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Hey congratulations, that's awesome. And unexpected. Not that many Quake demos getting published these days unless you dig through func_msgboard and youtube, and certainly not much speedrunning (unless you... welll, dig through func_msgboard).

So, what can you do about the 19:50 one then? Smiley
Hey Ho Let's Go
That is just wicked! I had long ago given up hope we'd see any more id demos being done, let alone awesome demos like this. The amount of tricks you managed to pull off is quite outstanding. If only you had been around two years ago when we were in dire need of new demos, but better late than never. Maybe, just maybe, it'll breed some new life into Quake speedrunning. According to your Youtube channel, it seems you're working on a 100% run, is there any truth in that?

Someone post this on SDA asap please :-) /me kicks the SDA staffers (excluding myself)
That's correct, I'm currently learning & practicing EH marathon routes. You can follow my progress at (I stream most of my practice and all of my attempt). Breeding new life into the scene by getting new records was actually one of the things that motivated me to keep doing runs. People seem to be interesting in watching the stream and I've seen people wanting to get into the game after seeing me do runs. Perhaps 2013 is the Quake revival year Wink who knows!

Nightmare marathon runs will happen eventually Mandel Smiley
Svart Lyser Tronen
The New Wave Of Quake
Oh Quake 1 speedrunning community has still some life in it.
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Mandel: 2013-02-04 02:48:21 pm
Mandel: 2013-02-04 01:48:58 pm
I wrote a compilation tool for the heck of it, demarathon. It's attached to this post. Use with caution, this is early SW. Full source included, with a Makefile for building your own binary if the one I built does not work (cygwin, mingw).

Edit: it will also strip grenade counters from the demos, so there's no need to use demtool for that either. Anything else it'll need to do?
Hey Ho Let's Go
Quote from Mandel:
Anything else it'll need to do?

Can you make it write SDA updates too? :-)
Hell is where the heart is.
Looking forward to watching this later.  And the other demos that have somehow appeared while I briefly looked the other way....
I know I have at least one un-submitted demo (albeit a crap one) on a harddrive in my cellar...
I hooked up the demarathon program with a horrible GUI for those who prefer it.

I don't know squat about win32 GUI programming, icon painting, or worker threads... Yet here we are. All it can do is open and save. I know it's horribly lacking, but it's something! I'll make source available if there's any interest.

Again, my only test is all_max.dem.
Great app Mandel! This is definitely more convenient to use than demtool.

Oh and by the way, I submitted another iD demo that might be of interest Smiley
What could it be!?!!!!

Until we find out, I've updated the gui program with a progress meter and some other nice stuff, attached!
Hey Ho Let's Go
Just watched your new demo coolkid. Not that the previous demo wasn't smooth, it is butterliciously smooth, but it's refreshing to see a newcomer to Quake with an almost identical smoothy style. Very very good demo. Keep them coming :-)
Thanks for the encouraging words Stubgaard. I just submitted my first id 100% demo just for you Wink
Hey Ho Let's Go
Quote from coolkid:
Thanks for the encouraging words Stubgaard. I just submitted my first id 100% demo just for you Wink

Oh boy, you're on a roll. I've tried beating this demo myself many times, but always fell short. I'm impressed. Don't go and beat all my iD records now, you hear (though I must admit some of them could use a little shining up)! :-)
wise fwom yo gwave
Great to see new demos on this game, always a big fan of watching this game and will definitely check out your stream sometime!
Hmm, is an update coming...? I'm really curious as to what those last submissions might be (ep1 eh, maybe?)
Svart Lyser Tronen
Yeah, where is the update?
I'm addicted to games
The demos are posted.
Thanks Radix Smiley
I love you guys <3
The reason why I pretty much stopped speedrunning in 2009 was a new laptop which did not run quake properly and the following laptop had similar problems. Even my microwave oven has better graphics card. As this one is now becoming slower and slower it is time to invest in a modern toaster which will allow me to record quality (or quantity) demos again. Perhaps I should submit coops which I recorded with Rutger Baks in last December.

Great job coolkid. I'm looking forward to the id1 EH marathon. Smiley
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coolkid: 2013-06-06 06:40:19 am
coolkid: 2013-06-03 04:15:20 pm
coolkid: 2013-06-03 04:14:25 pm
Thanks! I sort of gave up on id1 EH for now unfortunately because I don't have the motivation nor time that it takes to both learn & run that category Sad Instead I've been doing more ER attempts and today I improved my 13:37 down to 13:30. This was also done without grenade timer and the speed-o-meter unlike the previous run because I won't be using those at ESA which I'm practicing for. The run had some terrible mistakes but it ended up beating my old time so whatevs. I'm aiming for a 13:1x Smiley

twitch highlight
I improved my id1 ER yet again down to a 13:27. Streaming attempts daily at
Good work. You'll soon get to 13:1x

By the way, your ep3 on that run was only about 1 second off the record for the episode and your ep4 was like 3 seconds off. With a bit of effort you could probably beat those records as well.