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Legaia 2: Duel Saga (ntscus) (ps2) [Any %] [Single Segment]

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Quote from Drifting Skies:
I time this run based on Legaia series timing at 6:48:03 - New Game is selected at 0:00:03 and Avalon 4 begins his death animation at 6:48:06.

I'm going to start off by saying that I Accept this run.  While the run has flaws and there are a handful of potential routing improvements which I will outline, I feel that they are relatively minor with respect to the facts that this is a nearly seven hour single-segment run, the RNG was quite favorable throughout, and the run definitely showcases due diligence with respect to what is overall a relatively complex game to route out (the item creation / customization being the big thing that really breaks this game in more ways than one compared with Legaia 1, my game of expertise).

What went well:
- Random battles: Yes, there were a few times when the Flags of Retreat failed, but most of the battles went pretty well.  They are also a lot faster compared with Legaia 1!
- Phorchoon Tournament: Rauss 1 could have used Ultimate Fang and wiped Lang out, but Lang manages to not eat an Ultimate Fang and therefore survives with about 450 HP (and skips a cutscene).
- Item Creation: The overall route of what items / equipment to purchase throughout the game was clearly well thought-out and reflects well on the run and the runner.  Several of the things done (such as buying spices and red wine in Kravia) are subtle but are important to things that go on significantly later in the run (in this case, cooking Atomic Heat in Drokonia)
- Heaven's Path / Gate: Used to reduce / eliminate random encounters.  There is an accessory that does this, but it requires a lot of accessory EXP and isn't obtainable until significantly later in the run.
- High Power: Doubles the character's power during the following turn.  Generally results in multiplying damage by 3-4x (since the game's damage is based on ATK - DEF and 2ATK - DEF > 2(ATK - DEF)).  Leads to an incredible two turn Raynof the Brave fight, among others, and is the primary reason why boss battles go so quickly.

What could have been better:
- Elfin: There's a sidejump minigame which occurs in Nohl after you get the Gale Talisman.  Beating Maxell here gives a Boost Oil, which boosts all stats by 10%, as opposed to using the Guard Oil for a 10% boost in DEF only. It does cost about 40 seconds to get this item, but it saves about 90 seconds by virtue of making the Elfin fight faster / safer (your damage output per turn goes from 220 or so up to about 300, so it takes 2-3 fewer attacks to finish her, along with less time spent healing, etc.).  Elfin is designed to require a L9 Lang to beat her, so doing so at L8 is still an accomplishment.
- Rather than go to the Forest Maze for a couple of battles for EXP, do it in the Kabel Ruins with the battles you are already getting into random encounters.  Kazan can take them out pretty easily with Deva, and it's not as though you are particularly wanting for money (for Magic restoratives) due to some arbitrage tricks you exploit.
- It's better to do the bare minimum amount of arbitrage with the Earth Dragon Wing -> Sun Fauld until after Rauss 1.  This is because the Dragon takes 5-6 seconds to get from Secret Market to Jinga one way, and doing so before Phorchoon takes about 18 seconds, leading to a potential 50 seconds saved.
- I believe that you can learn where Phorchoon is by talking to Stiel in Kravia, rather than talk to Chief West Wind and then to Kenjiro.  However, I am not certain about the prerequisites to do so.
- Too many Attack Transformers and Invincibility Pills.  You lost probably 35 seconds because of the time spent crafting so many extra pills you did not need.  Also, was there a reason to go to the Secret Market at 5:34 / 5:35 to create your invincibility pills?  Can't you do that in camp?  Or would doing so have cost too much extra time in menuing during item creation?  (Even then, it would have saved world map time to just combine in Tanza, no?)

- Full Power: This is the big issue.  The Full Power skill is the improved form of High Power, tripling ATK at the cost of one art block. You get this accessory at 250 EXP on the Passion Necklace, which you get pretty early on.  But that's not worth it.  You can get it at 0 EXP on the Muscle Ribbon, which is created with Winged Ribbon + Healing Ribbon, both of which are directly purchasable at the Secret Market.  This leads to some interesting strategies on Rauss and Avalon involving Full Power Variable Arts instead of only using Lang's Mystic Art.  If you use Full Power on Sharon and Ayne and use a charged Variable, I think you could have KO'ed Rauss's 220,000 HP in one shot, which would have saved some time not watching that long Ultimate Fang cutscene, but I could be wrong about that.  Would have also been useful on Avalon 2/3 as well, though you would need to use normal arts with Ayne and Sharon in the Avalon 1 fight to boost their AP's.  I think there's probably 4 minutes to be saved by use of Full Power on the bosses from Rauss 2 onward
- Why did you cook Kazan Curry right before the Avalon fight?  Was it an issue of the cooking wearing off or did you need something else from it?  Seemed to cost time wearing Lang down to under half health for Mystic Art in the Avalon 1 fight.  On a related note, you got hit with "favorable status effects terminated" (Sebskswel sp?) quite a few times in Avalon 1.

- Menuing wasn't optimal, but there's not really any manipulation that can be done in this game compared with many other RPG's, and as a result, a lot of the battles have to be routed on-the-fly, so to speak.  As such, I can forgive these more easily than in games where there are more opportunities for manipulation and the item & battle route can be studied and perfected more directly.

I believe that with these routing suggestions, there is the opportunity to push this run just under 6:40. However, the overall quality of the run is still very good, and I offer these comments and suggestions because I want this run pushed even further in the future.  I feel that the run overall does a great job of showcasing how far along we are at Legaia speedrunning, and I do not believe that this run will be easily beaten going forward.  Nevertheless, don't get complacent or I will take your WR from you!  I'm coming for it!

Decision: Accept

Audio/Video is fine
No Cheating was detected
I saw no In-Game Timer, i timed myself 6:48:13

Most of the danger of this run from what i could tell was from the early game, Elfin (the second boss) nearly kills the runner showing how much he needed to raise his max hp. The next biggest time lost i see comes from failed run away attempts. Its a shame in this game even items that let you run from battle has a chance for failure, that said there was only a handful of times where they did fail and only during battles where the chance of death wasn't that high.
My only complaint with the run is there was several moments where menuing skills failed short, most notably during the final boss, but i can look past these as they don't happen often enough to ruin the run.

Honestly great job at breaking a game that has Resident Evil 1 laughably bad voice acting.


Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'Deathtome'!
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