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Mafia (pc) (pc) [Any %] [Segmented]

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'Chris-X'!
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Mafia (pc) (pc) [Any %] [Segmented]

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Will verify the heck outta this one Smiley Waiting on lower-Q vids from nate though (already asked).
Edit history:
chris_x: 2017-02-11 05:42:51 am
chris_x: 2017-02-09 11:04:34 am

I'm just working on medium quality videos of the run. The files have 1/10 of the HQ video size.
When they are finished, I'll upload them.
I see the runner is still using keyboard controls for driving: someone was saying last time that using a wheel (or a joystick, why not) works best, and I can't imagine how it's not so. It's not clear to me how much better it is though. Consider getting one: they're really not that expensive to buy used. The driving in this game is pretty realistic and so hitting curbs can be pernicious because you lose control which is why not every apparent shortcut is easy to utilize. Still there's a lot of driving in the game and it's a shame it has to look so clunky.

There's extra footage (part of previous attempt) before every segment that should be cut, as well as wherever there's a double loading screen except where there's cutscenes getting skipped (maybe the runner can say where these are).

In the future, you can edit out everything that's extra (including the double loading screens) and just mention in the run comments where the segment breaks are (there may be people watching who don't know the game or have forgotten how it goes).

2:39:56 has a short-lasting visual glitch, but that might be just in nate's HQ encode. Nate's encode also has a gradual audio desync. I checked the last segment in the runner's videos and it didn't have it at least.

Segment 2
You don't have to wait for him to get in?! Cheesy

All these taxi rides are hilarious with everyone constantly trying to get you to slow down. Cheesy

Bolt thrower: you can't just use the molotov itself to trigger this? I presume it's necessary to park backwards.

Racing car: it's very discreet to drive it through town like this.

Looking down and punching: remind me what is being skipped? Why does this work? Is it because you're skipping them chasing you in a non-direct way?

Is Paulie voiced by the guy who did Hitler in Der Untergang?

Wall glitch: I'm sure this was tested everywhere else as well, with any potential for time saves? It should be tested in lots of places because it might have unexpected side effects like teleporting the player on the roof or something.

Segment 30: Could probably have avoided the weird step on one of the stairs (it's not that far into the segment).

1:33:04 (breaking into the rich guy's premises) could have clipped through wall instead of waiting for guy to unlock the gate? Even driving straight to the mansion? Do you really need the guy to be there?

(next segment) 1:34:09 why jump down like this, on the right?

(parking hall mission up top) 1:38:15 I think I asked about this last time, but even though the tommy gun has a significant recoil, it feel like you're overdoing it by shooting one bullet at a time on a big target that's close to you (a car).

Segment 51: I TOLD you there were problems here...

Segment 56: And this part is much faster now. Great!

(boat mission) 1:49:14 - did you try clipping inside the building to get to the dressing room faster?

Segment 71: "I work alone"
Segment 73: I didn't remember you could just blast Morelli in his car... Also today I learned that the mission can end in two different ways (well, looks like three!).
Segment 75: technically lost time to getting out the car on the wrong side Smiley
Segment 85: nice trick, but honestly should have found this before

BTW Did you try the trick of hitting or shoving an NPC to skip their dialogue? Works in some games...

Thanks to this run I now know the word Geschwindigkeitsüberschreitung! You might want to edit your old notes together with these before the publication, because new viewers won't know about many tricks that you're not mentioning here (the old comments get replaced). Also you may, of course, run the game in any language you like, but most of the potential audience won't understand German so take this into account. Ich verstehe selbst ein bisschen. One idea would be to do the run in one language and record an audio commentary in another. The most important, though, is to do Free Ride Extreme mode next! I guess 100% is too much of the same? Sadly nothing you do in the side missions helps you in any way for the main ones, does it...

Edit history:
Judgy: 2017-02-11 05:56:20 am
Borderlands 2 Glitch Hunter/ router.
yeah generally any driving / racing game on PC is best played with a Joystick or Steering Wheel as they are analogue input devices ( you can do a gentle turn by moving it slightly or a hard turn by moving it harshly) where as a Keyboard is a digital input where it is either off 0% or on 100% which can be controllered by 'taps' but it makes for some shitty control.

I would advise using maybe a controller or a game pad for these sections (if supported) but it's not a huge issue at this point, Anyway leaving that there.

A/V: cut out the extra bits but aside from that good.
Cheating: None
Gameplay: LotBlind has covered the notable things I would have asked about or commented on, so I won't just repeat what has already been said, great improvement over the previous submission.

Decision posted.
I agree that driving could have been better with analogue controller. You could pretty much do all the driving like in a racing game. Also, I'm pretty sure that language has some effect on time it takes for dialogues to finish and German is not really a language with short words. English, Italian or French would probably be faster.

Quote from Judgy:
yeah generally any driving / racing game on PC is best played with a Joystick or Steering Wheel as they are analogue input devices ( you can do a gentle turn by moving it slightly or a hard turn by moving it harshly) where as a Keyboard is a digital input where it is either off 0% or on 100% which can be controllered by 'taps' but it makes for some shitty control.

This is sort of a myth. I know at least 3 racing games, where digital controller is actually faster, then there are games, where you can reach the same times with either digital or analog controller, and there are also games, which doesnt even support analogue steering Smiley
Watching this again for the PRC, I doubt it's quite as thought-out as it could and probably should be: I noticed a spot in "Moonlighting" where you park the car in what has to be a sub-optimal way. When you get to the door to enter the guns shop, you should not have done a u-turn on arrival, instead just slowing down so you get out on the right side of the car to trigger the dialog quickly, only then starting the engine again and doing most of a 180 while waiting for the guy to finish. Similarly you could have turned 90 degrees when picking up Paulie so as to get a faster start going back the other way, which would have left the passenger side facing the stairs like it should. I can only imagine there were similar little mistakes elsewhere too. I know it's a bitch to do thorough testing when you can't save where you'd like but I'm fairly confident the game has more little things left to discover and optimize.