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Aresake: 2006-09-17 10:11:52 pm
Glowy eyes of DOOM!
I'm having a little trouble believing that next time you do the run, you'll get the exact same result from using the exact same sequence of moves.  Surely the details of your save will be different and cause different things to happen.  In fact, didn't you say that if you save an unrelated game in a different slot, then the random events will change in the other slots?  If so, my advice would be to do that whenever luck doesn't go your way, rather than fudging with the in-game details.  I frequently did that for FF5.
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Dragondarch: 2006-09-18 12:59:54 pm
I haven't even tested that, though it'll be something to consider when luck just doesn't seem to cooperate. In fact, I think I'll test it on Camu.
But, no, I don't think I was the one who said that.

And I agree...I'm sure I'll have to figure it out all over again next time (I'm glad I only have 4 drops planned, and they're all fairly near the beginning). I was just showing what I had to do to make it happen this time (it seems the Defend causes it drop...or something).
Bring me the flaming voodoo canonball!
Are you gonna re-enter the tower to get the fire dagger? It would surely make the Tarantula battle way easier (and maybe the two clown bosses too).
Unless you can manipulate luck somehow....
Nope. Skipping it entirely. Wayyy too much time spent just getting it.

I'm thinking Spark (Tia), Camu Jewel (Maxim or Guy), and probably Big Boomers (Maxim or Guy) with whoever is doing the least damage but getting a turn BEFORE the Tarantula being the Healer (probably Maxim). I'll also be manipulating the Spido Jewel. I'm not sure if I'll actually need it but I'd rather have it to test this time around.
Bring me the flaming voodoo canonball!
Just checking how the camu jewel progress went.
Also, will you be getting arty's bow or will you give him a different weapon?
No luck with Camu Jewel as of yet. The only thing keeping me going at this point is the fact that even in the real run, there will be MAX 4 random drops to get...and they're all near the beginning (and Spido Jewel is a maybe...I'll be getting it this time through and determine it's usefulness).

As for Arty's Bow...I know it sells well and depending on my financial situation I may get it for that...otherwise I'll probably be sticking him with something that has the Holy Energy IP (3x light damage...even Selan can put some serious hurt on a sinistral).
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Dragondarch: 2006-10-05 09:05:54 pm
Well, looking at the future battles I'll encounter, I'm not entirely sure that the Camu Jewel is completely necessary (same goes for Spido Jewel in a sense - Catfish Jwl. is necessary since I don't have any other good offense against the Regal Goblin). Also, I managed to find a pattern (this time) that made it so I never had to heal during the fight.

In order...
Round 1:
Tia: Flash
Maxim: Dive
Camu: Calls Companions
Guy: Big Boomer

Round 2:
Tia: Flash
Maxim: Big Boomer (Slave dies)
Camu: Calls Companions
Guy: Big Boomer

Round 3:
Tia: Flash
Maxim: Big Boomer (Slave dies)
Camu: Calls Companions
Guy: Big Boomer

Round 4:
Tia: Flash
Maxim: Big Boomer (Slave dies)
Camu: Sleep Stinger - Guy (Sleep aspect fails)
Guy: Big Boomer

Round 5:
Tia: Flash
Maxim: Flash
Camu: Calls Companions
Guy: Big Boomer

Round 6:
Tia: Flash
Maxim: Ice Attack - Slave (Slave dies)
Camu: Buster Attack
Guy: Big Boomer

Round 7:
Tia: Flash
Maxim: Ice Attack (Camu dies)

...but no Camu Jewel. From what I'm seeing, though, the Camu Jewel would have it's main use for the Tarantula, and would quickly diminish after that.

As taken from IronKnuckle's FAQ on the IP of the Camu Jewel:
Buster attack...all Enemies...51%...128 IP...Physical...Fire...x1.5 Damage
It would be best served on a physically inclined character. Now, the only Fire weak bosses remaining are:

Daniele - Guy should have the Kukri for this one, which does the same thing as the Camu Jewel except for being Thunder element and requiring only about 2/3 the IP on Buster Attack. Selan would be using Spark...not to mention Selan isn't exactly "physically inclined."

