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Hello! First run so I apologize if this is set up horrifically:

I'm running MW4: Mercs Mektek version singlesegment and this is my plan:

Davion ending:
Styk - Reinforcement
Talon/Wernke - Moonlight
Talon/Wernke - Country Life
Talon/Wernke - Mech Works Defense
Tharkad - Overlord
Tharkad - Resupply
Tharkad - Checkmate

-Roster Screen -> Options -> Campaign (Hitting this button starts the timer?)
-Sell all except 1 flea + Hannibal since those 2 are useful.
-Travel between Eaten and Solaris VII for 12 weeks, head to Styk.
-Buy 3 Ryoken, Mustang and Scrapper (cheapest salary + 13x wages), Thanatos, CUAAC20
--Outfit Thanatos, play Reinforcement, pray I have good salvage.

-Repair, head to Solaris VII/Eaten 12 weeks, then Talon/Wernke.
-Sell 1 bushwacker or unfitted thanatos and rebuy mechs or outfit them.
-Buy Gator, BullsEye, Beowulf, and Mustang as needed to pilot the Mechs.
--Check outfit, play Moonlight, pray I have good salvage.

-Repair, head to Solaris VII then back to Talon/Wernke if I am tight on the $, otherwise, advance weeks.
-Reoutfit, get lancemates get heavies or assaults or previously outfit mediums.
--Check outfit, play Country Life, pray I have good salvage.

At this time, I don't have to worry about $ anymore due to the abundance of Mechs to sell.

The rest of the missions are the same:


With good salvage on the first mission, the 2nd and 3rd are easy. With good salvage on the 2nd or 3rd mission and decent on the first, the rest of the game is reliant upon your skill.

I am posting this so I can have people help me devise routes for missions and better selections of mechs for individual missions.


BTW: My current PB is sub 57min.
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Mewyabe: 2013-08-22 11:52:23 pm
Mewyabe: 2013-08-22 10:09:38 pm
Link to my youboob for a visual of what a run is like.

The run: LQ:
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HQ of same attempt:
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Timing: 58:36. When I hit campaign to when the screen turns to letterbox and goes into the cutscene.
Hi Mewyabe,

My submitted run can indeed be beaten, even in an Single Segment as you have already shown by skipping those 4 optional missions. I was thinking of speedrunning it again, but that was at the start of year 2010, when I only recorded three segments that include Reinforcement and Moonlight with about 12 minute length. But you are doing SS so that doesn't mean anything.

I don't know about a mektek patch(Is it official?). There is one thing I can give a tip about on the Moonlight mission, if it isn't fixed. There is a bug that enemies won't shoot if you repeatedly fire a weapon from the start of that map until the dropship is destroyed or if luckly not till the end of the game. Exploiting this bug will keep all mechs undamaged.
The mektek is official as the license was given to them for use. They then released the patch, so I think its legit. It modified a lot of damage and introduced different mechs from the other expansions. Its fun, too.
Lord Of The Beards
The first thing I have to ask is if you can even get these patches anymore since mektek took them all down?  Second i'm not sure mektek did anything other than have the ability to release the game so i'm really not sure if these patches should be considered official.  If these are considered official then someone really needs to do research for a run because there were a ton of these patches one of them probably would be faster than all the others.