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I can't get demtool to compile any demos on my 64-bit OS, is there a workaround to this issue? Would you have to run a VM for it to work?
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I used DOSBox here, but maybe someone more technically inclined has a more elegant solution.
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Hmm, I'll see if I can get a 64 bit version created.
I have the ultimate quake collection 3 cdroms with q1, 2, III. Q1 runs perfect on Win7 64bit without any problems. Q2 runs perfect, but the installer will not work, you must get a small other way. QIII runs also perfect on Win7. I had test this the last three days, nostalgia pur. The Mission Pack for Q2 The Reckoning works also on win7, but it crash many times, when I try to save a file.

So game work on win7 64bit, than you can use the console '[~]' or '[°/^]' with use (parameter) 'record demo x' file. When you ask for demotools, there give it more than one, inaccurate information.

I have the problem that the cd music tracks will not work for q1 and 2. (I have not a shitty pirated copy) And that sucks. Sad
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The problem is demtool was made in 1998 and compiled as a 16-bit application. I haven't been able to find the source code or get ahold of somebody who should have it. I may have to manually decompile the assembly... which would take a while.
you mean this -> Filename  : demtool.exe - MS-DOS binary / Author  : Stefan Schwoon ?

when yes  I will try somethink Wink
Quote from Radix:
I haven't been able to find the source code or get ahold of somebody who should have it. I may have to manually decompile the assembly... which would take a while.

Source Code

Demtool (Turbo Pascal)  13 KB  1998

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heh, it's on my own site and I didn't even know it... great. Now maybe I can do something with it.
cool Wink and no problem when you forget something. I remember there was a change of planet quake/qdq.
I was try to convert 16bit to 32bit with free-pascal ide (change to tb), but I am tired and go to bed. 32bit can read 64bit, but you know this, what I talk with you. I am a noob on this.
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Well I'm going to have to convert from Pascal to C, but that won't be as bad as assembly. In the meantime, if you actually have a marathon demo recorded, I'm sure we can find somebody with a 32-bit system that can run demtool to make a .pak from the .dem for you.
I really appreciate the effort put into making demtool compatible with newer systems! I haven't got my marathon demo yet, it's something I'll (hopefully) finish during the next year Smiley
On a somewhat related issue, I can't seem to get the Qdqstats messages of total time in a marathon upon completing a level ("level X in the recording; total time is X:X.XXXXX"). It just shows the "QdQ Stats patch v1.8" message and the time for that level.

Do I need to make some configurations, or get a specific version of QdQ Stats, or am I missing something? I also tried using the Quake install straight from the first link here (from SDA), but got the same thing. The demos recorded are normal, it just doesn't show the total time.
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coolkid: 2013-01-21 03:58:08 pm
I managed to get my marathon demo now but I'm not satisfied with it. The run is roughly 12 seconds faster than Connor's when comparing real time but I don't know what the game time is yet because I can't compile the demo :p So it would be appreciated if anyone could do that. The run is quite solid with the exception of getting bad enemy luck in ep3 and a horrendous e1m5 & e1m7 Sad You can watch the run here until it gets compiled by someone -

Edit: I attached the marathon demo
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Radix: 2013-01-21 04:10:20 pm
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It's been so long I had to check the answer, but the level X in the recording messages should be showing up as you play the game. Just start quake, type map start, go to any exit, then complete the first map of that episode. You should be seeing level 2 in the recording. If not... you must be using an unsupported exe?
The levels and time gets displayed in order but gets messed up after start because of continues demo recording bug. I use joequake-gl with -game qdqstats18, not sure how to check my total time without compiling the marathon demo. I'm not familiar with making marathon demos, I hope everything is cool. I can't see all of my times in the console because it gets flooded in an instant.
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Yeah the demo can't be played back without being processed by demtool, which won't run on 64-bit. I haven't had time to look at porting that yet.

And it seems joequake has a bug that prevents qdqstats from recording the total time. I'll see if Joe will be able to fix, but in the meantime you should be ok if you use id's glquake instead.
Holy shit! I wasn't expecting THAT. It's been a year and a half since the last quake demos and all of a sudden someone beats the id1 ER record. Also, someone who I don't think I ever saw a demo before (unless you went by a different alias) getting an id record, after all this time. I am truly impressed.

I compiled the demo here and added the numbers manually. It appears the time is 13:37, a 9 second improvement over Connor's run, and a special combination of digits as it turns out. The broken down demos and a list of all the times should be attached to this post (note that I typed those in manually, so it's possible I made some mistakes; also, Connor ran ep2 before ep1).

After watching the run, I gotta say it's really good. Nearly no mistakes at all. If you just pressed jump while landing on the first button on e1m7 and went over Chthon, you could've saved like 3 seconds. You could also have gained 0.7s on end by waiting less for the final teleport, though I can totally understand your caution there. Congratulations on this awesome run!

Radix: I have a marathon on sda from july '07, which is 3 months before the last version of joequake. I'm pretty sure I've only used joequake-gl since back then, so it must've been on those last updates.
Sick stuff coolkid Smiley
Thanks guys! I sort of malfunctioned in e1m7 because I thought that I was going to miss the button (don't ask me why I just didn't rocketboost across Chthon after that failure). I haven't submitted any demos with the exception of a dmc2m1 demo that hasn't been posted yet, I'm still sort of new to this whole Quake thing but I'm a long time Half-Life speedrunner so I guess that sort of transfer into this game as well. I'll be working on a new id1 ER and other categories once JoeQuake gets fixed Smiley Thanks again GinKo for compiling the demo and posting the times, I'm grateful for it.
Svart Lyser Tronen
sda loyalist
I can't believe I'm seeing this. Well done, coolkid. You should go to AGDQ instead of me. :p
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Joe confirmed the bug and is looking into it.
Iha paska
Congrats on the awesome run!
Aside from EP1, everything was pretty damn smooth.
I've fixed the bug in JoeQuake and uploaded a newer version.
Grab it from here:
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coolkid: 2013-01-26 04:16:22 pm
Thanks a lot Joe! I'll get back to working on more runs now Smiley Could I still submit the 13:37.42407 ER (time made up by adding qdqstats level times manually) even though it has the bug?

Edit: Youtube upload (sorry for the occasional choppiness):