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Mega Man Legends 2 (Any %) (Single Segment)

Verifier Responses

Ah, a game from the childhood. That automatically makes it great. I've watched JMC run this game so many times on SRL. A particular memory comes to mind, when he was streaming practice for the Jellyfish fight. Hundreds of tries was put into just that fight. His fastest time, if I recall correctly, was somewhere around 40-ish seconds. While in this run, he managed to nearly half that time to 25-ish seconds.

Other than that, there are some human mistakes peppered throughout this run. He knows what he did wrong and has even mentioned wanting to retract this run from submission in hopes of achieving a cleaner, faster run. But it seems he decided to leave the run as is for now, just to take the record on SDA, so kudos to him.

Video and Audio quality are both top notch...well, as top notch as they can be for the PS1 era. On the basis of legitimacy, this is 100% legitimate. No cheating what-so-ever in this run. Final in-game time, 1:24:53.

ACCEPT - This run is Green, for GO!

It's a JMC run, so I should just auto-accept it, but I'll critique it all the same.

Video and audio meets SDA quality, and there is no cheating involved.

Part 1: Burn to the ground
JMC dies as fast as possible on the Flutter. Game Ov-oh thanks for saving us Roll.

Joe Joe's Bizarre Adventure
Minor movement errors. RESET!! SwiftRage

The mistakes are very minor, even though it's the beginning. He makes up for it later so I'll forgive him. Spikey Ass Robot could of been faster had he got the Double Damage on him but not much JMC can do about that.

Not-So-Forbidden Island
Should of just called it Dead Island since people are still going to a place that's "Forbidden."

JMC fixes one of his earlier movement mistakes by saving a bit of time with skipping the text. The wolf is a good boy and gets a well deserved treat for not going far away from his blue boy master: many buster shots. JMC then loses a second on a shot miscount against a Mammoth. Unfortunately the Rush Mammoo fight could of went better if it wasn't for bad RNG. Stupid boss getting random invincibility frames during his attacks..

Bottoms Up
JMC makes a few more mistakes in movement before heading to Mandy Island.

Crab Battle
Nearly perfect fight against Tron, as JMC mentioned himself in the comments. Even though he took 5 hits they didn't even stop him. If anything, they probably helped him so he wouldn't put Tron past her damage limit before using her stupid invincible attack.

Bola 1 was a bit of jerk, not giving him good RNG and spawning lower. Then JMC jumps into a plant....I think he just needed a hug from the Bola fight. Bola 2 goes well, but then JMC nearly dies from the second round of Frog dodging. Good thing he kills the next one and gets some health back. Unfortunately he messed up the Yellow Pellet Room 2 jumps so he loses time again. And then we learn Mega Man hates oranges as he gets hit by one after drilling a hole in the wall. Dumb wall turrets. The rest of the ruin goes perfectly.

Once he finishes the ruin he grabs the last item to make the Ground Crawler. Hmm....brb taking notes.

Bottoms Up 2
JMC is ahead of his old record at this point. Not much to say here.

Nina Island
First 2 parts are dull and boring and can't be made faster. 3rd part goes well though he does shoot a missile into the railing. Part 4 is also timed, and now we fight the color coded chickens in their blue ship. JMC admits to not finishing this fight as fast as it could of been due to the lack of the range upgrade on the missiles, but he is still faster than his old runs.

Annoying brats
Apo and Dah...the 2 reasons I don't want...nevermind, unrelated. I've seen JMC do this part of the game so many times and seen so many runs end here just because of how dumb, stupid, and annoying it is. The first part with the actual brats goes really well with little issues. Very nice. The next part is the worst since it can cost the most amount of time. JMC however gets most of the planes downed before they took off, even though the remaining planes were annoying as hell to finish off.

Part 3 I find annoying but not too bad, but considering JMC doesn't have much range on his buster, he needs to get close to hit them, or use his missiles. He manages to conserve enough missiles for the next part since he needs them. Part 4 is the easiest of the actual fighting ones so it goes well. Part 5....JMC HOW COME IT TOOK ME DOING ATTEMPTS FOR YOU TO NOTICE THAT WINDOW?!!?

Now the last part, escape. He does it so flawlessly and I'm jealous cause I keep screwing it up.

Nina Island Part 2
Now for more timed segments. I wish shooting Roll in the machine wouldn't stop the % from rising, cause I know JMC would shoot her...a lot...and it would be funny....shut up Roll.

Under the Sea...kinda
Ugh...I hate this ruin as well as the rest after, but this one is the worst. I just haaaate the water physics in this game. After filling the place with water, JMC misses the jump after finishing the puzzle. I TOLD YOU TO COUNT THE STEPS MAN!! The next annoying part comes with the Minibosses: The Jellyfish. However JMC gets tired of their shit and pulls out the best fight he's ever had with them. This makes up for all the minor movement issues and bad rng he got, especially since this fight is heavily RNG based due to what can happen. He even got the key immediately after killing the last Jellyfish. Perfect freaking luck on this fight.

