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We require more minerals
For Super Meat Boy? Because I'm pretty sure by grabbing one of the easy warpzones or a few easy bandages you can save time on later levels with the extra characters.
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Balls jerky

This run is pretty damn boss already. Also, discuss percentages in the game thread. This is null because SMB 100% is already on this list.
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Low percent for NES Ninja Gaiden games would be sword only I guess? I am actually considering doing an NG1 run if this is serparate category.

p.s. sorry if someone already posted it, but I do not see it in the master list as of this time.
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Yeah that makes sense.
Quote from dballin:
any% is low% unless im missing something

I think low% means you must do the run with bare minimum items, whereas any% allows anything.
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I'm familiar with the terms, but in that specific game there's no difference between the two. That's what I was getting at.
Added Ninja Gaiden
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Quote from Flip:
Added Ninja Gaiden

Thanks Flip. The discussion was actually continued in the NG thread and folks came to the conclusion that getting ninpo or points jars was okay, but NOT power-ups even if you never use them (which I kinda disagree with but it is not something to argue over too much).
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For Illusion of Gaia, should we define 100% as obtaining all 50 Red Jewels and defeating Solid Arm?
Shadow of the Colossus has fruit and lizards scattered around that increase max hp and max stamina.  There are also 8 items that can be unlocked by beating all the time attacks.  So 100% would be getting all fruits/lizards and time attack items.  Low% would be the same as any%, which is no fruits/lizards/time attack items.
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Definitions should be discussed in threads pertaining to the game. Once a consensus is met, then it should be reported here.
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Quote from puwexil:
For Illusion of Gaia, should we define 100% as obtaining all 50 Red Jewels and defeating Solid Arm?

I totally agree with this, definition is this and it seem pretty logic since you get every upgrade naturally.
Added Illusion of Gaia, waiting on consensus on SotC
hello guys!!ive been wondering about the definition of 100%  of megaman legends/64
What is the definition on 100%?
-all holes and chests copened,subquests done,all items?
-or only all items and subquests?  because all items skip money holes and chests

also i suppose you can't steal the money on the robbery subquest

a link to the discussion page if you need it somehow or want to reply there

Also IMO the second rule is the correct one...screw the money chests and holes,i want dem goods.
Star Fox 64 Low% - No Medals, Blue (easy) Route Stages Only.
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Oddword: Stranger's Wrath 100% definition - all money & items that are able to be picked up/found/collected without having to hurt a Clukker + buying all of the General Store and Black Market items, getting all the ammo upgrades, and capturing all bounties.
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Omnigamer: 2012-07-03 10:55:51 am
All the things
Nier 100% - Ending D, all weapons.

A note about this, any Ending beyond A requires going through a sort of NG+ that starts you 2/3 of the way through the game, so any 100% run is necessarily segmented. It is roughly equivalent with Ending C (you do one dialog decision to pick between them), but the game's story regards Ending D as the "correct" ending, so that is what I'm calling 100%. All weapons is a requirement to unlock Ending C/D, but it doesn't hurt to include it in the description.

Something else is important to note, however: Viewing Ending D erases your save files. All of them. This also means that there is no final in-game clock to go off of, so the last segment would have to be manually timed or the runner would have to bring up the status menu to show the current in-game time after the final boss. Ending C still lets you save after the credits, so it might be better for the purposes of timing, but I'm not sure if these technical issues warrant a change in the 100% definition.
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I wanted to ask about this, since it's been raised a few times quite a few months ago, but left to hang: What would the definition of 100% main mode in Kirby's Return to Dreamland be? So far, it's been generally (but not unanimously) been agreed that 100% SDA should be the in-game definition, meaning clear the game, collect all 120 energy spheres, and clear all the challenge rooms (regardless of score. Let me repeat. regardless of score, aka this is not going to be an inferior SS IL-ish table of platinum-medals, but completely different routes, collecting nothing and only aiming to finish the challenge rooms ASAP). However, a few people also argue that the 100% SDA definition should not include the challenge rooms, and thus be 93% in-game and refer to Kirby's Dreamland 3 as an example of not 100% in-game due to having to clear irrelevant minigames to attain 100% in-game.

The point of me posting here is to basically see where the admins stand, and what sda 100% definition should be. The brief discussion thread can be found here:

I basically just want an official okay on it from you guys, that it should be game-defined 100% main mode. Thanks!
To my understanding, KD3 was ruled that way because the minigames were all long, boring and dislodged from the actual gameplay in such a way that it didn't make sense in a run.
Judging from the discussion you've had, it seems that the challenge rooms in KRtD work differently as they are incorporated in the actual game world and actually are playable. There doesn't seem to exist enough valid reasons to make an exception for this game, so game-defined 100% would be the way to go.
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sinister1: 2012-07-18 11:30:15 am
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If I got every single weapon/points jar/ninpo/extra man/health/timestopper in Ninja Gaiden (NES) would that count as 100% ??

I know it might sound stupid but that could make for a very interesting run, you would have to get really creative to pull it off.

Tried it, it's dumb, Uyama said no category anyway.
I noticed zelda 2 isn't on the list for 100%.

quote from Breakdown,

100% would be all spells, sword techniques, quest items (candle, glove, raft, boots, flute, cross, magic key, hammer), and heart and magic containers.

8-8-8, individual keys, link dolls, and static point bags/red jars would not be required.  You can fairy through doors (and in fact, must if you don't want to get rejected).  Up+A and without would be separate categories within 100%.

Think that's everything.
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hey would you please define low%, any% and 100% of secret of the magic crystals (PC)? thanks
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ActRaiser 100%: Maximum population (4652) and all items collected from the towns, except the item that was not chosen from using the compass.

I just finished making a route for it, which will take less than 90 minutes.
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You told me you were doing that and I was wondering what it would include.
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I'm curious.. what would a 100% run of chip 'n dale (NES) be? Smiley
Just all the levels or collecting all the flowers/stars?