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Started you again your Lufia run? I see you started.

I think i´ve must be wait long time before you continued your AOS run and MZM run.

I really hope see your GBA game runs
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Enhasa: 2006-11-04 11:01:01 pm
everybody wanna tell you the meaning of music
One question...why don't you equip Dual Blade for Daos?  While it's IP eats up Maxim's bar completely, the damage he can pump out with it I remember being astronomical.

Holy Energy is a lot faster than Wave Motion. The shorter a battle is, the less buffs matter anyway.

True.  Come to think of it, it's interesting how appropriate the second part of Lufia 2's ending is never told in Lufia 1, since Artea and Guy weren't there to see it happen.  All they know is that Doom Island changed its course to the land of Lufia 1.

Yes, I'm so glad other people realize that Lufia 1's intro was told from the vantage point of Guy and Artea.

I looked through the outline DD posted, and I don't really have anything to add, because DD seems like he totally knows his shit. But I want to relay something quietkane said, about Multi Swords, which he said were really good. I know they're underrated because they hit twice, but I'm not entirely sure that still makes them worth buying.

I did take some notes on the segment DD posted. I did that before I read any of the later posts, so I'm probably just repeating everything, sorry. Here they are, cleaned up:

- I would suggest never using Zap actually. Taking into account the animation time, as well as the fact that every time it was used, all it did was cause more overkill later.
- Do you actually want Forcefield, or the MGR one?
- Your video didn't get this far, and this is a general walking thing, but after the 2nd crystal, you can just walk straight right, no need to go up at all.

There are some RPG runs coming out in the near future, that IMHO are maybe better than any currently on the site. This is one of them. Smiley

Edit: FUCK YOU MIKE UYAMA Tongue Get back to work! Upload! Post!

PS - gotta get to 2000 right?
My feelings on The Demon Rush

Damn Enhasa, once you start posting, you just can't stop.  You addict you Tongue
everybody wanna tell you the meaning of music
One minor thing to add for DD if he still wants to do anything with those nice final maps he made. You can compress them all really quickly, with no drawbacks. I'll just link to what I just posted.

Cliff Notes version:
Go here, put optipng in a folder with all your source images, go to the command prompt, and type

for %i in (*.png) do optipng %i
- I would suggest never using Zap actually. Taking into account the animation time, as well as the fact that every time it was used, all it did was cause more overkill later.
- Do you actually want Forcefield, or the MGR one?
- Your video didn't get this far, and this is a general walking thing, but after the 2nd crystal, you can just walk straight right, no need to go up at all.

-Yeah, I deemed Zap a waste, and I ain't even bothering with it next time (not enough $$$ anyway...65000 is a bit much).
-I need DFP more than MGR since the ultra powerful attacks are considered physical (Galactic Lancer - Amon, Dark Fry - Erim/Daos). The magic I can survive and boost IP with easily. In all honesty, it's mostly so Selan can attack from the front row with Holy Energy without dying.
-LOL, just realized what the hell you were referring to. I did know that...I just kind of assumed it was common knowledge  Tongue
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Dragondarch: 2006-11-24 03:30:57 pm
Time to bump this with an update!

I've got the first segment done. Saved before going after the Eagle Rock/Catfish Jwl with 0:08.

Something I just recently discovered is that the 1st segment is completely un-manipulatable. The variables change with every new game I start.
The problem? There's a bit of stop and go in the dungeons because I can't predict anything. This should be the only segment that suffers from this.

EDIT: Had to redo the 1st segment due to Maxim's AGL being lower than that of an Eagle. Fortunately, I was able to remove a lot of the stop and go from this one, so it looks better.
A spider jumped me just outside the Lake Cave, which was a bit odd since I usually never have any encounters between Sundletan and Lake Cave. I ran before anything could be done so pretty much no time lost.

For the next segment, the Eagles have already coughed up the Eagle Rock, but Big Catfish is reluctant to drop Catfish Jwl. I've been at his throat for about 4 hours now with nothing to show. Note that both of these drops are in the same segment since I can force the drops once I know the correct pattern.
Bring me the flaming voodoo canonball!
nice progress.

Are you trying to get roughly the same time or are you trying sub 5h???
Yes, I'm going for sub 4 hours, and I'm hoping that this next one will be the final version. I'll be recording it regardless.

...I'd just assume not have to manipulate items any more than I have to  Wink
Bring me the flaming voodoo canonball!
Lol, must have read over it Wink
I don't have much to contribute, but I'm enjoying my copy of Lufia 2 thanks to Enhasa.

Good luck!
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Dragondarch: 2006-11-26 06:37:43 pm
You won't be disappointed...provided the Big Catfish cooperates decides to be nice stop being an complete and total bitch and gives me coughs up it's jewel soon...
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Dragondarch: 2006-12-07 05:14:26 pm
Pudding% 2? Not anymore.

