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Little Big Adventure (Any %) (Single Segment)

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Audio and video looks really good (and rewatching the segmented run on site makes you appreciate this by far)

All in all this seems like a reasonably executed run. There's a lot of running into walls but guess what, that's impossible to avoid when playing this game. Perhaps the runner should have utilized aggressive stance movement some more for the areas where running into things would be more than expected (museum barrels comes to mind), there's definitely time to be saved with better stance planning.

There's also a lot of missed ball throws. Lining up these shots is however a pain, especially when trying to hit grobos since they tend to get knocked sideways from a hit thus making your next shot(s) miss. Given how annoying this game mechanic is, most of the areas with repeatedly missed throws still get a pass.
I question the use of the ball for the white leaf desert guard on third revisit since you have the saber already (especially seeing as this encounter had quite a few missed throws). All I could guess is that the runner is afraid of getting chained by this guard this late into the run. Some better planning around his position and you should be able to get up to him without getting hit.

The red grobo fiasco outside the mutant lab is just painful, but there's not much to do about it. The situation is salvaged but there's a lot of time lost for sure. Given that he's stationary, you should definitely be able to better line up your first shot using cues in the environment together with normal stance aiming for more precise turning.
The jumping mutant eggs are just stupid. Never have I seen them cooperate so it's understandable that it takes the runner awhile to get them all.

There's 2 deaths in this run. The first one was just sloppy and could definitely have been avoided, costing the runner a good 15 seconds. The second one I don't think there's much the runner could have done about it. Getting chained by a drill machinegunner is just very deadly.

All in all there's very little hesitation and the runner clearly knows his way around the route which shows that there has definitely been effort into the making of this run.
I estimate a run with no deaths and smoother movement should come out as at least 2 minute improvement from this run.

I do wonder why the run videos are in 4 parts if it's really supposed to be a single-segment. From my understanding the recording software for this game apparently started on a new video every time there was a cutscene. Given how many cutscenes there are in this game however, wouldn't this have generated far more parts in that case?

This will make a good run to go up alongside the old segmented run and I will accept this run if the question regarding the video parts can be resolved.

First of all, the reason why the run split into 4 parts, is because the runner couldn't get the full run to work on anrichan.
Great video quality and audio quality.

The run's well done throughout, and it's cool to see this new trick.


Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Michael 'CrimsonxxMana' Davies!
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CrimsonxxMana, if you can't get the encoding to work right, you can torrent the raws to nate to encode for you.
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CrimsonxxMana: 2013-05-20 08:15:12 am
Thanks for the kind words. I agree with the comments. I also believe it is possible to lose another 2 mins. In fact, I believe it is possible to get this game down to sub 1:26:00. It is surprising I beat my old time with this run to be honest. The other run I did was much more consistent with a lot less mistakes. I attribute that to the new tricks I use. Them being the getting the Kashes from the locksmith shop and getting the 50 Kashes in Book of Bu dungeon. I have already started to try and improve this run. There is possible potential in the saving system to save another 30 seconds or so from certain points in the game.

I have also noticed, while I performed a failed attempt the other day, that the museum allows Twinsen to run on the carpet without setting off the alarm. There is only one place where this could be useful and it would only save a couple of seconds but nonetheless I'm happy I found it.

I am looking forward to implementing these new tricks to get a overall better time and getting a more consistent run. I think I will practice dealing with magic ball a bit more on the Grobos as that is one of my major failings that I tend to never consistently get right.
Quote from Flip:
CrimsonxxMana, if you can't get the encoding to work right, you can torrent the raws to nate to encode for you.
I can torrent the raws to nate but I fear he's going to have the same problem I did. DosBox is difficult to record with, in the end I used the built-in recording function within DosBox to record the whole run. The problem with that is anri-chan doesn't much like the codec of the raw files. LBA has a weird way of changing resolution in the middle of cutscenes and certain screen transitions(I assume this is an optimisation technique the developers put in to maintain the framerate?).

Because of this DosBox cuts the raw recording and starts it up again for the new resolution. This lead to around 100 raw files being produced for my run. Had this not been the issue I think Anri-chan would have made one encoded video. Anri-chan has no problem dealing with a handful of the raw files, I actually split the run up into 7 AVS scripts to try and fix this. The ZMBV codec is something Anri-chan just doesn't like from my point of view.
if this doesn't work, then install the cccp and give anri another try.
Edit history:
CrimsonxxMana: 2013-05-20 10:43:09 am
I have used both. But I'll try and reinstall the cccp and try again.

Edit: So I tried reinstalling the cccp and its the same problem. I can pass 2 or 3 scripts to Anri-chan but if I try to pass more than that I get the usual error.
ohhhhh it's an appending problem. sorry for wasting your time. yeah, i will be able to get around it though ... though really what i should do is hurry up and finish appending in yua which will have no such limit. >_>
Ah! I see. Do I just use the previous PM and create a new torrent with all the raw files then?
Quote from nate:
I forgot to mention. The smaller resolution videos I was resizing them, altering the FPS of them to correlate with the higher resolution videos(for some reason the smaller videos had FPS which was going to decimal places that was slightly different to the higher resolution vids) and putting borders around them so they would be more presentable. Something ballofsnow(I believe) suggested when I was creating the quality test.
# Get framerate value from any of your gameplay videos
fpsref=avisource("C:\Users\Mike\Desktop\WR Folder\relent_016.avi")

# append videos
avisource("C:\Users\Mike\Desktop\WR Folder\relent_018.avi")
avisource("C:\Users\Mike\Desktop\WR Folder\relent_019.avi").pointresize(640,400).addborders(0,40,0,40).changefps(fpsref)
^So I had to pull the fps from the higher resolution vids and apply them to the cutscenes.