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Mega Man 64 (Any %) (Single Segment) (ntscus) (n64) (Easy)

Verifier Responses

Quote from The Sid:
Cheats: None Detected

A/V: Good

Time: 38:45 (IGT)

A little slow grabbing the key from the second boss (BlumeBear) nothing more then a second at the most. Took a hit from Bon Bonne costing another second early on. Missed the third key in the yellow refractor dig site cost at most a second. Odd strat on the three guard dog boss not sure why he didn’t try for the elevator entrapment quick kill I’m guessing its not viable for n64 version, or unnecessary with the max buster in easy mode. There are a few movement errors through out the run but nothing to major
Good quick kill on T. Bonne, the T. Bonne’s “boat” (Balkon Gerät), and solid clip in the dig site for fast travel to the yellow refractor dig site. Solid fight with Focke-Wulf (wolf plane), also good use of R&D car for “fast travel”.  Final bosses all went well and Juno was really solid.

Final decision:
Overall there were a few mistakes but nothing grievous that stuck out other then maybe to fight with the dogs but I’m not to familiar with the glitches in n64 so I’m assuming its not possible/unnecessary. Most of the fights went well or great and were what I expect in an SDA submission. This run is solid and is faster then the current easy mode run by nearly 40 seconds, I give this run an


Good run and great job beating a JMC run I know how tough that can be.

Quote from Tterraj42:
General comments:

The submission feels less optimized overall. He's noticeably slower on a couple boss fights, and movement in general could've been tighter compared to JMC4789's run.

Noticed several version differences as well. Most aesthetic, but a couple that could affect runs:

The N64 version has lower resolution textures and everything looks darker (though that could be from the capture settings?). The audio is a bit more 'muffled' compared to the current run (also capture settings?). The view distance is reduced, so there's a lot more 'fog' in some areas.

Load times are delightful compared to the PS1 version, but it's unclear (to me) if that has any affect on Game Time.

Some areas were altered slightly. On the way leading up to Marlwolf, a patch of grass was removed in the first area and the bridge and pit in the second area were replaced with flat ground; so both areas were slightly shorter as a result.

Comparison notes:

6:28 ~ The submission makes better use of down time during the town hall attack

12:16 ~ The submission misses the third starter key on his first pass, had to jump back and get it.

14:14 ~ JMC4789's boat section is a much better watch. Love when runners fire in beat to the music; also those mine kills were swag.

27:00 ~ The submission uses a different route to the ID Card which is 3 seconds slower WITH the faster load times. not clear why.

31:40 ~ Gesselschaft went well, but Fokkerwolf was terrible. The submission lost 20 seconds compared to the quick kill by JMC4789.

34:46 ~ The submission uses a slower strat on Bruno. Maybe it was to get the gate destroyed since he was out of Grenades? Either way, 8 seconds slower.

38:05 ~ The submission takes a wrong turn heading to sub city 3.

38:22 ~ JMC4789 tries some silly strat and the submission clears the sub city 3 boss 9 seconds faster.

Final Thoughts:

IMO, the current run is a better watch (referring to both execution and a/v quality). And honestly, with the N64's faster load times, and how little version comparison has been done, I'm not even sure this submission is faster. I plan to edit out load times and do a manual RTA comparison later on.

Also, and this is probably minor and not worth considering, but I like JMC4789's notes way more than the submission's.

Lastly, the credits in the N64 version doesn't have the sweet audio clip mashup the PS1 version does.


Decision: Reject

Reason: After consulting with Israeli about timing the run, he came to the conclusion that this run is slower than the current PS1 run after load times are factored out

This run will be available for a month. After that these link(s) will no longer work.
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GeminiDX: 2014-02-24 06:17:18 pm
GeminiDX: 2014-02-24 06:11:13 pm
No, the video being dark has nothing to do with me. The N64 version really looks and sounds that bad. It was probably done to save cartridge space or something. And why would I use mines on the boat fight when I have Buster MAX anyway? I still got a better in game time, but I guess the two version's can't be easily compared to begin with so whatever. Thanks, anyway.
I have the N64 version now, and with ingame lag + loadtimes; there's literally no comparison.  I don't think this run was bad (I'm going to watch the whole thing later) but based on my research into loadtimes plus reading the errors, I don't think it should have been accepted.

Audio + Video comments:  I can confirm, the N64 does look and sound that bad.

Anyway, I could always try to do a run on the N64 version if you're interested in seeing how they stack up.  I'd still need to find English N64 though for a direct comparison; I only have the Japanese right now.  So the only comparison I have is between Japanese N64 and Japanese PSX; and the N64 version is quite a bit faster.

From what I've seen, loadtimes accumulate to 2 minutes over the run (comparing PSX emulator that doesn't emulate loadtimes vs Console.)  It's an interesting comparison.

I agree with the reject of the run simply reading the comments.  You can't lose 20 seconds on the fokkerwolf and expect to beat my easy run; there were that few of mistakes.  I'll watch it myself later, and see if there's anything I can add to it.

Assuming loadtimes between PSX emulator and N64 (and lag is not calculated into in-game time) are the same, your run would not be under 40 minutes.
Watched the whole thing, definitely not two minutes of difference between PS1 and N64 (meaning emulator is even faster loading than N64 without the terrible lag; yay for user experience!)

My commentary on this run;

1:  Overall movement is comparable, few slipups, etc, but I had a couple in my PSX run.
2:  Subcity 1 combat felt overly cautious.  Liked the strategy to kill the guy on the roof that's high up, though.
3:  Fokkerwolf was unacceptable; that fight is MONEY on easy.  That is probably the only reason I wouldn't have accepted it myself.
4:  Not doing the Strat in Subcity 3 is saddening.
5:  Juno luck was relatively good
6:  N64 and PSX are different enough that they should be separate runs IF this run were about 30 seconds faster.  Then, it probably would have been accepted alongside.  45 - 50 seconds would probably have replaced my run, then I'd have to be running again.
7:  Nitpick, but technically the N64 controls are better.  There's absolutely ZERO excuse to not have grand grenades for bruno, he pretty much through them away.
8:  On the subject of Bruno, the 1 cycle is prohibitively hard in easy; I don't remember if I got it in my run.  But if you do get it, it's about 12 seconds faster.  This was 3 seconds slower than an optimal two cycle.

Overall, GeminiDX, I'm impressed with the run, it's the best MM64 run I've ever seen and the game is a bit different to run.  I counted little over a minute of mistakes in your run, which isn't awful but probably a little worse than my run.  Then again, I am quite biased.  I do hope you give it another shot.
Edit history:
GeminiDX: 2014-02-27 06:06:26 pm
Maybe I should have actually watched your run and checked up on the strat game, 'cause I didn't know how to wreck Bruno or the Fokkerwolf wicked quick. My bad. I'll probably give it another shot sorta soonish, I'm more into running the Zero games atm. Maybe everything will become MONEY ON EASY when I return. Thanks, dude.