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Use \ before commas in usernames
Could be something related to the auto updates perhaps. I have been planning to put the refresh time up to 60 seconds.,.. for a while.
Oh also, it freezes whatever browser I'm using whenever it refreshes -- for about 15 seconds every time. (tested on Chrome and Firefox)
Professional Second Banana
Would cleaning out links to streams that haven't been active for a lengthy amount of time help at all with the site's performance?
You can remove me. I've only ever streamed maybe once and if ever do again it probably won't be with ustream anyway.
puwexil: I wouldn't expect it to improve performance that much. I do want to spring clean the list, but it's actually doing it that's the problem. Especially with Ustream when most users don't record to it.

Have updated the OP with some tighter rules on eligibility. Basically I want to avoid listing people that haven't actually contributed to SDA.
Could you add me to the list please? I've finally got all my streaming shit together.
Subtext: Mostly RPGs, and some other randomages
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DS Dictator
1 month old quote

I finally got decent equipment for live streaming now.

"Direct Feed DS games, Nintendo/SEGA Consoles and XBLA"

Nintendo - Skyward Sword (soon)
XBLA - Lara Croft GoL,
Sega - Streets of Rage 1

Ok I like how my channel is being ignored Sad

Looks like it's been added now, thank you very much *thumbs up*
Feudal Family Lord

Text: Flash Gaming
Fucking Weeaboo
Since everybody's going to Twitch, might as well join the flow.  Please update my stuff to the following:

Description: RPGs are the Spice of Life
Can I be added?  I've been streaming about weekly lately.  Not sure how much I'll be streaming after AGDQ, but hopefully at least a little bit.

Description: Mario, Sonic, and others
Fucking Weeaboo
Thanks for updating my info!
Lest We Forget
Will be live Streaming my speedruns of COD:MW2 campaign on Veteran difficultly Single-Segmented, and Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland (Meta Knightmare 100%), after Christmas.
Description: Streaming for fun with a side of speedrunning MW2 and Kirby: NiDL.
I need people to help me not be lazy with practicing. This will help.

Description: Yoshi's Island practice, and other failtastic endeavors.
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MrSpeedrun: 2011-12-22 03:50:48 pm
Metroid Prime 2 i hate youwqefwg
hm yeah i also bought a grabber and got a hell of work but finally it works and the quality also looks pretty good for my internet upload speed.

streaming like every 2 days playing Metroid prime 2 echoes.
im an active member on im searching new speedtricks and i found tons of glitches ect.
it would be really nice to see my stream on the w00ty side from SDA Grin
Hey, could this one be on it. tjp7154 sent me here!;D

Description: Speedrunning Super Mario Bros. 2 and other fun old school games!
Hey, can you add mine? its games are Super Mario 64, and Ocarina of Time. Thanks much Smiley
You can remove my old Ustream link (mooohSDA_) and add my twitch channel instead:

Sounds like Maverick talk to me.
I want to know How to stream live on that page right now. Could someone please tell me how to do it!!
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ZenicReverie: 2012-01-06 11:35:46 pm
Waiting hurts my soul...
Quote from DarkBluesZX:
I want to know How to stream live on that page right now. Could someone please tell me how to do it!!

sorry, tl;dr
Read first post
Sounds like Maverick talk to me.
Do I need ustream??? and then i give my link to bmn if im correct right??
Dark Gamer
Could you add me please,

subtext:  Megaman 2 , X and X3 also Castlevania and Super Castlevania

Thank you in advance
The Speedrunning Teacher
May I request a namechange from 'wingedzyre' to just 'zyre'? Also, a change in the subtext to say 'Decap Attack, Sonic 3D Blast, random games'?
could you please add me
SMB3, mega man 3, mario 64, mega man 1, super metroid
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DJS: 2012-01-19 07:31:23 am
torch slug since 2006
are you able to change name on the streamers? if so id like you to rename me (lambdan) to DJS.

also my description is a bit out-dated, could you change it to: "Super Mario 64, Zelda OoT, and random"

edit: thanks very much
i noticed im still not on the lie streams page :s