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Sage80: 2017-09-04 11:48:36 am
Hey me and a friend are currently looking to share a room with two other people preferably from sat the 5th till mon the 15th. My schedule can ne flexible. My other friend will be coming down on the 5th during the evening at 8 and Ill be there around noon or later depending on the flight. Please pm me as I want to be able to book the plane flight far im advance. Will pay cash at the hotel when we check in.
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Myself and a friend are looking to share a room with reliable trustworthy people. I myself am female, he's male. Were both coming in on Sat Jan the 5th I'm aiming for the afternoon, and he's coming in sometime at night. I am looking to preferably leave on the 15th but can have a flexible schedule if need be. I'd like to find out asap so I can get to booking the plane ride down. I'll be coming from St. Catharines Ont, and taking a plane from the Buffalo airport into Washington Dulles. Please message me if your looking for reliable roommates. Both of us will pay cash when we arrive there and check in so that everything can be squared off immediately. Thanks, look forward to hearing from ya.
Hey currently i'm looking for a room from preferably from the 6th or 7th-14th (can't really afford to take anymore weekdays off because of work) mostly just gonna use the room to sleep and put my stuff if interested can pm message me on here or twitch which is also gusmancini twitter is gusmancini1
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OrvilleRednDead: 2017-09-07 05:27:55 pm
OrvilleRednDead: 2017-09-07 05:23:07 pm
Currently looking for roommates for AGDQ. I've been before and I usually stay with my bro outside of DC but I don't want to do the drive back and forth this time around. Wanting to get 4 to a room who are 21+ for obvious reasons. I also don't care if you smoke.

If you can take and make jokes on any subject as well as understand personal belongings and "other people have their own schedules..." PM me here or twitter and we can plan to make stuff happen. Planning to go the 7th and leave the 14th. Having 4 is essentially a must for me.

*Side Note: If i end up fronting the hotel (not preferred), payment is due that day through paypal after I shoot the receipt over. Same goes for me  if you fronted the room.
*UPDATE* Room has been booked for 4 people in a 2 bed room on the 7th-14th. If interested let me know. The spots may go quick.
Update as well, this room is booked for four people. If there are any openings closer to the con I'll let people know. I look forward to meeting all of ya!