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Hi everyone,

Does anyone have TSA's Legend of Zelda 33:34 speedrun?
I can't find it anywhere on the Internet. Not even on the archive.org pages.

Thanks in advance!
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As I'm sure you're aware of, TSA's runs are no longer hosted on SDA. When runs are removed from SDA, they are however not removed from archive. The SDA download page for this run is found here:
However, the archive links no longer work. I can only guess what the reason for that may be. It's at least not something that was triggered by SDA.
So if you have searched the usual places on the internet for VODs, I think the only possibility is if someone has stored the run locally. You could try to contact the persons who first discovered the irregularities. If you search around in this section of the forum, you should come across a thread or two, where this was first published and who was involved.
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Tompa: 2019-08-14 01:17:31 pm
They were all removed from archive at the same time as SDA removed them, so there is sure a connection...

Some of TSA's old runs have been saved by others, which I got a few as well, such as:
TAoL 1:31:22
ALttP 1:39:xx
ALttP 1:45:xx
LADX 1:45:xx
OoT 4:57:xx
OoT 5:05:xx
OoT 5:25:xx
MM 4:13:xx segmented
TMC 2:45:00

Some of his FSA levels are still up on Archive and I believe I know some who got the segmented TWW run. I've looked long and wide for any TLoZ runs, seems like they do not exist anywhere. Yes, there are lots of various threads around on multiple sites which talk about the run, but there are no video links working anywhere.

I suppose the old tapes should still be available? Not sure what Nate/SDA have done to those.
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I don't have it, sorry
Here is the thread I was referring to:
I haven't read through all of it, but I'm guessing there could be some candidates in that thread for having a back-up of the run.

Tompa, just to be clear, I don't know what happened when the runs were removed. But generally speaking, the archive VODs are not impacted when a run is removed from SDA. You can still find Exo's runs on archive etc. It's of course possible that something was done differently with TSA's runs, but I find it just as (if not more) likely that e.g. TSA managed to get them removed. There is no mention in the admin section of any additional actions taken for TSA's runs.
i don't think i captured any of tsa's runs.
What happened to the tape/DVD submission?
Was it thrown away or does someone have the tape/DVD TSA sent?
i think tsa captured his own runs.
Uploaded by Sdkess, here it is!
His spliced 3:57 OoT run was (along with the contemporary Mario 64 runs) what first got me into speedrunning.

His infamy will live forever. :p
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I have one of the ALTTP runs on a DVD somewhere. I always enjoyed watching his runs, spliced or not.
I have one of the ALTTP runs on a DVD somewhere. I always enjoyed watching his runs, spliced or not.

0:05 / 5:28:41

Old SDA Runs (pre 2006)

Zelda Ocarina of Time speedrun in 5:25 by TSA


Zelda Ocarina of Time speedrun in 5:04 by TSA


Zelda Ocarina of Time speedrun in 4:57 by TSA


Zelda Majora's Mask 6 Day Challenge segmented speedrun by Dragorn


Zelda Majora's Mask segmented speedrun in 3:37 by pyh189


Metroid Prime 100% segmented speedrun in 1:37 by Radix

GTA 3 (PS2) segmented speedrun in 2:06:01 by Molotov

Zelda Majora's Mask 100% segmented speedrun in 6:55 by Dragorn

Zelda A Link To The Past 100% speedrun in 2:07:45 by Wak

GTA San Andreas (PS2) segmented speedrun in 7:46 by NTG (2005)

Zelda The Wind Waker segmented speedrun in 7:08 by marshmallow

Zelda Ocarina of Time speedrun in 5:25 by TSA
Zelda: A Link to the Past (SNES) - 1:41:26 - Alex McIver
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