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Left 4 Dead (Any %) (Individual Level)

Verifier Responses

A/V: Good, no proplems

The general movement and zombie avoidance are very well executed. Most skips are clean and done very quickly! Easy accept for me

A/V: Seems to be great aside from the fact that video is 16:10 and encoded as 4:3 (640x480).
Aspect ratio should be corrected.

Times are rough guesstimates (not frame perfect).
The timing should start when gaining control and ends when the blurring starts, sometimes even after you close the door it
won't immediately do the end sequence and you can actually re-open the door so there is a variable <1 second delay usually.
For finales the same thing applies but it fades to black instead of blurring.

NM1 - 0:27
Clean drop down, some good bunnyhopping all the way to the end.
Killing the AI was really fast.

NM2 - 1:24½
Killing off the AI looked a bit slow but due to randomness at the start, it's hard to get a perfect spot every time.
Rest went really nicely and the tank boost was executed well.

NM3 - 1:33
Quick safe room as the AI will do "their thing" without assistance.
There is a closer tank spawn but it might not be the most optimal for that door bust that happens so this is good.
A bit of unfortunate luck with the sewers, maybe using the molotov earlier would have shaved off some seconds.
Otherwise the map went really well and there are no major mistakes.

NM4 - 2:41
Boosts with the zombies are really sweet and the railing in the stairs shaves off some extra time again.
The runner pulled off a really big risk by not performing the "105 flash" elevator trick.
Since the bots can't do it, it would mean that the runner would have to do all of the four survivors work.
Luckily the RNG was in favor despite not him doing this.

NM5 - 4:03
Not much you can do in finales, especially if you are "alone" as the bots aren't smart enough to block spawnpoints (that is
looking at them so that enemies don't spawn).
Considering how badly this map can go, it was really nice. No major mistakes spotted.

DT1 - 1:14
Generic running to the end, wait for a good outcome and so on.

DT2 - 1:14
Zombie boost cost maybe 2 seconds extra but RNG is RNG.

DT3 - 1:25½
Francis decides to start a conversation on the other side of the map with the church guy, he gets pissed and calls the
zombies on your ass on the other side of the map. Once you get there, the event is over and you can do what you want to.
Saves like ~3 minutes.

DT4 - 1:19
Zombie boost up to skip like 50% of the level, pretty generic and "gotta go fast" otherwise.

DT5 - 4:37
Same as NM5, you do what you can and hope that the bost cooperate with you. Tank manipulation worked on both times so all is well.
2nd tank was a bit slower than the first one though.

DA1 - 0:43
Fast AI kill strats.
No major mistakes, good bunnyhopping where possible. Unfortunate slowdown near the end.

DA2 - 1:02
Rather time consuming AI kill but nothing major. Bunnyhopping to the first ladder is omitted but it only saves a fraction
anyway. Some 1.0-only skips performed with no troubles. About 50% of the level is skipped yet again.

DA3 - 1:45
1.0 skips and zombie boosts. Overall a pretty nice route. Skipping the crescendo is about 2 minutes saved.

DA4 - 1:28
Some fraction-saving bunnyhops are omitted, overall a pretty smooth map. One of the easier maps too.

DA5 - 4:01
Again misses some bunnyhop oppoturnities at the start (after the drop).
Easily the worst finale to speed run in this game, Blood harvest being the second.
You just hope for good spawns and a good tank. They can spawn pretty much everywhere and pretty much every spawn is bad.

BH1 - 1:06½
AI kill is decent. Some missed bunnyhops with the bridge and the slopes in the terrain.

BH2 - 1:06
Nothing to comment really.. well ok, the Quick ladder was executed magnificently !

BH3 - 1:27
Nice tank boost that saves like 40 seconds or so.

BH4 - 1:03
Very small stutter with the train skip but otherwise it was ok.

BH5 - 4:44
As with all finales, luck & bot dependant. This one is similar to dead air in a sense where the zombies just come around from everywhere
in a uncontrollable chaos. With four players (when the other three have brains that is) the finale is more bearable.
Nothing much here.

I'd say that all of these segments are worthy of an publication (ACCEPT).
There are minor improvements here and there but with a game that is intentionally supposed to be as random as possible
it's hard to get everything perfect.

NMTA: Excellent bhopping.
NMTSw: Nice tankboost.
NMTS: I like his method of descending the stairs.
NMTH: I like how he climbs the stairs.
NMRF: That's some good luck manipulation.

