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Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne (Any %) (Individual Level) [Max Payne: New York Minute]

Verifier Responses

Before I start verifying, there is a big issue with timing here.  The runs on the site are listed to the second, no decimal points, with no rounding.  Either we need to update the times on the posted runs, or there will be redundancies.  Either way, whoever reported times before needs to start rounding to the nearest second if they are going to go with sig figs.

1-P:  Super quick run.  This one is 14.27s, while the current run is 14.61s.  Both would be reported as 14s.

1-1: The first section is just terrible to watch, since the runner is avoiding outdoor lag.  This ends up being a second faster than the current run, so there is no issue with reporting the time.  If hopping like this is faster, it should be used more indoors.  The runner pops out to kill a guy because every kill awards you 2s on the timer.  Interestingly enough, sometimes the time will increase the seconds digit before the decimal point hits x.00.

1-3: This is an improvement of ~0.4s over the current run.  The current one is 39.71, listed as 39s, and this one is 39.33.  If we keep the same time reporting, you would be replacing a 39s run with a 39s run.

2-2: Superjumping to save lots of lot.  Almost 4 seconds saved.

3-1: Huge improvement over the posted run (~50% reduction).  I'm not too sure how the strat works with the security guard, but he seems to come out faster than normal.  Since the timer runs at normal speed while in bullet time, it is technically possible to cut a few more seconds off of this run by not relying on bullet time to kill everyone, but this is a safer method.

3-2: 6s improvement using superjumps and milking the action reload at the end to stop the timer while bodies were dropping.  Not bad.  This is another level where I feel that the runner could use less bullet time to kill compact groups.

3-3: When superjumping over the first fence, I don't get why the runner rolled to the left instead of to the right, where they will be headed upon landing.  Maybe there is a trigger there, since the current run does that too.  When shooting the ambush men on the wall, the runner should be backpedaling while shooting, rather than stopping to ensure a kill (this is done in the current run).  Less than a second is saved overall despite the shortcomings, but I think this could still be faster.

3-5: A .27s improvement because of two tiny hops?  Ok...

3-7: I feel that the current run handles the first group in the van much faster.  A little over 2s saved overall, though the current run also doesn't milk the action reload like this does.

3-8: A little over a second saved, though a lot of time was lost in the first phase of the Vlad fight.

Overall, everything is an improvement, so they all get an Accept vote from me.

For the record I hate the timer in this mode. You can be slow on some bits without it mattering and it's generally not about just completing the level quick, since time is removed for kills. Anyway, as shown with these runs, there's plenty of scope for improvement if you know how to take advantage of this.

1-P:  Almost flawless, small amount of time lost on turn around halfway through the level.

1-1: Solid. Fractions lost due to not killing cleanly enough, but movement was very good.

1-3: Not much to say, pretty straightforward level, done well.

2-2: Very nice jumping, could have been a bit faster with the killing, but good improvement. His record is 18.87 (vs this 18.94), a shame he didn't get that recorded.

3-1: Really awesome, looks pretty much flawless - in response to the above comments, the timer does run slower in bullet time, not necessarily proportional to how slow things seem with enemies, but definitely slower than real time. Therefore you're never going to be faster killing in real time.

3-2: Solid

3-3: His record for this level is 8.86, why settle for this 9.44?

3-5: A very small improvement using exactly the same route, but an improvement all the same I guess.

3-7: He's pretty much at 0 after killing the first batch of enemies, so not really any room for improvement there. I think he could have been faster to the door after the pillars collapse though. 1 guy he wastes about a second on due to missing the head, so there's definitely more room for improvement. Nice use of reload action results in the improvement.

3-8: I did manage to glitch through the wall at the start here while messing around, saving the whole panic room section. Not been able to repeat it though...  Additionally though I haven't tested it, it looks to be possible to make it through the glass before it shuts (at the top of the stairs), what the result of this would be I don't know, but maybe worth testing. This level was pretty sloppy in places. Seconds were lost on the final section which should be unacceptable in an IL. It seems the action reload abuse is a very important mechanic that's put to good use here though. I think sub 1:05 should be doable.

All improvements therefore accept, but room for yet more improvement.

Decision: Accept all but Reject 2-2 and 3-1


Congratulations to Daniel 'gtaaa175PL' Strumpf!
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