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Sorry for the MIA, guys. The last few months have been nothing short of busy, with very little free time to throw around. I'm just now starting to have free time again.

No news on the Lufia II front as of yet, though I do plan on getting some work done on it this week. In the meantime I've prepared (or have almost prepared) a Legacy of the Wizard run for anyone interested. I say almost because I had a run that would have clocked at 29:35 and actually had GOOD scroll luck, but I friggin' died at Keela (which I almost never do - I don't think I've ever thrown a controller that hard...). The next best I have to that is a 30:07. Seeing as I'm that close to sub-30 and considering the fact that I've managed a sub-30 already, I want to wait until I have 29:xx before I submit. Note that these are all single-segment.
My feelings on The Demon Rush
I approve of Legacy of the Wizard.  Now this means I'll actually have to go out and beat it  :-/
Waiting hurts my soul...
Yay for Legacy of the Wizard.  I plan on getting the game at some point and beating it finally without using the last password.  30 minutes sounds good.

For Lufia II, would the monster dungeon (not sure the right name) be a separate category or just included in a 100% run?  If I remember correctly, you don't get to take any items in and you're set to level 1.  It might be cool to make that an individual level type run, although I don't know how run worthy it is.
We all scream for Eyes Cream
You're somewhat wrong on that. You can bring in items, but its usually rare items(I remember taking in a Jewel I got lucky in getting).
Waiting hurts my soul...
I'm probably not remembering correctly then.  I know there are items you can find inside the dungeon (in blue chests I think) that you can take out of it and bring back in on a second attempt, but I didn't know there was stuff you could just bring in from the outside.  Maybe a screen check once you enter would be in order.
Some blue chest items are obtainable outside the cave.  You can bring those items in regardless of whether you got them in the cave or outside it.
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ForteGS: 2007-10-27 11:47:33 am
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Boss drops like: Camu Jewl, Gades Blade etc can all be taken with you into the Ancient Cave.
Ancient Cave would be for a 100% run or a Fast Ancient Cave run (Gift Mode) and Maybe a Fast AC with all Iris Treasures run (Gift Mode).

I wonder what equips Dragondarch will have when facing the Sinnistrals at the Towers and Doom Island.
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AquaTiger: 2007-10-27 08:55:14 pm
Never give up!
I wonder what equips Dragondarch will have when facing the Sinnistrals at the Towers and Doom Island.

From what I remember of a trial run's video of the last boss fights (and the equipment screen from early in that video), he's using mostly the Zircon (maybe the game calls it Zirco or whatever, but I prefer 'Zircon' as it sounds better to me) equipment.  Especially important are the relevant shields for Berserker/Forcefield.

The only jewel I remember for sure was Hidora Rock on Guy.  Someone might have had the Evil Jewel, I dunno.

For weapons, he did NOT use Dual Blade last time.  I think he had Maxim use a Silver Sword for Holy Energy.  I know Guy had a Zircon (again, I refuse to just say 'Zirco') Flail, and I'm going to guess Selan used a Crystal Wand (again for Holy Energy - those Sinistrals are pretty weak against Light, so the IP powers and maybe elements of those everyone's weapons except Guy more than make up for any attack power lost.  Guy can't use those weapons as far as I can tell, so he just has to go for whatever he can get).  I don't remember what Artea had, except his weapon allowed Holy Energy - I'd say it was a Silver Sword, except Iron Knuckle's guide says Artea can't use those.  Unless that was a mistype in the guide....
From page 5 of this thread:

Silver Sword (Holy Energy)
Pearl Armor
Zirco Shield (Beserker)
Pearl Helmet
S-Power Ring
Evil Jewel (Cursed)

Poison (not needed)
Fake (also not needed)
Ice Valk (was trying out a strategy on Fire Dragon...don't need this either)
Valor (can probably do without this one as well)

Crystal Wand (Holy Energy)
Power Robe
Zirco Gloves (Forcefield)
Zirco Band
S-Myst Ring
Mysto Jewel

Spark (initial, never used)
Ice Valk

Zirco Flail
Zircon Armor
Zirco Shield (Beserker)
Zirco Helmet
Undead Ring
Hidora Rock (Triple Attack)

Crystal Wand (Holy Energy)
Zircon Plate
Zirco Gloves (Forcefield)
Gold Band
S-Mind Ring
Pumkin Jewel

Thunder (initial, never used)
Dragon (initial, never used)
Ice Valk
Champion (initial, never used)

Note that some of that might change a bit (mostly rings/jewels on Selan/Artea).
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AquaTiger: 2007-10-28 09:21:26 am
Never give up!
I notice you say that though Champion is something Artea starts with, it is never used.

Are you SURE you want to go through with never using Champion?

With your low levels, Champion can probably still restore the vast majority of your health (possibly completely restore, if you cast it on only a few party members at a time that NEED it - such as when Guy can take another full attack), and more importantly, it's MUCH faster than Valor to cast.  (Yeah, I know Valor also revives characters, but with the RNG working the way it does, that's probably only occasionally necessary.)

Plus, of course, it probably affects the RNG quite differently from Valor.
It wasn't used in that run, but I was planning on using it in this one due to the shorter animation and my low HP levels.

Realistically, Champion may be a better choice for Selan than Valor, but if funds allow it I may grab both.
Alright, I'm done with Legacy of the Wizard. The time will sit at 30:07.
I haven't been able to even come close since I got that one (although I did figure out that the base time is about 34:20 if no scrolls drop at all). If I could improve the time by skill/reducing the number of mistakes then I'd go for it, but seeing as it's entirely luck based, I'm just gonna call it here.
everybody wanna tell you the meaning of music
I like Legacy of the Wizard but ARGHHH I click here and wrong game!

