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Y'er no match for me!
So after already finishing everything on Mario Kart 8 other than getting 10,000 coins for the Gold Glider and finishing the stamps, I'm still hooked on the game. I want to start doing speed runs of the game, which I'm guessing are going to be 150cc and/or Mirror like Mario Kart Wii. I couldn't find exactly what the rules were for MKWii other than that.

How should we go about running the game? There's no overarching "best" character anymore since there's weight tiers now. Baby's have the best acceleration but worst speed at base and heavy weights like Bowser and Wario have the most speed but worst acceleration at base. Luckily we have kart/bike/ATV, wheel, and the minuscule gliders stat changes to combat these things.
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MAS8705: 2014-06-04 01:05:01 pm
MAS8705: 2014-06-04 01:01:02 pm
SDA Apprentice -- (3-1)
Hi Kaysick, and welcome to Speed Demos Archive!  We hope you enjoy your stay.  ^_^

Currently, I don't have much to contribute since I haven't gotten the game yet, but what I can suggest is looking into a technique I'm sure you've heard of called "Fire Hopping," and watch some of the replays of people's fastest times for the game.  Like you said, not entirely sure which is the best character to use, although I'd be more keen towards the lighter side for the drifting options.  For Doubledash, the runner used baby mario & baby luigi while in the Wii version, the runner used Daisy.  Even in some of the Mario Kart 64 runs, the go to character was toad or yoshi.

Other than those small fun facts, I wish you the best of luck if you do want to followthrough on making a speed run for MK8, although the best thing I would say is to try and look into doing what was done previously if that option is open (a circuit where you do all the races).

Edit: While checking around, I found a video that explains a bit about the combinations, so it might be worth while to invest in making these combos since these are the ones that most players favor.  The only difference here though is to try and find that right combo that can be used in all races than just one or two though.  So let the experimenting begin.

Otherwise, here is what the video poster uses:
- DK / Iggy weight classes
- Gold Kart, Circuit Special, Mach 8, Sports Coupe
- Slim, Slick, Roller
- Cloud, Para-foil glider

Finally to make things mroe interesting, he was nice to also link an imgur about the "All Stats and Hidden Stats" which could also help out with sorting how you can set up your racer from not only the seven racer types, three body types and etc, but also the specific individual stats of each individual item (unless if it gets grouped together with others that share the same stats:

Hope this helps out a few people in planning.  ^_^
Usually racing games like this are done in an IL (Individual Level) fashion. This means fastest Time Trials, or fastest completion of single cups.
Y'er no match for me!
This website is also good for comparing stats which also includes the hidden stats:

I found out that the Mach 8/Circuit Special with Roller wheels and Parafoil/Cloud was the best setup within the first few hours after I got it on launch day. I really hope there's more of a variety down the road if they do DLC.
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Joshkaz: 2014-06-04 02:58:57 pm
King Wabasami
Time trial wise: Super heavyweights - Wario, Bowser, Morty are the fastest.
For the cups: You're better off using - Rosaline, DK, Roy and uh I think Waluigi?

Vehicle wise you go with a kart and w/e gives you the most speed.

Learn how to fire hop to if you do time trials.
Perfect Fire hopping will save you like 4 seconds.
DS Dictator
Time trial wise: Super heavyweights - Wario, Bowser, Morty are the fastest.

That is correct, the only exception is GCN Sherbet Land as it uses a lightweight character, an ATV and monster wheels.

Mario Kart 7 & 8 do not support in-game timers other than time trial.
So an All Cup Tour style run will have to be timed manually.
The timing usually starts on GO during the first race and ends on FINISH after the final race.

In Mario Kart 8, you go to VS mode and select 32 races.

You can change the items to either:

All Items *traditional racing similar to previous SDA runs*
Mushrooms Only *expert Time Trial players may have fun with this, there is luck involved because you can get Coins as an item*

The times I've got so far:

Traditional item rules: 1:27:51 (DK)
Mushrooms only rules: 1:22:17 (Morton)

Both were using Pipe Frame, Slick Wheels, Cloud

The most notable difference is that the chances of getting a mushroom in traditional rules is really slim and you'll get hit by at least a lightning bolt or a blue shell in nearly every race. Mushroom only items rule increases the chances of getting a mushroom and there isn't any weapons from the opponents that can slow you down, it's plays very differently to All Items as it has its own set of luck elements.
Cheese It
A bunch of runners have set up leaderboards for MK8 times if you'd like to check it out. Smiley
Y'er no match for me!
Glad that people are already getting into it. I'll most likely start on running the game Thursday, if not then Friday.

Thanks for the huge amount of information already, Greenalink. Saw you posting a lot about MKWii stuff when I used the search bar so I know that you know what you're doing.
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Greenalink: 2014-06-09 05:22:21 pm
DS Dictator
Here is a run of All Cup Tour: Mushroom Items only in 1:21:46

Character: Large Mii - Captain Falcon (same weight tier as Bowser, Wario, Morton. This means big speed point bonuses).
For the vehicle parts I used:
Body: Circuit Special.
Wheels: Slim
Glider: Cloud

Wheels is Slim and not Slick for one reason.
Slim gives you 0.25 bonus on speed (not 0.5 from Slick) but it also gives you an extra bonus on handling. It gives me an easier time with drifting.

Y'er no match for me!
So what happened to the leaderboards? Which one is legit?

Also I have the WR for Star Cup which is near perfect and the WR for Retro Cups Vs.
Anything you can do I can do halfass
Hoping nobody minds the necrobump; the only more recent MK8 threads I saw in a search were run verification & marathon-related.  I just picked the Deluxe Switch release up myself to casual after watching a bit of the PUWP run, and because I'm a huge nerd when I see reams of data/combinations, I put together a tool to quickly drill down through the 8064 or so distinct part-class combinations according to performance.  E.g. filter to Rosalina as a driver, average speed across all terrain types of not less than 13 under-the-hood points, and then scrub up and down the histogram of possible achievable speed ratings to see what the tradeoffs are on grip & acceleration.
I'd imagine anyone seriously running the game has already picked their favorite build, but with all the options available, this may still provide some insight.

Update: tool now allows direct selection of driver/parts from sortable lists, and allows setting a cart as a comparison baseline to see the magnitude and direction of overall stat change with alternate parts
There's no such thing as a necro in these planning threads: it's not like the game has changed in the meanwhile.
Anything you can do I can do halfass
Cool.  Just taking the new comparison feature for a spin shows something potentially quite substantial.  The stats displayed in-game are only a subset of the ones used under the hood (as quoted by the wiki I got the data from), and the listed-in-game speed looks like it's really just the ground speed.  So on ground speed, Greenalink's build is top tier.

BUT, checking the sliders, there is still a fair bit of daylight between that build and the overall max (in this case, I've computed the overall speed and handling as the average of the 4 per-terrain values).  Granted, many courses are mostly ground, but quite a few are substantially antigrav, and if you can trade a point down in ground speed for a point up in water and antigrav, and 3 points in air AND at least a point in all handling categories AND a traction improvement AND a boost improvement... I'd say that's worth. 

Of note, I just slammed the slider right for that build.  There are actually 4 builds tied for max overall speed; the next one "down" (on the basis of other stats) looks like it could be even better.  Swap Bowser tier driver for Wario tier to lose a point in weight and on-road traction but gain a point in off-road traction, and points across the board in handling.