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Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge (Any %) (Single Segment)

Verifier Responses

Quote from Elren:
A/V: as good as it can be
Cheating: none

I'll mark the mistakes stage by stage this time.

Cutman Stage: Near perfect. He nails the hardest jumps in the game perfectly and shows of some new incredibly tight jumps i never thought would've been possible - like directly frontjumping over the cutting wheel or landing at the sliders edge. Cutman goes pretty well too, nearly no time loss here.

Elecman Stage: He doesnt get the hitfree way through the first two electric currents but gets on the platform whats already good. Everything midlevel is well executed. In the end he tries the TAS strat by going down the ladder taking the hit and jumping but with human reflexes its possible to loose a few frames here by doing this - Thats nitpicking I know. He jumped to early over the meatool and ended up loosing some frames due to the pickup. Elecman could've been killed in one shot - runner had the right timing but probably didnt know(or didnt have enough health). Again 'mistakes' are counted in frames.

Iceman Stage: Missjump at the moving blocks - taking damage and loosing time. Otherwise perfect stage with nice icicle jump and sniper joe dmg boost. Saving a few frames at iceman too.

Fireman Stage: An unnecessary changkey hit at the start and a latte weapon switch at the first changkey thrower. I'm disturbed that he manages the first thrower section perfect and fails at the second even though the first two are easy. Also with your health dmg boosting through the last or last two was an option. Otherwise impressive stage. Nice Fireman fight too.

Tested the A+B mashing thing and it works as described.

Wily 1: Slipups in screen two and three costing maybe 2 seconds. Great Mole 1 section, mole 2 was good too. Quickman fight was at least in speed average, getting hit by him was probably to make sure to deal damage(?). Good Flashman and bubbleman fights, could've been a little better. Great Enker and perfect heatman. Is there a way to get these bonus hits consistent?

Wily 2: One bad jump, one unnecessary weapon switch, two unintentional hits and a missed shot on wily. By far the worst stage but still with lots of improvements.

This run has incredibly good execution, an astonishing amount of new small timesavers and some bigger ones with an overall amount of time loss of maybe 10 seconds (probably less) and improves the old run by over 2 minutes. Love this run. I'm happy to verify and accept this piece of art.

PS: Please make a knowledgebase entry about this. Some of these jumps are so hard that i could use advice learning them :p

PPS: Estimated time from choosing cutman stage/receiving control at 00:08 till last hit on Wily/loosing control at 18:59.
-> Final Time 18:51. If counted from pressing "Game start" it would be 18:52~53 as the runner states.

Quote from PreddY:
My time, based on the V video, is 18:55 from first input to last

Overall, this is a great run of a great game. Video is as good as a Gameboy video can get, audio is totally fine. And I like the use of the Gameboy Color with a nice preset.

The author shows great skill and that he practiced A LOT (and maybe watched the TAS a lot, too). He memorized so many patterns and shots and screens, thats very impressive.
The mistakes in the run are not worth mentioning, he executed the whole run very smoothly and its fun to watch.

A clear Accept.

Congratulations to the runner for this great run. I want to encourage him/her to do the other GB MM games aswell! (except MM5 of course  )

Quote from eLmaGus-:
A/V: Very good

Cheating: No!


Looks very clean for the most part. Major Improvement over the old SDA run though.

Clear Accept in my book.

Quote from doicm:
A/V looks good.

I don't have anything to add in addition to what everyone else has said. The game is a bit more slippery than it looks, so many props to the runner for how well he played.

Game has good music.

Accept from me.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Daniel 'Tremane' Schwab!
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Mega Man /GB/ Maverick
thank you guys - if you really want a knowledge entry i can get to that - and also i´m heading on to the other mmgb games. thanks for the accept and cu on my next runs Smiley !