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Mass Effect (Any %) (Single Segment) (pc) (pc) (Casual)

Verifier Responses

Excellent audio and video, no cheating detected.

First, I should note that this run is actually SS with resets.  All the big skips require saving and reloading.

Eden Prime and the Citadel go as expected.

Noveria goes very well.  The skip to Benezia is risky, so I'm glad to see it here, and the fight itself is very good.  Taking the longer cutscene here saves time later, so it is warranted.

Feros, ie the Thorian fight, could have gone better, but optimizing that fight is stupid hard anyway.  Even surviving it is a challenge with speedrun strats and equipment, so it's easily good enough.

Virmire goes very well except for one thing.  I'm not sure whether or not it is a mistake because I'm more familiar with NG+, which changes some of the skips, but the runner kills the Geth just before Saren twice, reloading the same quicksave both times.  This could easily be required to get the trigger to work right, it could just be bad luck that the trigger failed, or it could have been a mistake.  Regardless of which it is, I don't believe it warrants a reject.

Therum is about as good as can be expected.  There are a couple movement errors with the Mako, but such things are to be expected, especially after the Mako clip, which the runner gets on the second try (for the uninitiated, that is good).  He also hits what I like to call "The Jump."  The mining laser password trolls a bit, but that only costs a few seconds.

Ilos goes very well until the trench run.  When entering the trench run, the runner hits the wall and loses a couple seconds.  The next mistake happens at the end of the trench run, where the runner tries a little bit too hard to kill a Colossus, and loses a couple seconds by hitting a wall - not terrible, but it looks sloppy.

The endgame goes well, and all the Renegade points show their use.  The final boss' first phase goes very well.  The second phase trolls a bit by evading biotics, but it's still a good fight overall.

In general, there is a fair amount of room for potential improvement in getting faster fights.  But the fights in this run trend towards being fast already, so the luck and skill requirements for getting those improvements are high.

Overall this is an excellent run, and I see no reason not to accept.

I just finished watching and periodically syncing it with the (no resets) run currently on the site.

Eden Prime was fine.

The Citadel was mostly good. The skip to Fist is nice. Given what it skips, it seems like it should save more time than it actually does. (I guess rapid transit is well named?) But it's at least 90 seconds plus the menu and load times. I liked the risky rush out of Chora's Den. The assassins could have been better though. I take it you can't get out of the area without killing them? Then maybe it would be better to not use Throw on Fist and try to get both of them?

Noveria was very nice. The skips save a good amount of time. None of the many things that can go wrong on Benezia did, making it maybe 7 seconds faster than the current run, despite being lower level. Killing the Rachni queen only costs a few seconds.

Skipping straight to the Thorian on Feros is probably responsible for over half the time saved in the run. That fight is always tedious and awkward, given the number of creepers who become active at different times. It isn't really obvious when to prioritize killing them and when to focus on the nodes. But it went reasonably well, saving several seconds over the current run.

There was a close call at the heavily guarded elevator after placing the bomb on Virmire. In the current run, the runner was able to pull all the enemies away from the elevator and get in. But in this run, they had to be killed. I actually suggested switching Kaiden and Ashley in the last verification, but it's not as helpful as I thought. The cutscene is only slightly shorter, since you carry your teammate to the Normandy, and you spend more time in dialog. And the fight with Saren is a bit longer because he isn't right next to an explosive tank. With the skip down to the bomb, I think it's faster, but even that's not much faster than the elevator. I think what happened after that is that the runner talked to Tali, which interrupted the scripted dialog and broke the mission progression. Because of the recent save for the skip, it only cost about 40 seconds, rather than being a run killer, but it's the biggest mistake in the run by far.

Prior to Therum, the runner had been making the Mako driving look easy. But here, determination to take the shortest routes regardless of the roughness of the terrain actually costs a noticeable amount of time. Jumping the wall corrects the biggest mistake in the current run though. The runner stops and struggles to finish off the last enemy before the Mako clip, apparently in an unsuccessful attempt to make a safety save. The actual clip and driving to the entrance go well enough, just 5 seconds slower than the current run. The skips in the mine make the route look rather silly, but they certainly save some time.

Falling out of the docking bay and back into the Normandy is nice and quick, if nonsensical.

Ilos was good except for a bit of bumpiness in the Mako.

Skipping straight to near the end of the Citadel exterior is very nice. Taking Liara seems to pay off against Saren. Just getting him to hold still for a bit helps a lot. This fight is about 15 seconds faster.

Aside from the new skips, I think the execution in this run is comparable to the SS run. The boss fights (except Virmire) and a few other spots are noticeably better, but time seems to be lost on some of the Mako sections and non-boss fights. I'm not entirely sure the time spent fiddling with weapon and armor mods is worth it, but I guess they improve safety. I think the new skips account for basically all the improvement. But since this is a separate category, that's fine. This is a good run and I vote to accept.

I think timing should start at 3:42 and end at 1:51:06, but there are a lot of load screens and menus to cut out, so I can't really predict the final time.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'your name here!'
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Congratulations to 'your name here!'

Congratulations to me! Wow Flip, and I didn't even play the series!

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Congrats on your run Sir VG.
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Congrats on your run Sir VG.

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Congrats on your run Sir VG.

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I'm looking forward to watching this run when I've actually beaten the game. Maybe there'll be a different run to watch then, but I'm glad to know there's one waiting for me and I can pretend it's mine by just inserting my name into this post.