to the old run, and while the glitch itself is easy to do (I clipped on the first try), it must be done pretty fast and you must land in the right room. It's still infinitely better than having to open the gate with Roll's help, open the ruins and then wait for the elevator to drop. The bosses are done pretty quickly and the rest looks good.

There are, however, two mistakes I really noticed in the run. First, in the Clozer ruins, there is a spot where a Grand Grenade must be aimed and then thrown to progress, but the runner was unlucky and the game targeted the enemies instead, thanks to the ever-annoying Lock-On. It might have been better to turn off Lock-On, even temporarily, to throw the bomb at the right place more consistently. Second mistake was the Clozer boss (the three running robots) that can be beaten slightly faster using the elevator trick. Luck is necessary for it to work well, but it could have saved up to 10 seconds or so.

The final time is 41:51, so over one minute saved compared to the old run. It might be improved if the two above changes are considered, but considering this is single-segment, it won't be so easy. The reason I can't accept this run is video quality, sadly.

Decision: Reject (at least for now)
Reason: Current video is really choppy

Normal run:
The A/V looks fine and I didn't see any sign of cheating. The run is a nice improvement over the previous one, with over 3 minutes saved according to the in-game timer (final time is 53:41). Very nice! Although the routes share a lot, the changes to the boss fights help a ton at reducing the time seeing as they're a big part of the game. For example, I didn't even think it was possible to beat Balcon Gerald so fast (and the NPC's can barely keep up with their dialogues), while Bon Bonne becomes a sad, sad excuse for a boss. Not that these tricks are easy, mind you. A little bit of luck helps speed up other fights as well. What also contributes to lowering the time is that the runner avoids selling items at the shop, meaning less running around to grab items. Various tweaks that add up in the end. I'd think this run would be hard to improve without new tricks.

We can thank the awkward controls for odd moments such as dropping mines randomly and having trouble opening doors quickly. Pretty much any run of Legends will have similar things happen, so I really sympathize with the runner there.

Overall, this is a pretty solid run and an accept from me.

Decision: Accept
Reason: Better boss fights & money route

Yeah, the first video's quality is poor... I tried on two different players and no dice. Other videos work fine. If it wasn't so choppy it would have been fine... I'll gladly recheck it if a better quality exists.

Easy run:

As my fellow verifier said there was a problem maybe in the codding that makes the video choppy and i had that problem too, but now the run itself was very good made, was very good but had some problems with some enemies and the camera (nothing really surprising with this game) but overall i could say it was a really good run, you could have save maybe a minute or two in the clozer ruins but luck is needed for that, you worked with what you had so that makes me want to accept this run, on the other hand i dont know if its possible to fix the video and that is the only reason why im gonna have to reject this run until the video has been fixed.

Normal run:

A/v was ok, watched it very carefully and saw quite a lot of changes with the old record theres really nothing else i can say about the run, it was really clean and im really impressed with all the changes especially against balcon.....D: holy **** that was fast! so im not going to go around the bushes and just say ACCEPTED and congratulations, this will be hard to beat.

Normal mode:
A/V is fine, and no cheating seen by me. While in my opinion the runner should have taken a hit or two more than they did, it's easy to chalk that up to some good luck, not to mention the, well, iffy engine. Plenty of tricks were used beautifully, including the elevator trick for the Clozer ruins, which surprised me with it's effectiveness. I vote an accept on this one. A splendid run indeed!

Easy mode:
I have to concur with the other verifiers on this one. The video quality is very, very poor. Low framerate and blurry. Strangely enough, seeking to other parts of the run mitigated the effects for a short period of time for me. Perhaps this points to a possible solution? Issues aside, the run is fine. I vote for an accept if the A/V issues can be fixed, and a regretful reject if it cannot. I have to wonder, though, why did the videos come in two different formats? Different recording devices?

Easy: The frames tend to blur together and it was hard to get the screenshots. This could be attributed to the video quality issues everyone else has. Perhaps things smooth out if a higher quality video is available? I didn't notice any problems with audio nor any signs of cheating (aside from the boundary glitch which was stated outright). I say REJECT only on the framerate.

Normal: Very well done. I didn't notice any audio or video problems. Small pockets for improvement, mostly due to where enemies place themselves. ACCEPT

Apologies on being so late with this one, my work decided to bump me up on a more heavy schedule.  So, let's talk about my favorite video game ever, eh?