DTTTp: Where is the intro cutscene?
DTTD: Nice zombiejump.
DTTC: What voice line is that?
DTTT: Ahahah, the tank distracted you!
DTBF: Boring route, it's fast though.

DAGh: I like this one.
DATC: Good to see trees are actually useful sometimes.
DATCS: He should've shot the witch at the end for extra entertainment value!
DATT: I am amazed there's no way to safely drop down at the beginning. For once a L4D map is actually properly built.
DARF: The comments on this map made me puke. The map itself did not though. Wonder why they cut out the outro cutscene but it's BS anyway.

BHTW: He cut out the beginning cutscene, so it makes this map hard to verify. Had to listen to the stupid audio to prove to me that he didn't stand there for 5 seconds prior to actually doing something.
BHTT: Wonder why the runner did not go for some risky bhops, if the map is really as easy as he says it is.
BHTB: Watching a solo run of this map is as boring as playing the map yourself. Good thing there's actually a trick at the end.
BHFF: Some nice spawns right here!

The gameplay of this run is very good. It would be retarded to not accept because of that.
No cheating, audio quality is fine.

My issue is with the video quality though. As verifier 2 already said it's in a bad aspect ratio and should be corrected.

Final verdict:
Accept, under the condition that the Dead Air Finale comment be revised to exclude the bunnyhop mention.

PS: I fell asleep watching this twice. There's some sick tricks in it but the trickless parts are boring as fuck.

Audio is fine throughout the video, but the aspect ratio of the recordings is wrong. It's a good thing Freezard recorded demos for this run (- you didn't forget this time, did you? :D), so that should be easy to fix.

My main issue with the ILs is that Freezard didn't do 4*105 flashes in the elevator section of No Mercy 4. Doing so would've given him way better RNG setup for the other campaigns. After a long discussion with the other verifiers on IRC, and after receiving some top quality kush from uncle Freezy, I've decided to (hesitantly) accept these ILs. I sincerely hope that Freezard will do the 4*105 flashes should he try to improve upon his current submission.

It's an easy accept. These ILs are awesome.

Freezard crushes every single IL that is currently on the website. I am quite appalled by the fact that some of those original ILs were even admitted to the site, and am glad to see they're being replaced by solid runs.

NM1: "I hate helicopters."
Very impressive. Bunnyhops are very hard to pull off properly in L4D, and it's really cool that Freezy does them really well here. Quick AI kills, too.

NM2: "I hate stations."
Love the tank boost in this level. Also good use of Bill for spawn manipulation. You could've just crouch-jumped over the counter at the end, though.

NM3: "I hate sewers."
Aww, you didn't crown the witch, even though it's your forte. Got stuck on the zombies in the sewers for a moment, but that's quite understandable. Shooting them sooner would've aggroed them and cost you too much health. Nice fast ladder climb!

NM4: "I hate hospitals".
Darn it, I wish our co-op version of NM had such sexy smooth tricks. Very nicely executed zombie hops and staircase skip. As mentioned above, Freezard really should've done the 4*105 flashes in the elevator section for better RNG, but I'll nevertheless accept this IL. You also should have saved Louis, by the way, because he'st he coolest L4D character.

NM5: "You made it..."
Kinda dodgy second quick ladder climb. Very nice spawns throughout the finale. The AI was being utterly retarded, though, which probably cost you a bit of time on spots like the tank kills. Not much you can do about that. Very nice finale, overall.

DT1: "I hate tunnels."
Nice work on getting the 93 point jump here. Nice and clean tunnels. Got quite lucky there, since Zoey died early. Shame you didn't get the bunnyhop at the very end, but a very nice run nonetheless.

DT2: "I hate sewers."
Excellent bunnyhop off the railing. Very nice zombie-hop to skip the crescendo. Nice and clean run to the safe house.

DT3: "I hate trains.
Gotta love the fact that you can skip this entire crescendo by playing a sound file.

DT4: "I hate towns."
Awesome zombie hop yet again. Should've crowned that witch again, man. Wasted a tiny bit of time looking around for the tank. Good run!

[b]DT5: "I hate boathouses."
Shame about missing the bunnyhops on the way to the finale. Lovely spawns throughout the finale. Well done!

[b]DA1: "I hate rooftops."
Awesome level. It's very cool to see that you managed to put in a few bunnyhops throughout the stage. The boost off the truck was particularly cool.

[b]DA2: "I hate construction sites."
Love the construction site crescendo skip, and the rooftop drop. If only the current version of L4D had such nice and easy tricks :(. Very clean stage, overall.