Finally got the Catfish Jwl. after trying as many combinations as I could come up with (including "Reset"s, changing movement in the rooms, and battle extending). It wound up requiring battle extension to get it.

Comparatively, it took me 11 rounds to get it this time, as opposed to 7 last time...and this is me not giving a rat's ass. So long as I have it its good enough...not to mention the time I managed to save in the first segment compared to last time should even it out anyway.

Now I just need to finish the segment itself...
100% runs=great to watch
Congrats on your fish pilfering!  Cheesy
Bring me the flaming voodoo canonball!
Now to get the Camu and Spido jewls Wink
Edit history:
Dragondarch: 2006-12-08 04:40:08 pm
Spido Jewel is a no. Not enough of a worthwhile item.

I'm still not done with this extra movement/different path taken and the entire rest of the segment will behave differently. At this point I only have one room in Alunze Northwest cave to solve (maybe 2) and I'll have the entire segment down pat. However, getting through Alunze Castle Basement perfectly is a feat in and of itself...and anything I want to check in ANC has to be checked with ACB done perfectly so it matches up the next time.

Also, it seems time has a slight effect on monster movement patterns. Occasionally a monster will be in a different position even when I do everything exact...royal pain to say the least. I noticed this while using "stop & go" to get a grasp on how the monsters were moving.

ANC is about 7-8 minutes into the segment (I think), so it's rather annoying to have to play that same 7-8 minutes just to check one thing. Realistically, though, it's not uncommon for something to go wrong in ACB...which is still about 5 minutes lost.

With any luck I can finish this segment today  :-/

EDIT: Finished the damned segment. Saved in Alunze Northwest Cave with 0:21 on the clock. I estimate maybe 5 seconds worth of holdups (a couple of movement errors in ANC, but nothing that was going to cause a problem).
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erokdrah: 2006-12-09 03:22:57 am
Charlie don't surf!
Hi Dragondarch.

This trick should help in your speedrun. It was discovered by Nitrodon (with a little inspiration from me). It's carefully measured to save 6 seconds on PAL, 5 on NTSC (precisely 318 frames) if performed optimally.

I've also done a brief skim through the topic but have found nothing mentioned about them (excuse me if they have been):

1. You can cast/use Escape right after you exit Lexis' lab.
2. After fighting Idura for the final* time, you only need to push one pillar on to the marked tile and hook it from the other side ( ).

I notice you seem to put a lot of emphasis on luck and manipulation. If you have the patience and determination, you should use Perish against the Lions, Soldiers, Gargoyles and White Dragons.

All the best with your run my friend.

Edit: *: it said "second" before, which is incorrect.
1 and 2: Already knew both of these.

The video file doesn't work correctly...or rather at all.

As for Perish:

-Lions I only have one source, and I can deal enough damage to end the fight in 2 rounds so long as Perish connects.

-Soldiers can be brought down in one round with hit-all magic/items.

-Terror Balls are more effective against the Gargoyles.

-White Dragons go down in one round with use of Firebird/Fireball and Ex-Boomers.
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erokdrah: 2006-12-09 01:05:53 pm
Charlie don't surf!

Finished segment 3...saved at the top of Tanbel Southeast Tower with 0:27 on the clock. I think that's ~5 minutes faster than v1.0.

I actually had to milk a second or 2 in this segment to get the tower spawns to position themselves in nice, easy to avoid places (mostly that damned crab on the 4th floor). It also changed the enemy set on the 2nd floor (Goblin on the switch)...not that that fight matters much.

Overall, I didn't see any more than 5ish seconds lost here. Mostly it was from the 4th floor crab on the way back from getting the Sky Key. I can never remember his exact pattern  :-/
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Aresake: 2006-12-16 03:24:03 am
Glowy eyes of DOOM!
Wow, it sounds like you've thought of just about everything Dragondarch.  Really looking forward to this!  If you're already optimized to the level of 5 seconds per segment, I would just go ahead and submit v2.0 to SDA when it's finished.  It will certainly be better than most of the RPG runs here, including mine Smiley
Was planning on it anyway. Manipulating drops in this game is annoyingly tedious at best  Roll Eyes
Bring me the flaming voodoo canonball!
Haven't heard from you in a while....
Does this mean that Camu doesnt wanna drop his jewl???
Not yet. I've got the battle down pat (7 rounds and he dies) and no jewel. I've been trying to modifications to the last round, and also extending it one round and hopes that I can get a drop there. It's just a waiting game - there's just too many damn combinations of attacks I can use in those last rounds.
Bring me the flaming voodoo canonball!
Are you also gonna do a Retry mode run???
it should be easier, since you will always have enough money for the expensive stuff.
4x exp and money FTW.
Nah...I don't think it would be as intresting seeing as my levels would be high enough that some bosses would simply be slaughtered.

Plus, I'd still have to manipulate the same 3 items I'm getting this time...and seeing as I still don't have the Camu Jewel...well...  :-/