Normal: And my own personal skill in this game now feels inadequate.  A/V looks very, very good, and there's not a sign of cheating that I can notice. And the final timer tells the story quite well, 53:41 versus the current 57:02. This is a superb improvement. I do not see this run being beaten anytime soon, simply due to the amount of luck required on some portions of this. He makes Bon look like a joke, turns Yellow Tube Man into a dead boss quickly, and, despite his mistake, Bruno goes down fast. All bosses look good (minus the Crawler in Sub-Gate 3, but he always looks bad), everything else is fine, and its a 3+ minute improvement. Oh, and winning the final battle with no health. This is the kind of run that's very enjoyable to watch as a viewer, it's got lots of good moments, I don't see any reason to reject, so it's a very easy ACCEPT.

Final Deciding Factors: Slightly Improved Route + Better Bosses = Faster Run. (That's the kind of math anyone can get behind.)

Easy: The gameplay itself is very good, this is a great run. It's the video quality that hurts me terribly. As everyone else has said, the video quality is so chopped up it borders on unwatchable. I have to REJECT for this reason. It's a bit grating on the eyes to watch something that blurs and chops up like that. And it is a bit startling to see an example of a run that has superb A/V right next to one that shows how not to encode your video, or rather, what happens when quality goes downhill.


Decision: Accept Normal run, Reject Easy run

Reason: The Easy run has framerate and other video issues that are uncorrectable, sadly.

Congratulations to Justin 'JMC4789' Chadwick! (Normal mode run)

This run will be available for a month. After that this link will no longer work. (Easy mode run)
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Huh, so the frame rate turned out kind of bad, huh? Sucks for me. I guess I'll go re-record it with a different program, or something. Maybe losing the source file had something to do with it, but oh well.
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AniMeowzerz: 2012-08-26 01:51:42 am
Hey at least it was the easy mode run and not the normal mode. If I recall, normal mode relies a good deal on zenny drops which is not an issue for easy.

Hope this gets remedied in the near future. 

Also glad to see this game getting an update, it's one of my favorites <3
Maybe I'll try my hand at the normal mode record one of these days. It's just that whole grinding for zenny in a speedrun sounds rather frightening.
Anywho, I just beat the record again.  This time I only got a time of 42:44, which is not better than my previous BUT STILL SLIGHTLY BETTER THAN THE CURRENT SO HA.
Waiting hurts my soul...
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Yes it does... Wink
Lol, how did I miss that?
You just wanted to forget.
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Thanks for the congratulations, it was a really fun run to work on.  Just a few things I should mention to clarify how beatable the run is.

You don't really have to grind zenny in the normal mode run, you just have to be very aware of it.  I've had runs fail because I've been short zenny, but it's mostly avoidable with my route.

If you do want to defeat my run, there are a few things to note.

The Marlwolf (Early Drillboss) can theoretically be beaten 15 - 20 seconds faster by jumping onto it's back while it's still moving, triggering the hatch opening on the first cycle.  I've managed to get that much to work in a speedrun, but adjusting the camera and laying in mines to kill it before it closes hasn't worked.  But, you can save two seconds by getting a couple of mines in there... but it's not worth going for at that point.  Doing Feldynaught right, getting the Balcon Gerald, doing a better job on the Fokkerwolf (Red/pink flying boss, which I always do horribly at) and doing Bruno right would likely yield a high 52.  I lost 12 seconds on Bruno over my par time.

I would have continued running the game, but, my disc crashes about 90% of the time after Bon Bonne now due to age/scratches/etc, and it was already doing that when I managed this run.  Considering how hard city hall is to do fast, it's just unacceptable to run it further, or I'd go for easy and hard times.  If I get a new disc, I might run the japanese version because of a few differences that would make it faster, such as skipping the dog scene by kicking it instead of doing the whole talking thing which takes forever.

But yeah, thanks again everyone and hopefully you'll be seeing more runs of the series very soon.

Also, can I ask, what glitches does the easy mode run use that it's considered "with glitches"?  Nevermind!  I watched the run and saw the broken wall used!  Didn't realize it'd actually be useful in a speedrun.

Edit2:  I watched the rejected easy mode run and did some testing, there's at least a minute of improvements in there.  I'm going to see if I can't get my game to read, I think sub 41 is possible.  I might do test runs on emulator just to see how close it is.

Edit3:  I got a 41:43 this morning with quite a few mistakes.  This problem will be remedied as soon as I get a perfect start and the game doesn't crash following it.
this game in easy mode would have quite the 100% route,it would be very different and cool if you gave it a try
I don't really have a desire to do the 100% run of this game.  I've thought about it... but there's so many items, weapon juggling, and other issues that I'm not really up to tackling alone.  Plus, I still want to work on Legends 2.  I'd rather do a hard/normal mode run of 100% than easy if I were to do it; it'd just be more interesting to watch.
Beat the shit out of my old normal run. Good stuff, man. Can't wait to watch!