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Mario Golf: Advance Tour () (gba) [Any %] [Single Segment]

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'carterferris07'!
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Mario Golf: Advance Tour () (gba) [Any %] [Single Segment]

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A/V: Looks and sounds good!

Cheating: Doesn't look or sound so.

For the record, looks like the Wii U virtual console was used for this. Here's the same run on where there's exactly two runs in the 46 min range.

I don't believe I've ever seen a golf speedrun before. Of course a totally realistic simulator would be on another level probably but yeah... Excited for any run comments you might have been about to write as well. Looks like the general approach is using backspin all the time to stop the ball from flying off somewhere where I presume you can't get it thwacked as far from. Though I can't see the bunkers being any issue for that just by looking at this run.

It looks like it sometimes takes a long time for the ball to come to a standstill after taking the intentionally failed shot in courses that you wanted to skip. Is that somehow avoidable?

I swear there's ghosts standing in the way of certain shots going in like at 42:50!

I mean this looks like it took a lot of rote learning and it's gotta be difficult to be this consistent with the random wind too. I think this is pretty easy to give an

I basically agree with everything Lotblind said. Same questions ran through my head when watching the run.

Overall, really solid and impressive run. It's clear that it's still possible to shave a bit of time, even without starting to consider holing out from fairways and such. Especially a few holes on the Links course didn't go fully according to plan (resulting in a few pars, instead of the usual birdies and eagles). But in a long run with what looks like quite a bit of randomness, I think that's more than excusable.

Congrats on the record and ACCEPT
Decision posted.
Mario Golf Advance Tour Enthusiast
Sorry its been a while since I looked at the thread! I havent been able to work on comments as of late due to work and also working on other things speedrunning related. I do think it might be a while before it gets done, I just got to get motivated in doing comments. I will mention one thing from LotBlind that I want to bring up. This was done on a Wii U, however the way I played the game was using Retroarch on my Wii U. The only reason this was used was so I could play the game in Japanese. It saves about 30-40 seconds overall over the USA version. Its essentially a GBA emulator played on a Wii U
Mario Golf Advance Tour Enthusiast
Another thing to point out as Im looking more into the comments is the ball trying to stop the ball. Any time you see me use a 3W or 3I, im trying to stop the ball most of the time. However on holes that I know I underpowered or know I could potentially chip it in, I may do backspin or no spin to have my ball roll a little more. That allows me the potential to getting those chip ins that can save a various amount of time.

Links was definitely is the hardest course imo. There are so many things that can go wrong just getting a bad wind or bad lie. Take for example hole 2. The way you want to do that hole is try and roll on the fast fairway to the left side and then hit from there and barely get to the green and then putt for eagle. By far, the hardest par 5 in the entire game. Getting -6 after skipping hole 16 is actually a really good score. Thats about as close as you can get without doing Par 4-3 or Par 4-4 skip. Any runner will tell you that was a good links. The reason the splits said I lost so much time was because I was comparing to the WR time (46:34), and his Links was unbelievably good. I think his links is the record for best links during a singles run.

In terms of routing, yes this is pretty much routed the way I want to go, its essentially execution and RNG at the point. I know where I want to go on each and know roughly the power I want on each hole. Probably took about 6 or so months to really nail down a route that I like. I may have had a couple changes on a hole or 2 here and there, but nothing crazy.

Hope that helps clear up a few things, cant wait to see this on the site
Okay, carter, that's exactly the kind of stuff that will look great on the game page whenever you find the time to write up the run comments! The run looks to be appearing in the update after the next update so that translates to maybe 2 months, hopefully not much longer than that. Also the comments can be added after the fact if they're not ready by then.
Mario Golf Advance Tour Enthusiast
I was thinking about doing a hole by hole analyst of the entire run. However, after typing for a bit. I realized thats not a good idea. It would look way too big, and it would take months for me to complete. Therefore, I shall do the basic Mechanics, and all my ideas on how I did on each course. Also will note a few strategies here and there.
Yeah, there's definitely a lotta holes in this game :| So what you're saying sounds like it makes sense: just describe the algorithm that you were following generally with some stand-out courses singled out.
Quote from carterferris07:
I was thinking about doing a hole by hole analyst of the entire run. However, after typing for a bit. I realized thats not a good idea. It would look way too big, and it would take months for me to complete. Therefore, I shall do the basic Mechanics, and all my ideas on how I did on each course. Also will note a few strategies here and there.

I noticed the run comments aren't in yet. Were they supposed to be? I started writing the next update finally.
Mario Golf Advance Tour Enthusiast
sorry, adult shit happened. I wouldnt worry about it. At this point, any comments would be done on a "when I feel like it" basis. If anything needs to get updated with comments, Ill let you know
Mario Golf Advance Tour Enthusiast
I was thinking about something that Im considering doing. There are 4 other main categories for this game in which I have obtained every single WR over on SRC. If possible, if I compiled the links to said runs, could I post those runs here as well and hopefully have all 5 categories posted on the site?
Do you have similar clean video and audio in high quality? You'd still have to send them over the same way, just links wouldn't be enough. Are the categories at all arbitrary?

Getting close to publishing your first run with the next update now. Tongue
Mario Golf Advance Tour Enthusiast
Sorry for the delay. But yes, everything I have is on video with acceptable audio and video. These categories are not arbitrary and are played very differently OR is a different game mode all together.

Doubles: Play all 5 Doubles tournaments. Its essentially more RNG heavy than singles because you have to deal with your CPU playing half the shots.

All Tournaments: Play all Singles AND doubles tournaments as fast as possible. While this may just sound like Singles and Doubles combined, it is different due to your leveling being different, and we use a different custom club than the normal set

Low%: Play all singles tournaments, however you cannot level up your own character OR use any custom clubs. So essentially a level 1 run with no additional benefits

Story Mode 100%: Complete the entire story mode section. This includes all Birdie Badges (180 total, 90 singles, 90 doubles), WINNING every tournament (Singles and Doubles), winning every character match (Singles and Doubles), and complete everthing that is included in the check list menu (This inclues all the practices in all the areas, Elfs short course, One Club Challenge, Play like a Par 5 challenge, Coo Coo Course, Club Slots, and Go Go Gates.). This run here is probably my 2nd favorite run out of all the categories.

In terms of submitting, if im being honest, I kinda forgot on what I did to submit in the first place. So If I could get reminded again, that would be great. But I definetely want to upload these 4 other runs as well if possible
Mario Golf Advance Tour Enthusiast
Ok looking at private threads that I have, I did see how we did the first run. If its alright, what I would like to do is re-use the google drive folder that I had, and upload my 4 runs to that folder. If that is acceptable, I will do so
Yeah, it's fine to use the same method to upload the videos again.

Submission instructions here:
Okay, those categories sound reasonable and all... wow, it's gonna be one helluva verification XD I can already see this stuff filling out an entire update on its own later down the course.
Mario Golf Advance Tour Enthusiast
Please take your time! As long as it gets the respect it deserves, then I dont care when it gets done!
Mario Golf Advance Tour Enthusiast
And I should mention that the runs have been officially submitted and the video files are in the google drive link in the thread that we have in private