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Lego Racers (Any %) (Individual Level) [Large-skip glitches]
Lego Racers (Any %) (Individual Level)

Verifier Responses

Video Quality appears good, very crisp, and the audio sounds fine.  I'm just going to go through each of the tracks.  As a note, this game tends to start the ghosts slightly ahead, so, when the runner is behind their ghost, sometimes they really aren't.  I noticed that from the timing in the video and personal experience.

1. Imperial Grand Prix

Lap 1:  28:31, Turning is a little sloppy, but the controls in this game aren't exactly easy to handle.  Hits the wall once, but otherwise clean.  Perfect Item management
Lap 2: 26:48, Again, item management is done perfectly to get the max amount of boosts.
Lap 3:  26:13, Best lap of the run, handles the touchy controls very well, very little correction to the sharp turns.

Total:  1:20:93, Clean run overall.

2. Dark Forest Dash

Lap 1:  30:98,  Ghost is a bit misleading here, looks to be faster overall.
Lap 2:  29:91, Pretty much clean as the first lap
Lap 3:  29:78, Looked like an earlier final boost than the ghost.  Pretty good time on this lap.  Consistent on the short-cut too.

Total:  1:30:68, No real errors despite this track being a bit tricky.

2.  Dark Forest Dash (Large Skips)

Lap 1:  14:31, This track has checkpoint problems.
Lap 2:  15:90, Pretty quick turnarounds here.
Lap 3:  16:30, Little slower than the previous lap.

Total:  46:51, Considering how precise hitting the checkpoints can be, I'm willing to forgive the small errors here.

3.  Magma Moon Marathon

Lap1:  24:25,  Clean lap, nothing really to say about it.
Lap2:  24:50,  Lost a little time going into the shortcut, otherwise clean.
Lap3:  24:61,  Slower than the previous lap.  Saved a little time grabbing pieces late by going risky.

Total:  1:13:36, Clean run, not much to say about it.  No real big mistakes, but not quite perfect either.

3.  Magma Moon Marathon (Large Skips)

Lap1:  9:98, This is just silly...  Really good turn around using the wall.
Lap2:  11:78, Sillier...
Lap3:  11:61, and done.  Yeah.

Total:  33:38, I'm gonna go ahead and say this one seems pretty close to optimal.

4.  Desert Adventure Dragway

Lap1:  33:08, Clean lap overall; setting up items for lap 2.
Lap2:  22:46, Set up things perfectly here.  One of the turns had some overcorrection, but item management worked out perfectly.
Lap3:  26:60, This lap suffers a little because of the previous one, but nothing bad.  It's just how the item management had to work out.  Green pieces are scattered a bit here.

Total:  1:22:15, Pretty good run on this track.  Sufficiently tight turns, good item management and no real errors.

4.  Desert Adventure Highway (Large Skips)

Lap1:  7:73, bad checkpoints again!
Lap2:  8:61, Lost quite a bit of time on this lap.
Lap3:  8:51, got a bit of it back here though.

Total:  24:86, As with ridiculously short individual levels, I'm not sure how picky to be.  Bouncing off the walls accurately can be annoying.

5.  Tribal Island Trail

Lap1:  26:83, Again, the route is well planned, and item pickups are done perfectly.  The games touchy controls don't seem to get in the runner's way.
Lap2:  26:65, Same with this lap.
Lap3:  26:21, Nothing more to add.

Total:  1:19:70,  Impressive, clean run of the track.  Unless there's a better route for items that I'm missing, this one seems very well done.

5.  Tribal Island Trail (Large Skips)

Lap1:  16:41, A bit more complicated than the others, but still the same deal.
Lap2:  15:13, Item management is a bit more complicated on this one as well.
Lap3:  15:36, Really looked like a bad last turn to me.  Bouncing off the walls is always an iffy strategy, but on such a short level, that has to hurt.

Total:  46:91, The last turn is the glaring mistake in the run.

6.  Royal Knights Raceway

Lap1:  23:98, Some fancy maneuvering to get two warps in one lap, not bad.
Lap2:  23:56, Dodges the columns skillfully again, and gets the two warps again.
Lap3:  23:83, Little slower than the previous lap, but not bad at all.  Two warps, no big mistakes.

Total:  1:11:38, Well played to get the warps, didn't hit any of the columns, good time.

7.  Ice Planet Pathway

Lap1:  30:21, Uses powerups well, setups up for the next lap to be even better, no hitting the walls or anything like that.
Lap2:  28:05, Hit the wall during the ice ramp shortcut, but didn't seem to lose much time from it.  Otherwise clean.
Lap3:  26:95, Hits the wall during the ice ramp shortcut... for great justice!  Maintains speed, and it seems to help out overall.

Overall:  1:25:21,  The one thing I wonder about this course, is if the runner is losing significant time on the downward spiral turn.  By taking it wider at the start, you should be able to cut in more and save time grabbing the pieces.  The ghost seems to do that on lap 2/3.  Maybe it's slower overall because of weird physics quirks, but that's just what I noticed.