Mummy x4 / Troll x3 - Tia and Selan can have Fireball for this fight, and beyond that one Big Boomer from Maxim should end it.

Rogue Flower - The Burn Sword is easily obtained on Flower Mountain, so that takes care of either Maxim or Guy (probably Guy). Selan has Fireball still. I also have a Fire Ring, which can be equipped to whoever doesn't have the Burn Sword (probably Maxim) which has Fireball as it's IP. Rogue Flower also can be hit with multiple status ailments...everything except Instant Death to be exact. Sleep Balls (bought in Gruberik) could be put to use here.

White Dragon x3 - Artea with Firebird + Fire Ring enhancing damage may be enough...if not Selan can easily have Firebird if need be, and I still have the Burn Sword.

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Dragondarch: 2006-10-06 11:44:50 pm
First off, I'm retracting what I said about the Camu Jewel...Tarantula is killable without it, but it took me 15 rounds to do so, and giving it to Guy would have given him something to do with his IP (I stripped all his armor and gave it to Maxim since Maxim's HP was 100 and Guy's was 171). I think the Spido Jewel can safely be skipped.

Next, here's what I think the beginning of the game is going to look like:

-Buy 6 Boomerangs from Tia.
-Manipulate so all battles in Secret Skills Cave are single enemies.
-Grab the Excape in the Cave to Sundletan.
-Kill the Mushroom(s) with a Boomerang.
-Manipulate a single Red Jelly in the stairs to B2 room (with the enemy/block puzzle).
-Drop Lizard Man with 2 Boomerangs.
-Use Escape after Iris finishes storytelling.
-In Sundletan, buy 3 Antidotes (for later use) then max out Boomerangs.
-Save after opening the door to Big Catfish.

-Manipulate and Eagle Rock from the Eagle outside.
-Grab the Miracle ($$$$) near the Speedy Ring, then use Reset to avoid having to run back.
-Grab the Lake Key.
-Heal Maxim/equip Eagle Rock and Save.

-Manipulate Catfish Jwl. from Big Catfish.
-Go save Tia's sorry ass.
-In Alunze Kingdom, buy Boomerangs but don't max them (they don't get used all that much beyond Alunze Castle Basement). Spend the rest on Hi-Potions.
-In Alunze Castle Basement, grab the Escape, Coat ($$$$), and Miracle ($$$$).
-In Alunze Northwest Cave, grab the Hi-Potion, both Miracles ($$$$), and the Witch Ring (for Tia).
-Use the heal pads and save before Regal Goblin.

-For Regal Goblin, have Tia equipped with the Catfish Jwl. and Maxim with Eagle Rock. Both should be faster than Regal Goblin. Manipulate who will be hit by switching positions and have Maxim use Dive when a round permits. Try and find rounds that Drowsy will land.
-In Tanbel, sell all the crap I've been gathering, and buy a Kukri for Guy, Flash for Tia and Maxim, and the rest on Big Boomers/Hi-Potions.
-In Tanbel Southeast Tower, grab the Jute Helmet and equip it to Maxim.
-Use the heal pads and save at the top of the Tower.

-For Camu, have Guy use the Kukri IP whenever possible. Have Maxim equipped with the Eagle Rock so he is faster than Camu. Tia and Maxim cast Flash, and Guy uses Big Boomers. Catfish Jwl. seemed relatively underpowered here, but it may be worth having Tia equip it. Slaves need to be killed ASAP - Big Boomers work best for this. Manipulate Camu Jewel.
-Back in Tanbel, restock on Big Boomers, and Hi-Potions (if necessary). Buy a handful of Mystery Pins, and one Warp and Escape.
-Don't buy anything in Clamento.
-Don't pick up anything except the Ruby Key in the Ruby Cave.
-Use the heal pads and save before Tarantula.

