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LittleBigPlanet (Any %) (Individual Level)

Verifier Responses

Really good set of IL's. Pass

Verifier here, with a very peculiar set of verification notes!

Video/audio: Great. There's one audio blip on Africa 1-1, but it's no big deal.

I'm going to go through level-by-level with critique. I've written a lot of notes about things that could be improved, so forgive me if they seem harsh -- it would just help anyone wanting to improve these in the future.

Introduction: He hits the part of the floor that gets you stuck, and one stair trips him up a bit. Total saveable time is around a second.

England 1-1: Ah, he's using post-game tactics. Makes sense. Going after those big costume bubbles cost him a little momentum. Also, there are a few momentum boosts he could use to speed him up. Whenever there's a downhill slope, it's great to jump and land on that slope -- it speeds you up considerably. Still, a fairly solid level.

England 1-2: The runner has some small improvements to show off. I especially like the horse skip. Wastes a second or so on the teeter totter. Good boost at the end.

England 1-3: Getting the big boost at the beginning takes a little set up. I think it could be faster with good luck. Also, the runner gets stuck on the queen. Jumping up in the shoe section, he misses a jump. He also is a bit slow grabbing the box to pull down the ramp. Skateboard boost could be better, but it's still good.

Africa 1-1: Doesn't get the optimal exit on the sub, but he makes it to the giraffes in time, so it doesn't matter. Has a little trouble with one of the giraffes. There's a sound clip at 1:03. He skips the gate for the bulls which works great. Gets a bit of a boost from the race gate.

Africa 1-2: There might be ways to speed up the first cow section. Swinging above the alligators, you can actually get a boost that lets you go above them. This speeds things up a bit. Gets stuck falling down and before the swings, losing a couple seconds. Not a bad level, but definitely could be improved.

Africa 1-3: Very nice falling section, and the runner gets the trick fast. Basically a perfect level.

South America 1-1: Gets all the good boosts for a run. For IL, the runner could take more risks with the stupid bouncy platforms -- they're annoying, but depending on luck, you can get through there faster.

The Darkness: Dog carrying! Woo! The runner dies, but the death doesn't really matter -- looks a little sloppy, though. Gets the second dog carrying section. Perfect luck with the bats and rising spikes. Until the second section, that is. Misses one jump on the stairs. At the very end, you can get a boost to send you through the end goal. This would save 5-6 seconds.

Crazy Lady: Pretty much perfect. Not much to say, really.

Boom Town!!: Ooh, nice improvement at the beginning! Takes an extra jump to blow up the first building. Decent boost -- you can get better, though, and actually almost go through the scorpions. It's rare, but it can happen. A little clumsy trying to get the first bomb. Abuses death to make the sections faster. Gets stuck jumping up which, well, happens.

Mexico 1-2: Ooh, I like the strat after the first cart. Very nice. Has a bit of a hard time jumping up to ugly boxer dudes. Nice fire boost section. Bombs can be done a bit faster -- less time between dropping the bombs. The big fall has a couple sloppy moments.

Snakes!!: Not sure why the runner waits before the first bouncing platform. Ooh, nice new strat to get through snakes! Fine boss luck. Could've jumped over the flaming platform to the exit earlier, though, to save time.

Cars: Very nice driving. Missed the first jump into the car. Windshield slowed you down on one car. Missed jump into cardboard car. Gets stuck driving the last car as well as on the lady at the end. This level could use some work.

Subway: No 10x bonus! Reject! Reject! Nice YOLO strat for the subway, but you could've run ahead to jump on the train ahead of you. At the end, you can jump off the rising platform sooner.

Stupid level: I think butt boosting over the second fire log is slightly faster. You could go YOLO for the first swinging enemy -- sometimes you still miss the spikes. Nice butt boost on basketball thing. Perfect boss fight.

