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Hello, all.

I'm True Swordsman. :^)

I have a question: Is the combat system of  Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

What I mean is...
When executing moves in succession (a "combo"), you can weave moves from
other combos into your current combo. I made a flowchart that demonstrates
how this is done.

I've known this for a long time, but no one else seemed to, judging by all the game play
footage I've seen from others and searches... over the years...

So, is this something people know? Or maybe nobody cared or even liked it?

Further ramblings?
When the speedrun scene surged and many games' mechanics came under scrutiny, especially The Wind Waker, I was excited to see if anyone would bring this up -I didn't keep up...
Thread title:  
This isn't new at all, even I knew about this and I don't speedrun the game.

Still pretty cool to have a large visual chart for this though.
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True Swordsman: 2015-12-28 02:38:37 pm
True Swordsman: 2015-12-28 12:08:23 pm
Oh, okay. Cool.

I don't speedrun the game either, I just noticed it by chance during my first times playing
The Wind Waker.

I loved this game's combat system. Shame that it was never really put to any real use or
challenged you to make use of it. ...Or even told you about it..!

Twilight Princess uses this same system but with a slight tweak. But I don't think it has much
practical value for speedrunning since speedrunners employ better (faster) tactics anyway.
Same with The Wind Waker, apparently.

Thanks for your response! :^)

I'm happy that you appreciate my chart. ^_^
Speaking of Twilight Princess, Twilight Princess had poor hit detection when it came to swordplay.

If you arrange for the fastest combo possible, it drops collision detection and you'll only
land 2 hits out of 4 moves...
That made it suck, but I never heard anyone else complain.
Was anyone else disappointed with this? I'm just curious.

Also, in Twilight Princess, there's actually a *second* "Mortal Draw"... If you hit forward or back on
the joystick immediately after you hit the A button Link will unleash a horizontal version of the mortal draw
in half the time.

I thought this was cool as hell as the move was first seen in the third trailer for twilight princess and was originally
part of his main move set. But when the game released, it was turned into a special move and back-seated to the
normal Mortal Draw. I don't remember if I ever actually heard/reading anything about this though.

I'm curious what people think/thought of this.
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zero shift: 2016-01-03 02:56:43 pm
You should make a gameplay mechanics. This is damn good info and this sort of stuff really interests me, though I only play Spirit Tracks.
Make a gameplay mechanics... video? Or could you have meant "design game mechanics"?

However, I'm glad you find this useful/interesting. ^^

If you did mean "make gameplay mechanics videos", I'd like to, but I'm not so sure that I could arrange for it in my current state.

It would have been snazzy if I could have gotten the chart out in WebM or GIF form.

Further more on  Twilight Princess's combat system, If you're interested:

Firstly, Like in The Wind Waker, Link executes a different set of moves depending on whether he's striking something or not. I will be assuming that Link is striking something. Wink

As I mentioned before, Twilight Princess's combat system has a slight tweak
from The Wind Waker.

Link's moves are sort of switched around in that the vertical combo contains horizontal swipes as well and vice versa, thought the game never defines his combos in those terms.

Link's neutral-B goes: swing left, swing right, swing left, vertical chop (like he's wielding an axe. I like to call it  "axe chop").

L+B: vertical swipe, swing left, axe chop, broad swing L(eft).

L+>+B: Swing right, swing left, broad swing L, broad swing R.

Now, try to get that "axe chop" back at the end of any of his combos while targeted.
It might seem that you can't do it. However, pulling back on the joy stick does the trick.
Holding back on the stick seems to mostly replace L+>+B moves until the final blow, which
will be the "axe chop". Hip back+B by the final move of any combo and there's your "axe chop".

Also, you can execute the Helm Splitter without using the shield attack first:
Hold "B" while running as you approach an enemy, release "B", striking the enemy while targeting at the same time and immediately fallow up with a sword slash. You will then see the "Helm Splitter" command appear.

Also, on executing that  "second Mortal Draw", I made an error. You hit the direction on the stick first, then press "A" immediately after.
Yeah I meant a FAQ or video series.
Oh, I see.

I'd like to make at least one video.

As for a series, however, I don't think I'd have enough content to fill a series. But the content
cold grow over time I guess.

Glad you enjoyed my posts. :^)
There's also combos you can do if you do L+ left or L+ right in WW
And L+ down
There also one where you do two jump sword swings but I'm still figuring out that one
That double sword jump swing is just two attacks then forward attack combo then the L+right or left combo finisher
Also L+down and L+Right are the same thing