-For Tarantula, have Tia equipped with Catfish Jwl. (oddly enough it does more damage than Spark...even though Fire is Tarantula's weakness). Have guy with the Camu Jewel to give him something to do with his IP. Maxim has the Eagle Rock so he's faster than Tarantula. Strip Guy of his good armor and equip it to Maxim for survivability purposes. Maxim and Guy use Big Boomers if not using IP attacks (Dive and Buster Attack). Tia uses Mega Quake and Spark. Manipulate to avoid as many Poison Showers as possible.
-Use the 3 Antidotes.
-In Clamento, buy Droplet for Tia, restock Hi-Potions if necessary, and buy a couple Big Boomers.
-Buy nothing in Parcelyte.
-In the Treasure Sword Shrine, grab the Undead Ring, Cold Rapier, Anger Brace, Bat Rock ($$$$), and Mind Ring.
-Use the heal pads and do the two full party fights against Pierre/Daniele.
-Fight Pierre first. Equip the Mind Ring/Camu Jewel to Selan, Cold Rapier/Bat Rock to Maxim, Undead Ring/Eagle Rock/Anger Brace/Short Sword to Guy, Catfish Jwl. to Tia. Maxim uses Cold Rapier (save IP), Guy uses Short Sword IP/Big Boomers, Tia casts Droplet and Selan does the healing (Spells).
-For Daniele, equip Guy with Kukri. Maxim, Tia, and Selan use Flash, Guy uses Kukri IP/Big Boomers. Selan heals (Mind Ring IP).
-Use the heal pads and save.

-For Pierre, Maxim uses Cold Rapier and IP, Tia heals, and casts Droplet.
-For Daniele, Guy uses Kukri IP/Big Boomers, and Selan uses Flash/Heals (Mind Ring IP).
-Buy nothing in Parcelyte, buy grab the Holy Wings after the king allows it.
-Stop in Gordovan to activate Warp Point.
-In Gordovan West Tower, grab the Scimitar/Block Shield after FRUE Gades mops the floor with me.
-Warp back to Parcelyte and strip Guy of all equipment.
-Warp back to Gordovan.
-Grab the Muscle Ring on the way through Gordovan West Tower.
-In Merix, sell all unneeded crap, and buy 3 Gladius' (for Holy Energy IP), Fireball for Selan (I bought it for Tia this time, but I think it was unnecessary), Trick and (possibly) Fake for Maxim. If out of Big Boomers, buy a handful more.
-For the one fight in Cave Bridge, use Big Boomers. Also grab the Regain and Hi-Magic (not sure on necessity of this yet)
-Buy nothing in Bound Kingdom yet.
-In North Dungeon, grab the Thunder Ring (I think this will be useful...won't know for sure until later), and possibly the Life Potion (it's practically in the way).
-Save before Idura's lackeys.

That's all I have for now, but I think it's a good start. I'm currently at 1:12 in Bound Kingdom, and I know I could shave a little time off that with optimizations.
100% runs=great to watch
Almost totally aside...but the likely stereotypical reason Quake hurts the Tarantula more than the basic fire weakness attack is that a staple rule in most jrpg's is that the more legs you have on the ground...the more FUBAR'd one shall be in the face of any Quake type attacks.  Whereas it usually does shit all to anything flying/floating as a balance.

The more you know... 8)
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ForteGS: 2006-10-07 09:58:37 am
Bring me the flaming voodoo canonball!
a few questions for the upcoming parts

1. What will Maxim&Selan's equips+levels be when fighting Idura 1 at the lighthouse (first Idura is always the hardest one).