The next annoying part is the random ass giant manta ray. JMC however tells him that he'll fry that fish up if he doesn't help out, so the ray plays nice and lets JMC jump off without much issue. JMC then makes a leap of faith and makes it succesfully, getting the 2nd key he needed. Klaymoor 1 went perfectly. The escape went well too, but Klaymoor 2 made the free fight not so freeeeeee.

Bottoms Up 3
Nothing important

I remember when saving the city took too damn it only takes about 3 minutes. Besides one small explosion, the skip goes well, and then its on to Tiesel Bonne. Ground Crawler OP. Please Nerf. Definitely faster than Easy Mode with Buster Max surprisingly. I'll need to make note of this.

Feel the Heat
The 2nd worst ruins in my opinion. This doesn't bother JMC though and he does it near perfectly despite some slowdown on the first floor. The Pillar Puzzle went well even though Bon flubbed up a bit, but at least this was faster than his previous run. And now we see how much blood JMC has left in his finger...

Giant Reaverbot goes well. Righteous Lava Skip...that name still gets me. BUT GODDAMN DO I HATE THAT ROOM!! SERIOUSLY CAPCOM, WHY?!?! Tron is just...ha. And Bon is just...haha.

Bottoms Up 4
This is when I realize I could of just skipped 2 through 4, but I'm too lazy to edit it out.

Bonnee and Glyde
Train Part 1 takes a while, nothing JMC can do about it. Part 2 goes well too, especially since its also based around RNG for the missiles.

Ice Physics
Ok this is the least worst of the 3 dungeons...and the only reason I hate it is cause I hate ice physics.

JMC unfortunately realizes he needs a bit of Zenny, so he loses a bit of time, however he needs this Zenny or else he'd lose even more time without it. He then nearly makes the Red Key Skip lose a bit of time by almost falling, but he manages to make the jumps. The Rush Mammoo traps go well but then we have this ruin's Bullshit Room....

Honestly, I think this room requires any run to grab a medicine bottle even if they don't get hit, just because of how annoying the room is. Even though JMC lost time here, there's little he can do about it since the enemy spawns here suck, and getting the keys with said enemy spawns is even worse.

Jello goes really well and JMC even manages to skip a phase of the fight. Unfortunately we can't skip his stupid invulnerability attack.....VERY CLUTCH FIGHT THOUGH.

Bottoms Up Finale
Oh yay something actually happens here. And it's a boss fight. JMC unfortunately loses time by getting a 4 cycle fight instead of a 3 cycle. It's not too terrible though.

JMC then gets the best special weapon in the game and upgrades it to Power Level 1....why did it have to cost so much? Sad

Few minor problems here and there but overall goes well. Boss refights goes really well. And here we get to see a hilarious glitch. Too bad JMC doesn't show the one that happens when you move left instead of right.

Sera Connor
I..hate..this fight. The 2nd part moreso though. JMC unfortunately gets some bad patterns so he's not able to get all the double damage shots he needs. Part 2....UGH I HATE YOU FOR NOT GETTING HER TO FIRE EITHER LASER ATTACK!! SERIOUSLY!!

Part 2 goes pretty much perfect except for when he gets hit since he didn't kill her there.

Final time in-game: 1:24:53

Verdict: I give it an accept. The Jellyfish fight was easily the saving grace of this run due to all the problems that can occur, and with the Ground Crawler strategies as well as decent rng in other places, it's a well executed run.

Now do 100% Very Hard Mode Single Segment. Tongue I'll be waiting.

I was going to do more precise notes, but looking at the previous verifiers response I see that most of what I would say would be redundant. I will definitely say that the overall level of play is very high, and while there are a few very odd mistakes here and there (generally related to legend's somewhat restrictive directions of movement availalbe), this is a very solid run. Also, any run that involves standing right next to a boss and drilling them is pretty fantastic.

A/V is fine, timer goes by the in-game timer of 1:24:53


A/V: Good (there is a minor audio buzz)

Cheating: None detected

IGT: 1:24:53

To start off this is a very good, almost the best that a MML2 run can be, and it shows a great level of gameplay and route optimization, after starting to learn this route I find there are very few if any flaws in the route that this run takes. After a bit of review there are some gameplay mistakes in the run, but I do not feel that they warrant the dismal of a very solid run that would other wise be near perfect. I feel that the time can be lowered, but given how brutal this game can be it might be a while before a good clean run of a lower time is made.

Final decision:
Much like some of the other verifiers I was there during the live stream of this run. I still gave it a through once over and found there where many small errors, but given the difficulty of this run, the rng involved in boss/enemy patterns and the high level of play that out shines the small mistakes I would say this video is an easy


Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Justin 'JMC4789' Chadwick!
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Congrats JMC!