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I won't know until I get to Treadool...prior to that the only time I actually logged it was Tanbel Southeast Tower...had 0:32 last time and had 0:27 this time.

I'm going to make an estimate that when I get to Treadool that I'll be somewhere between 20 and 30 minutes faster (which is making the possibility of sub 3:30 more and more likely)
you think of a sub 3:30 run? AHH crazy, ok i dont run that game but i always knew what i have to do so I finished the game in about 10 hours... I didnt knew that the game can be run so fast. i am hot, thanks dragon!
Now saved on Phantom Tree Mountain with 1:27 on the clock. I should note that on a few failed attempts (where something small and stupid happened) I was able to make it to Jyad with 1:26 before speaking with him, so it's barely a 1:27.

Idura was an even bigger joke than Gades was  :slave:
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Dragondarch: 2007-06-11 05:17:58 pm
Now saved in the Tower of Sacrifice with 1:33 on the clock.

The Lions weren't anything special, though it took me a while to get Perish to hit.

In the Inn in Aleyn, if the little pointer finger on the Yes/No prompt appeared, it would call then RNG, causing the rest of the segment to not work properly (took me forever to figure out that this was causing the difference in where outdoor battles occured, and why the Dragonian in the second room sometimes didn't do what I was anticipating)

The only mishap was 1 step before the save point, where my finger slipped a bit too far to the left, and I wound up moving 2 spaces in that direction.
Boards of Canada!
It's been a long time ago since I played this game, but this used to be my favorite Snes game. looking forward to see this run. And such a time, incredible...

Good luck!
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Dragondarch: 2007-06-11 06:56:15 pm
Heh, an hour and a half later, and the next segment is done...

Now saved in Karlloon North Shrine with 1:37 on the clock.

Idura round 2 was just as laughable as Idura round 1.

The Shrine is a rather easy dungeon too...
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OMG, You are going way to fast Dragondarch Tongue
Are you trying to regain time lost by the Camu Jewl or something Tongue
All of a sudden, you're flying through the game.
The bosses seem to be getting easier, and the shorter the segment, the less chances I have to screw up (and less movements to memorize Wink )
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Any progress Dragondarch? Or is your job/school eating away time?
Guitar Hero 2 League I'm competing in ate my time on my days off...I'll probably work on it a bit this morning.
Now saved in Treadool with 1:41 on the clock, which is 26 minutes ahead of v1.0.

I came to the conclusion that I need to cut this segment in half. There's an RNG situation I simply cannot get around.

In the Karlloon North Shrine basement (where the magic blockage is), during the explosion sequence - The RNG is being called at a fairly fast rate. This wouldn't be a problem except there's a couple of short text boxes that I can't always hit perfectly (roughly 1/4 at getting all of them perfect).

Normally I could work around something like this, but this one was going to be rather long (next save on top of Flower Mountain) and contain a lot more text to get through, meaning more time for the RNG to be called while I screw up more small text boxes.
The big issue is that all that damned text takes place BEFORE I get to Flower Mountain...if the monsters weren't that hard to work around this would be a non-issue, but there's 2 rooms that I need to make sure always work the same: The large room before the spike maze (4 enemies, 2 in the way, 1 with random movement) and the room with the Burn Sword (6 enemies, 5 with random movements).

Note that I'm saved just before leaving for Shaia Laboratory, so I still have to work with the text there, in Aleyn with Jyad (all long ones so no problem here), and the last one in Treadool with Leefa (a couple small ones). If I find that I can't get consistent after all 3 of those I'll probably just restart in Karlloon North Shrine and do all 3 text sequences BEFORE saving (which means I have to guess on when to enter the menu on the world map), and it's a bit of a longer walk to the church from Leefa's house than it is from the pier (seeing as the shortest route out of town from there passes right in front of the church anyway).
OK, randomness during conversations wasn't much of a saved on Flower Mountain with 1:47 on the clock.

I was 100% right to segment it in Treadool like I took me a bit to figure out just how to navigate the Burn Sword room (and I still took it a bit cautious in the real segment).

There were also some stop-and-go motions in the last rooms, mostly because I hadn't had a chance to practice them, and some extra movements as well, but nothing that cost me more than a few seconds. I'm honestly just glad to have this segment over and done with (the Burn Sword room scares me  :-X)
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Great to hear how you're doing!  I've been following your updates even if I don't have much to add. 

Flower Mountain is probably a rough halfway point!  Keep it up!
Actually, I think the half-way point was somewhere around Karlloon North Shrine or Tower of Sacrifice (don't quote me on that, though).

Also, I'm going to try and re-do this last segment this morning...the stop and go near the end of it isn't sitting well with me...
OK, redid the last segment to eliminate the stop-and-go-ness. The result wound up being somewhere between 5 and 7 seconds faster, but the save is still 1:47.

The randomness changed a bit (mostly due to me not milking a few text boxes on purpose), which actually helped in the Burn Sword room a lot by making the enemies even easier to get around (and also an easier to remember pattern). The only place I paused for a moment was in the last room with the Tengu and the stairs leading down to the save, since I wasn't 100% on what it was gonna do.

Also of note: this segment is 6:29 long (including the time it takes to show the load up screens before any playing happens) and almost 4 minutes of it is plot.

I hate text heavy segments...
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**Brings topic back alive from the evil (dead) page 2**

How is the run going thus far Dragondarch?
Any improvements? Are you stuck? Couldn't you play because of real live events?
Life got busy the last couple weeks.
I'm not stuck by any means...I've almost (like 90%) figured out exactly what I need to do in this segment. There's just 2 enemies I need to get patterns down for.
i know rl is more important. but a short information dragon? Cheesy
Depending on how this interview goes tomorrow, I may be able to pound the rest of this out this weekend.

No promises, but it might be possible.
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I presume you didn't ot a chance to do the run in the weekend.
O well, I hope you will find some free time in the near future Wink
everybody wanna tell you the meaning of music
Look at the personal text under his sig. Wink

Seriously though, I am anticipating this run like nobody's business.
Look at the personal text under his sig. Wink

I'm sort of at a loss as to what you're referring to there...
i would be interested on which level you are at flower mountain. that is amazing HOW fast your ARE. i play it just for fun and i am after Idura fight to get back my baby Cheesy and played 5 hours. (level 22-23)
although i play just relaxed i cant imagine to be SO fast. which level are you ym friend ;)?
Bring me the flaming voodoo canonball!
So what's the status thus far? Did you get some segments done?

You have me worried with your 3 weeks absence