I'm sort of at a loss as to what you're referring to there...

Late I know, but I might as well answer this. I meant the text under your avatar: I Do as I Please...

Speaking of which, don't listen to me, continue to do as you please. Tongue
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Dragondarch: 2007-11-14 07:09:54 pm
Update Time!

After a lot less hours of attempts and practice than the last known point when I was working on this (which, I had somewhere between 5 and 10 hours worth of junk on my DVD recorder of failed attempts...I keep everything so I can examine it and adjust my strategy accordingly) I managed to finally advance one segment further. REJOICE!

Now saved in Dankirk North cave with 1:56 on the clock...1 minute faster than I had predicted.

Next segment traverses that Oh-So-Fun Narrow-Walkway Shadow room...which I know is going to take a while to get right. This one also doesn't end until Portravia, which means 5 overworld portions, plus (Ferim) Northeast Tower.

Yay I guess... :clap:
Glowy eyes of DOOM!
Back in business! 
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Dragondarch: 2007-11-23 10:24:46 pm
OK, segment 15 is done...but there's a catch.

I had to end it a lot earlier than I was planning on. I'm saved at the second save point in Dankirk North Cave with 1:57 on the clock.

The Shadow Room didn't take long to get right, but the room after caused some problems.
In that room there's a lone Vampire. For some reason he seemed to switch between two different movement patterns, which vaguely seem to be based on how fast I get through B5 (namely how responsive I am when performing quick maneuvers).

However, I know time doesn't affect the RNG - which means that there has to be something else calling the RNG the entra time or two. I have theory (based on some incidents that happened in earlier segments):

I know that whenever I'm in a town the RNG is being called almost constantly to determine what movements the random townspeople will take.
On B5 of Dankirk North Cave, there's Prince James, Prince Klaus, and four Soldiers. I don't think the Soldiers are affecting it, but I'm guessing that both princes (or at the very least Prince James), seeing as they appear in normal towns, might be calling the RNG for movement even though they are stationary on this particular place.

My reasoning for this theory?
In North Dungeon B4 there are no enemies between the save point and Prince Alex/Josef/Idura, yet the fight with Mummies would occasionally present me with a different (unfavorable) attack pattern. Prince Alex and Josef both appear in Bound Kingdom.

Regardless of all that, the next segment will end in Portravia.
The NPCs aren't the cause of your problems.  Enemies start moving immediately after the hook is completely retracted,  but you can also move immediately, which will make the movement slightly out of synch (causing some enemies to select moves in a different order).  Waiting 8 frames (1/8 of a second) after each instance should leave everything in synch, but that seems an ugly solution.
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Dragondarch: 2007-11-24 12:39:36 am
Well, that makes sense for this situation (and also explains why the Ninja I fire the hook at right after saving likes to ignore the fact that he's supposed to be frozen as well), but the one in North Dungeon didn't involve the hook (or any item for that matter) and I was still getting different attack patterns on occasion.
My only other guess on that one would be it coming from the "puff of smoke" type graphic while the floor is disappearing? On a similar note, Karlloon North Shrine gave me the same trouble after the explosion, but I know some of that came from the fact that I couldn't hit all of the text boxes perfectly (damn 5 letter boxes).

Ironically, the save actually seems to have set me up with a better Soldier battle anyway (after one reset) and I'm able to exit the fight with Maxim, Guy, and Selan near or at full IP - so I'll take it.

EDIT: Does casting Reset have the same issue as what you just explained about the Hook?
Segment 16 complete. Now saved in Portravia with 2:07 on the clock.

This segment was nigh-perfect save for the battle I ran from just before arriving in Portravia (no actions were taken by anyone, so only 3 seconds lost). Normally I'd reset for something like that but the rest of the segment had gone so well I decided it wasn't a big deal.

Next segment traverses Mountain of No Return, Divine Shrine, and Shrine of Vengeance. This should be the last long one.
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Dragondarch: 2007-12-04 01:58:32 am
Well, this segment didn't take a long as I had initially predicted. Now in Shrine of Vengeance with 2:17 on the clock - 5 minutes ahead of what I was anticipating. I was figuring at least 15 minutes for this one seeing as it traverses 3 rather tricky dungeons.

Picked up the Bright Armor also, which wasn't on my initial list. It grants immunity to Paralysis, which will be utilized against Daos' Terror Wave.

EDIT: Segment 18 done as well. Now at the top of the Tower of Truth with 2:22 on the clock. I was expecting about 10 minutes for this segment...but 5 works too  Wink

Also, I hate that large-ass room with the metric assload of enemies in it...that was the only stopper in this segment but it took a few hours to figure out.
Nice see you are continued speedrun again.

I think this is your longest run ever. You started that one year ago, probably over one year.  Tongue

My personal longest speedrun took 3 weeks.

You still working on your ZM run. This must be see. I still belive sub 55 here is too hard. But good luck with your both run.
Title says it all. Now saved at the top of Kamirno Island Sealed Tower with 2:55 on the clock. The only thing left to do is down the Sinistrals.

This run is guaranteed to be sub-3:30.
Talk to the Hand
Wow, absolutely amazing.
100% runs=great to watch
Wow...this is gonna be some crazy shit to watch.  Unreal.
Bring me the flaming voodoo canonball!
OMFG  Shocked
I bet you can get Sub 3:15  Wink

After this, we will only need a Lufia 3 and Lufia Gaiden run Tongue