8.  Amazon Adventure Alley

Lap1:  28:48, Considering how tight this course is at times, and the speed the runner goes at, this turns out pretty good.  A bit of bouncing off walls, but it doesn't cost time and may even be necessary.  The runner handles this in stride and maintains the high speeds despite the course's best efforts.
Lap2:  27:91, This lap has different item management and doesn't seem quite as hard.  One wall bounce, but the runner recovers fine.
Lap3:  27:60, Uses the same item management as the last lap until the end, where it uses boosts early instead of saving them for later.

Total:  1:24:00, Very impressive run of the track, definitely seems well played.

9.  Knightmare-Athon

Lap1:  30:98, Very clean, very good item management, two warp boosts.  Picks up all the necessary blocks without trouble, despite some difficult placements.
Lap2:  29:40, Basically the same as the last lap, all comments apply,
Lap3:  27:76, MAYBE uses the warp boost a tiny bit late, but otherwise fine.

Total:  1:28:15, Good run of the track.

10.  Pirate Skull Pass

Lap1:  31:65, Clean lap, tricky block pickups go well, uses a well timed warp as usual.
Lap2:  31:63, Got caught in the mud a bit and lost some time.  Over corrected a turn too much and lost even more time.  Still not to bad, but definitely out of place
Lap3:  31:21, Good last lap, though.

Total:  1:34:50,  I'm iffy on this one simply because of the second lap.  Could be a chunk of time saved there, but, considering the game's physics, it's a lot to ask for perfection.

10.  Pirate Skull Pass (Large Skips)

Lap1:  12:23, Another silly programming oversight.  Has to bounce off the wall here, no choice.
Lap2:  13:15, Good bounce on this lap.
Lap3:  13:56, I don't think that first bounce was intentional, probably cost at least a quarter of a second.

Total:  38:95, Iffy on this one because of the last lap wall bounce.  On a individual level this short, you don't want to see a mistake like that.

11.  Adventure Temple Trail

Lap1:  40:51,  Tough bugger of a track with a lot of tight corners.  Very well played.
Lap2:  42:06,  Bad luck skidding into the track after grabbing the two white pieces, lost almost all the speed.  Overcorrects too much through the statues and ends up needing a sharper turn than necessary.  Rest of the lap goes fine
Lap3:  42:18,  Looks cleaner than the previous lap, but is a little longer.  I don't know how this game works sometimes!

Total:  2:04:76, I really don't understand this physics engine.  Lap 2 looked like it had some mistakes, but was the faster of the last two laps! 

11.  Adventure Temple Trail (Large Skips)

Lap1:  25:03, Despite being the longest of the large skips, there's the least to say about it.  A little item management, I guess.
Lap2:  26:68, Yup, that was a lap according to the game.
Lap3:  26:29, Done already.

Total:  1:18:01, Still way faster than non-glitched.  No real big mistakes or anything.

12.  Alien Rally Astroid

Lap1:  27:28, Has a bit of trouble and loses speed after the excessive floating.  Sets up a warp for lap 2.
Lap2:  23:25, Well placed warps save quite a bit of time, grabs blocks during the warp to setup the next one.
Lap3:  21:61, Really impressive last lap, maintains speed very well and takes the corners ridiculously tight.  Jumps into warps/boosts the moment speed starts to slowdown.

Total:  1:12:15, The last lap was really impressive.

After watching each and every one, I think it's safe to say there's no cheating.  The play quality is overall good, with a few hiccups here and there.  The runner really shines on the harder tracks.  I'll recommend accept on all of them except the following, which I am weakly accepting at this time.  I looked around for faster runs, and couldn't find any at first glance.

10.  Pirate Skull Pass
10.  Pirate Skull Pass (Large Skips)
11.  Adventure Temple Trail

A/V-quality is really good.

For the normal run:
The run(s) overall seems really good to me. A few places had me question if "getting that block is really faster?" etc.. but I'm trusting the runner on this Smiley

The few notes I have says:
Stage 9 - The last warp seems to be used a bit late, to me.
Stage 11 - Impressed me the most, it looked really neat.

So I guess that's an accept from me.
I would love to see a single-segment run of this, with opponents Smiley

As for the "large-skip glitches" run:
This is pretty much just driving back and forth over the finish line, which gets sort of boring after a while. I get that hitting the checkpoints just right and optimizing your turns is probably quite tricky.
It's nothing wrong with this and I guess if that's the fastest way the game allows you to finish, then you should do it.

To summarize: Kind of boring, but accept.

EDIT: Spelling mistakes

Haha, it's fun to see the powerslide and lightning audio glitches actually recorded here. I used to wonder if it was just my old computer Sad Overall, these runs have the essentials covered, such as keeping all four wheels on the ground and avoiding slowing by hitting walls or obstacles, wherever applicable. The track routes taken are either the ones I remember taking or better, and the runner makes good use of timing on warps to avoid difficult spots without missing powerups. Difficult sections (e.g. the statues in Adventure Temple Trail) are well-handled... when the game demands that they must be. It would've been nice to've seen some more risks taken in easier places, especially when the runs are so short.

As for the skip ILs... maan, I never knew this game was so silly Sad It's not that hard a thing to properly check, programmers. The checkpoint turnarounds are consistently made in the same spots, but I echo my earlier comment about risk. I do believe, however, that they're solid enough to be posted. Everything else checks out too.

Accept, for both sets.

Decision: Accept both

Congratulations to Tad 'RabidJellyfish' Cordle!
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