2. What equips/levels will you have during the Gades battle?


Dont forget to remove Tia's equips after the 3xmummy and Troll battles in the dungeon near Bound Kingdom. Because she will leave the party just before heading to the tower where you fight Gades.
I'm not entirely sure on Idura 1, but I'm leaning toward Cold Rapier on Maxim and Scimitar on Selan, and trying to manipulate Drowsy if possible. Also gonna look into the possibility of using Ice Balls. I have no idea on what levels I'll be, but I can wager a guess of about 20 maybe.

For Gades, all 3 will have a Gladius for the Holy Energy IP, and I'll be swapping them between front and back rows to take damage/attack and such.
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Dragondarch: 2006-10-08 06:11:27 pm
Well, I'm headed to Aleyn now, Idura died without as much as a single attack...Drowsy hit BOTH times I cast it on him and he ended up asleep the whole fight. Maxim used the Cold Rapier and IP, Selan used Ice Balls. It was like 4-5 rounds.

Gades wasn't that hard either, and I could have easily gotten away with 2 Gladius' instead of 3. Maxim spent the entire time on support, one casting of Trick, and the rest healing. Gades dropped on either the 5th or 6th round.

Next up, the Lions!
I'm impressed, to say the least.

Go man go!
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Dragondarch: 2006-10-08 07:44:17 pm
The Lions dropped without incendent...on the second round. 3 Ice Balls and Cold Rapier IP to one, and a lucky shot of the Undead Ring IP (Perish) on the other.

Both fights with Idura were dull...the Sleep Balls I bought in Gruberik kept him asleep the entire time.

Now in Treadool with 2:07 on the clock.

...and I just noticed I don't think I've bought a single piece of armor the entire game...and the only weapons have been the 3 Gladius'. A couple spells, and tons of items are where all my friggin' money keeps going (granted I have a surplus right now).
Bring me the flaming voodoo canonball!
The way you are going now you might even surpass MR Nice Guys 6:37
perhaps even sub 6:00 or 5:30

Good luck with Flower mountain
And dont forget to remove Dekar's equips since he will "Die" after the final Idura fight.

Dekar Sword and equips = Extra Money Wink
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Dragondarch: 2006-10-09 12:54:26 pm
Actually, I'm now in Dankirk...with like 2:1x on the clock (don't have the game on ATM). In all honestly, I'm pretty certain that this will be sub 5 easy, possibly even sub 4.

Rogue Flower suffered the same fate as Idura...except it's speed was even less and never even got one turn.

There's no bosses from here until the Fire Dragon that I'm even remotely concerned about.

Oh, and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be skipping the Dekar Sword next time through...wound up not needing it at all. I could get the same effectiveness out of Short Sword IP and Ice Balls.
OK, so I've found the most evil room in the game.
In Dankirk North Cave, 2 rooms before the final save point. The one with all the one square walkways, and a ton of Shadow wandering around.
It's entirely possible to get through without any fights (I just did it, actually), but it took a good 45 minutes to finally get it down. Looks like Reset is going to be needed here to get a favorable movement pattern for all the Shadows.
...that, and this section of the cave is going to need it's own segment for manipulation purposes.
Bring me the flaming voodoo canonball!
Ninja's and assasins are annoying too when you are slower then them *damn instant dead skill*

so you will not expect any problems with the demons?(before Artea joins).

Those medusa like creatures and those death wagon(like the romans) can be annoying....
Well, I'm now at the Final Save at the top of Kamirno Island Sealed Tower with 3:44 on the clock...easily improvable as well. I'm fairly convinced that the final product of all this testing will be sub 4 hours.

The Gargoyles all died to Terror Balls. Manipulation is the key.

Venge Ghost died to a lot of healing. I actually had to get into an unnecessary fight to raise Maxim's IP high enough to do this.

The White Dragons had to be manipulated to not kill me before I got any attacks off. Firebird (with Fire Ring) from Artea, Fireball from Selan, and Ex-Boomers from Maxim and Guy = dead Dragons.

The Fire Dragon gave me some slight trouble until I upped Artea's speed to faster than it. Artea acts as main healer while Maxim attacks with Freeze Sword, Guy with Flying Ax, and Selan with Ice Valk (with Ice Ring).

