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While I'm at it, I'll define 100% for another game I run: Scooby-Doo Night of 100 Frights.

This tracks save file completion as well, and to do that, you need to collect all Scooby Snacks and Monster Tokens and enter every level at least once. This includes the Monster Gallery, which I skipped in my first run of this and only got 99% save completion. Cry
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Quote from cooopercrisp:
The Sly Cooper 100% definitions are technically correct, but don't really explain how to reach 100% file completion, so I wanted to clarify.

Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus -- To get 100%, you have to collect all treasure keys, open all vaults by finding the clue bottles in each level, and complete all Master Thief Sprints. (EDIT: To clarify, Sly 1 100% also includes entering each level in the final episode. There's a level you can skip, but for 100% save file completion, you have to at least enter it before exiting out and skipping it.)

Sly 2: Band of Thieves -- The only extra thing required is that you collect all clue bottles and open all the vaults. Purchasing all the gadgets is NOT required.

Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves -- The only extra thing required is that you complete all the Master Thief Challenges. Again, purchasing all the gadgets is NOT required.

And I might as well define the requirements for the most recent Sly game.

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time -- There are five counters on every loading screen that track percentages of game completion. They are Bottles, Treasures, Safes, Masks, and Trophies. 100% is defined as filling up the first four counters to 100% before finishing the game, so trophies are NOT required. This cuts out a lot of boring filler like the ping pong matches and completing the arcade machines in the safe house.

It's nice that you list them, but this thread is more for collecting definitions, and SDA prefers clear definitions (game-defined 100 % is a perfect example, 'all stages' is still good, 'all items except for A, B and the washing machine' is a not-so preferred one). This kind of information would be better kept in the respective games' threads, where newcomers are more likely to search for help =)
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presjpolk: 2014-08-29 08:41:48 am
To be fair Alko, you can't blame people when games like Link to the Past say "100% is all items except bombs and arrows because we really don't feel like grinding for them..." Smiley
Part of a balanced breakfast.
I see, Alko. I'll do that when I get the chance. Sorry!
Has there been any definitions for a 100% run of Dow Dark crusade?
It's not clear if you are supposed to post here first or you can just edit it onto the wiki (in that case feel free to remove from the table on the wiki).

MediEvil 1 and MediEvil 2 have the same categories. The categories for MediEvil are community defined as the game does not track completion. These categories are then split into glitched and glitchless categories. The major defining theme of each category is with regards to the ending received, chalices collected and collectables obtained (life bottles, weapons etc.). The categories are as follows:

    Any% - Beat the game in the fastest time possible (any number of chalices - bad ending).
    100% - Beat the game while collecting all chalices (best ending).
    Max% - Beat the game while collecting all chalices (best ending) with all 'collectables'.

For a full explanation check out my explanation here: (to spare you the wall of text).

In a nutshell: To get the best ending all you need are chalices. When you collect a chalice in the game you are transported to the 'Hall of Heroes' were a statue talks to you and gives you items. These items are not crucial for beating the game with the best ending so it is quicker to skip them (aka get the chalice, arrive at the hall and immediately leave without the item). This is why Max% exists were these items are required. Also life bottles exist in some of the stages, you don't need all the life bottles to get the best ending, so they are again skippable.