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Mega Man 9 (Any %) (Single Segment)

Verifier Responses

This run is for the in-game time category, and the final time was 20:37.

With that in mind, one thing to look for is how the runner takes advantage of pause buffering to speed up sections of the game (pausing doesn't count towards in-game time), and I thought he did that very well without overdoing it.

The runner also demonstrates strong mastery of the game, with only a few mistakes throughout the run costing less than 10 seconds, total. Luck with RNG appeared to be about average (getting bad pattern on Galaxy Man twice was kinda bad).

Overall, I accept this run. It is overall very clean, without too many RNG issues. The best humanly possible time for this game is somewhere around 20:20-20:25 or so in my estimation (zero mistakes and perfect RNG) with current strategies, so this is a good run overall.

Since the old ingame run got obsoleted by Exo's real time run, the site has been in need of an ingame time run that makes use of all the latest strategies(Tornado man start for one). This run does this in a satisfying way.

I would list all the mistakes here, but this is one of those times when you look for all the mistakes in the run and note them in your head only to find out that the runner's comments describe them perfectly. That among many other things indicates just how much he ran MM9. Not the least of these other things is the extremely skilled execution of pretty much every part of this game, whether the RNG goes his way or not.

Its not perfect, but its the product of a lot of time, effort, research, and toil. If anyone were to try to improve this run, they would have to contribute just as much to even get close to a time like this. This was a great watch, and I hope the runner continues to try and achieve MM9 SS perfection, as he's well on his way.

Decision: Accept This is an ingame time run I can really get behind, making use of unique and interesting strategies while also being nigh flawless in execution. Great job!

He's been working on this for approximately forever, and while there are minor mistakes and some imperfect RNG I think that the time is lower than I would've ever expected.

Decision: Definite Accept, can't imagine why this would need to be rejected

I honestly watched this muted, but I found it hilarious that I knew what part of the stage's song it was on based on the shooting-with-the-music.

I've caught a good number of this runner's live streams and his attempts, so I don't see any reason to accuse him of cheating seeing how much work he's put into this. The run itself is very solid. There are a few minor mistakes, but even a perfect run can be trumped by bad luck. Everything was well executed, and I couldn't help but notice that there may have been some improvisation included based on weapon energy drops (or that was planned...but idk).

Anyway, this gets an ACCEPT from me. Video quality was great. I'll have to plug in about audio quality later.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Richard 'rggibson' Gibson!
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Fucking Weeaboo
And the time just keeps going down, down, down. Good job!
Thanks Sir VG, and thanks verifiers for verifying.  I wish the RNG had gone a little better, but at the end of the day, I'm still happy with the run.
Quote from rggibson:
Thanks Sir VG, and thanks verifiers for verifying.  I wish the RNG had gone a little better, but at the end of the day, I'm still happy with the run.

And you should be. Tongue It was quite good. Smiley