[b]DA3: "I have departure terminals."
That's a really quick zombie hop you managed to pull off there. The crescendo skip is also nice an quick. Perhaps picking up a gun would've saved you a bit of time in the corridors, as you got body blocked there. I'm amazed that the garage tank didn't smash that van into you the second he spawned.

DA4: "I hate airports."
Nice bunnyhop off the escalator railing - shame it got blocked by a zombie at the end, haha. Impressed that you only took 20 damage from the large horde while waiting for the van to reach you. The tank spawn was fantastic as well!
To the verifier above: This map may not allow you to drop down straight away, but it does let you go out of bounds in that room, haha.

DA5: "I hate airplanes.
Shame about missing the early bunnyhops in this stage. Pretty good spawns overall. Tanks were very kind as well, though the second tank kill could have been a bit faster - should've run towards the AI rather than away from them. Regardless, it's a good IL.

BH1: "I hate forests."
Why did you cut out the intro scene? Quick AI kills at the start. The runner could've pulled off a few more bunnyhops in this stage, as it's full of hills. Still a good level.

BH2: "I still hate train stations."
Bumped into some zombies at the start, wasting time. It's nice that you got some bunnyhops on the slopes near the end, but given the simplicity of most of this stage, you could probably have pulled off more hops, in a similar fashion to NM1.

BH3: "I still hate forests."
Got body blocked quite a bit at the start. The tank was very cooperative in giving you the boost, though, so that was nice and quick. Well done.

BH4: "I hate everything."
It's a good thing that you got the house-skip on the first jump, but you should've tried some bunnyhopping at the end. That area is completely clear every time, and is perfectly straight. Could've saved a bit more time there. Still a nice IL though.

BH5: "I hate finales.
Probably the shittiest finale to do on your own, since the map is huuuuge. I'm amazed that the AI was smart enough to help you kill the tanks Smiley

Overall, these are very nice ILs leaving very little room for improvement (generally in the form of bunnyhops, which are hardly as easy as in other Source games). Well done Freezard!

I don't have anything to add to the posts above.
Great runs, easy accept.

BL3 - Cool tank boost
BL4 - Expected a tank boost at the bridge

DA1 - cool team kill, cool bunnyhops but then a not cool hop
DA2 - that skip is hard.
DA3 - That's cool. This level was really well done.
DA4 - bunnyhop is hard to no damage,

DT3 - Is this bug actually allowed in SDA rules?
DT4 - Not sure how I feel about general hesitation and missing the skip once

NM1 - Great bunnyhops
NM2 - Sloppy team kills
NM3 - Zoey had full health for a long time. Weird.

Overall there's a lot of cool strategies and some great luck manipulation. Little mistakes like being hit or slowing down a tad are only in these difficult segments. I am torn on whether the lack of Crouch-Bunnyhops is cause for concern or not. It is a difficult trick to pull off and is punishing, I still feel like perhaps there were some places that it should have been utilised, especially after NM1. I am not a fan of accepting runs just because they're improvements either.

I'm saying Accept because they're well executed runs and so on. I'm apprehensive because I know bunnyhopping makes it faster and in IL it's possible to do, albeit rather hard.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Freezard!
Thread title:  
Too bad Freezard misses out on the rest of our awesome discussion we had in there.

GG Freezard
Thanks for quick verification and comments Smiley I don't need demos to re-encode the aspect ratio, I can just use the IQ files. Anyhow, too much work for 20 videos. Flip can do it if he wants to. I've changed the aspect ratio for my future encodes though!

Intro cutscenes are all cut out to help with timing and cause they aren't really necessary. If you look closely at the beginning of the videos the HUD hasn't finished loading so that's one way of verifying.

Aww, you didn't crown the witch, even though it's your forte.

!:D It's usually my job but I haven't mastered crowning witches while moving yet.

DT4: "I hate towns."
Awesome zombie hop yet again. Should've crowned that witch again, man. Wasted a tiny bit of time looking around for the tank. Good run!

I was thinking of going for a tank boost up the right building but the tank was pretty retarded and climbed inside the building so I ended up wasting a few seconds.

The runner pulled off a really big risk by not performing the "105 flash" elevator trick.
Since the bots can't do it, it would mean that the runner would have to do all of the four survivors work.

I need to buy a mouse with a free-spin wheel before I could attempt 420 flashes solo Sad Maybe next time flicky has found a way to completely skip the elevator Smiley