Japanese Trials: Gets stuck a bit after first talking lady thing. Nice sushi strat. Turning platforms don't go so well. Ooh, great walking across the wood thingies. Gate skip is great, but I'm not sure it saves time. Gets a little stuck on rotating green things.

Castle of Ninja: Nice job with the turning thingies. There is a faster strat, though, that could save a few seconds. It's hard to get, but it'd be worth it in ILs. Basically, you jump on top of the slow rotating circle at the top instead of grabbing it. Small sumos go great. Big sumo is a little slow. Solid skiing section.

Volcano: If the ninja falls too early, gotta go over the top, not wait. Nice section with the bazillion spikes. Falling through the volcano is a little slow -- if you fall down the left side, you can get a great boost to shoot you through the right. Two-rounds the boss, which is great.

Dancing Through life: Freed the kitties! <3. Oh, wow, your butt boost is pro. Lost a tiny time with the crushing platforms -- as you stand on the one that comes up, you can use that momentum to fling you far enough to make the butt boost. After finishing the "race," you can keep jumping to maintain momentum. Also, with weird pushing things before the flame snake, it's possible to have them fling you all the way to the snake.

Elephant temple: Ooh, you get through the first part very fast. Nice work -- I didn't know it was possible that fast. Gotta wait at the crushing thing, so I'm not sure it saves much time. Great boosts through the shifting platforms. Based on the music by the elephant, you're there sooner than I've ever made it. Very nice. What. Elephant skip is that easy? I feel stupid now. This is your most solid level.

Other magic temple thingy: Got tripped up from some of the platforms early on. No YOLOing through the fire section. Moving to the back row during the multiple  fire logs isn't smooth, and for some reason, you stop near the end -- not sure if that costs any time, but it looks odd.

Corgis!: You better get the corgi boost. You better get it. And... You get it! Very nice! Unfortunately, you don't go through as far as you can with that boost, but it's definitely a decent one. Nice missile strat. You get stuck with skiing. Very nice end section.

Wheel Of Morality: Dude, you can't just kill that badguy and not enter the spinning wheel right away.  From the looks of it, you could, and that would probably be faster than waiting to ride up. Man, so much showboating on this level. I think on the moving platform, you could've made the jump towards the wheel of morality faster. Unfortunately, you fall down to the under part a little bit late because of missing the platforms on the wheel.

Like a Rat in a Cage: Missed grabbing the swinging yellow circle on your first chance. Momentum boosts aren't used to their fullest at times. You get stuck a few times on those stupid small platforms -- I hate those things.

The Collector: Aww, a heart! How sweet. Glad to see you're having fun. Holy crap, that strat! Man, gotta go faster on those stupid little badguys when they show up the third time. What?! Wow, great bosses. I'm shocked. Really.

Overall, this is a great set of levels that should be accepted. Most of them can have time saved, yes, but the only ones I have a problem with are level 9 (The Darkness) and level 14 (Cars). Level 9 has an unnecessary death plus plenty of time to save (unrelated to the death), and level 14 is just kind of sloppy. Seriously, though, I was impressed. Great work.

Very Nice Run. The quick death abuses and those beautiful boss fights. I spotted no A/V problems. I feel like level 9 could have been better but I understand that running with no visual cues can be hard.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Tad 'RabidJellyfish' Cordle!
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Awesome Cheesy Thanks verifiers! I appreciate the feedback, no matter how harsh it may be.

I realize there was a lot of time that could be saved, especially since it's individual levels. My lame excuse for that is that I was rushed to finish these, because I wanted to finish them before I had to return to school after winter break... Maybe I'll go back and improve some of these if I get the chance. The car level was the most frustrating by far, probably had the most attempts and I couldn't get anything faster than 1:45. That level's the most luck heavy. My biggest goal for making this was to make every level a world record. I did a lot of side by side video comparisons with Brossentia's run (who I'm assuming was the second verifier? :P). But yeah, I think the most improvement could be made with lucky momentum boosts and stuff along those lines.

If anyone's interested, I have the runs in youtube playlist here.