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Madness Accelerant (Any %) (Single Segment)

Decision: Reject

Reason: Not enough polish for a run this short

This run will be available for a month. After that these link(s) will no longer work.
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Madness Accelerant (Any %) (Single Segment)

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Heavy Metal Powered
Video: Good
Audio: Good
Cheating: None detected

Having played the Madness games in High School I remember how annoying they are. The runner gets knocked around some, but it's not too bad compared to what normally happens in these games.

I played this game for maybe 20 minutes (enough to beat it once). There are no saves and only three lives. That made it difficult to test things out in the later areas without sinking more time into this than I'm willing to.

The whole game is about fighting one boss in 8 different phases. Its health starts out at 1200 and you beat the game when it reaches 0. As far as I can tell, you can't beat the game before phase 8 (or it would at least be slower because you'd have to do part of it without weapon power-ups).

1st phase - Could maybe have started to attack slightly earlier (the boss is vulnerable as soon as the health appears on screen). Nice manipulation of the boss to crush the incoming enemy though. Got lucky to get a shotgun to finish the fight quickly.

-> 2nd phase - Took a hit (1:38). Without weapons, the game becomes similar to a beat-em up, so it's not surprising to take a few hits overall. The section after the two minute mark didn't look optimized. Why not head down the stairs immediately? The foes at the top will follow. 2-3 seconds lost maybe.

2nd phase - The runner was lucky to have the shotgun with a good amount of shells at the start of the fight. Took two hits. Both of them were avoidable and cost two seconds each. It was pretty sloppy to be honest, but the fight was still fast thanks to the shotgun.

3rd phase - At 3:03, the runner got hit, missed to jump back up and then got hit again. All of that the runner's fault. A couple of seconds lost for sure. The rest of the fight was ok.

-> 4th phase - Ok

4th phase - Good! Good drops too (could at least have been worse).

-> 5th phase - Ok. Took a hit or two, but I don't think it was the runner's fault.

5th phase - Very questionable strategy. The runner stayed at point blank (I don't think this deals more damage per time unit), which exposed them to getting knocked back by the boss. It's better to stand at a distance as the boss will then shoot instead (easy to dodge). The runner also did this in the middle of the fight. The four hits taken cost about two seconds each. Weapon luck good though.

-> 6th phase - Maybe took a hit or two too many from enemies (I know it's a bit random, but still...). At 6:35, the runner waited for the boss to appear, but that wasn't necessary when I played. I just jumped down and took on the foes below. It also didn't seem to reduce the overall boss life meter by fighting it here. 3-4 seconds lost, unless I'm misunderstanding something about this section.

7th phase - Perfect.

8th phase - Took a hit, but the fireballs are hard to avoid. Very good luck getting a shotgun to end the fight early.

I'm very, very torn about this. It's a pretty good speedrun, no doubt. I wouldn't even be suprised if worse speedruns have been accepted on sda in recent times. Looking through my comments above, it seems like the run got really lucky with the weapon drops throughout the run (random except in a few places). On the other hand, while it's well played, this doesn't give me the impression of being a "finished" product. There were a decent amount of execution mistakes that were the fault of the runner. The strats were also questionable in several places. The comments above came from just watching the video a time or two and by playing the game for 20 minutes. With that little time spent with the game, I have a feeling that I'm just scratching on the surface. Maybe more enemy manipulations or ways to avoid getting hit etc. I really think the runner should go back to the drawing board and see if some of the strat suggestions above wouldn't be possible to incorporate (along with a few of their own?). Then put in some attempts until the execution and luck align in one good run. Sub-7 maybe? For now, I recommend a

Based on just watching this once, and ktwo's comments which contain several things I feel I can agree with, I'm seeing mistakes that players make when they're not quite at the level of mastery. It's such a short run as well so I was expecting somewhat more smoother going.

Not a walrus
Just watched through this, and it starts out pretty smooth but near the end there's a lot of unintentional hits taken that look like they slow things down.

Gonna go with a reject on this one, sorry.
Decision posted.