Ghost Ship suffered the same fate as Venge Ghost. For some reason the healing IPs don't always do enough to drop him the first round.

The Tank was actually one of the longest battles I've had. I had everyone equipped with Holy weapons, save for Guy. Guy used normal attacks unless his IP was high enough to use Headbutt (Pumkin Jewel IP), Artea cast Zap unless his IP was high enough to use Holy Energy. Selan focused on healing, and used Holy Energy when able, same for Maxim, except he only heals when Selan is attacking.

Gades 1 - I should have used the Zirco Shield IP to raise everyone attack to rediculous levels first.

Amon 1 - Used Zirco Shield IP with both Maxim and Guy, and had Selan use the Zirco Gloves IP to raise defense on the 2nd turn. Artea used Zap and covered healing for the most part. Everyone saved IP for Holy Energy except Guy, who uses Triple Attack (with Undead Ring).
Fucking Weeaboo
You're absolutely tearing this game apart.  Good job!

Remember when you do your notes to tell people (who aren't familiar with the game) about the graphical glitch in the Submarine Shrine (and though not shown, Lv 99 of the Ancient Cave).
Edit history:
Dragondarch: 2006-10-10 08:59:30 pm
As of Daos' death, 4:03, clear game displays 4:18.

My other stats:

Maxim: 1 (Gordovan Gades)
Selan: 1 (Gordovan Gades)
Guy: 1 (Gordovan Gades)
Artea: 1 (Tank - Magic Gale Bullet)
Tia: 1 (Gordovan Gades)
Dekar: 0
Lexis: 0

Inn Stays: 8
Battles: 77
Escapes: 18
Chests: 77/164
Resets: 22

Silver Sword (Holy Energy)
Pearl Armor
Zirco Shield (Beserker)
Pearl Helmet
S-Power Ring
Evil Jewel (Cursed)

Poison (really didn't need this)
Fake (also useless)
Ice Valk (was trying out a strat on Fire Dragon...don't need this either)
Valor (can probably do without this one as well)

Crystal Wand (Holy Energy)
Power Robe
Zirco Gloves (Forcefield)
Zirco Band
S-Myst Ring
Mysto Jewel

Spark (initial, never used)
Ice Valk

Zirco Flail
Zircon Armor
Zirco Shield (Beserker)
Zirco Helmet
Undead Ring
Hidora Rock (Triple Attack)

Crystal Wand (Holy Energy)
Zircon Plate
Zirco Gloves (Forcefield)
Gold Band
S-Mind Ring
Pumkin Jewel

Thunder (initial, never used)
Dragon (initial, never used)
Ice Valk
Champion (initial, never used)

Something I've learned for the next VERY frugal. I was testing all kinds of shit out, but I ended up with like 4000 after my last time in Narvick.

I also also realized I need to buy armor there or the sinistrals will murder me. Selan couldn't survive one Dark Fry even WITH better equipment in the BACK ROW! I needed to have Artea and Selan use Forcefield the first round so she could survive it.

I'll post a revised item collection list tomorrow, along with what I'll be buying in each town.
100% runs=great to watch
Man...I SO can't wait til the day I see these first two Lufia runs up on the main page at SDA.  The time on this is looking to be just amazing.

I'll make myself some kinda special snack to sit and marathon this with! Grin
Bring me the flaming voodoo canonball!
wow, just wow.
Do you think a sub 4:00 is possible???

and the clear game also seems to count the epilogue and end credits, which you partially controll (untill Tia cry scene).

Good luck with a sub 4h00 run if you are gonna try it.
I must applaud you.  This shall be one run I will be eagerly anticipating.
Bring me the flaming voodoo canonball!
Also, this means that only:
Lufia 3 - The Legend Returns
Lufia Gaiden - Ruins of Lore

have to be run to complete the series......
Even though they are not worth of the name Lufia