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Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light (Any %) (Individual Level) [2 players]
Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light (Any %) (Individual Level)

Verifier Responses
When I was told the times for these, i had a hard time believing the times. But I am very glad that they were true and the run is fantastic!

Single Player
ToL - I can see a few minor spots where it could be faster, like the bombing of the balls and the final target switch, but it's not that bad.
TG - All I can do is smile Cheesy
ST - well done
Sum - aww, done on PC so no 6 second summoning
FG - good
TS - you can roll to avoid that cutscene!? WOW! and bomb boost the next jump? nice. the rest went well except for that ball. I've only ONCE gotten that ball to get into the pit without having to place it.
FP - got the opening spike skip, i hate you! i find it very difficult to do
JoD - and I'm still sitting at 1:21...
TB - that's a new way to end the level... and that OoB jump, for those who dont know, is VERY difficult.
FD - nicely done
BotB - again, aww to being on PC, no 15 second fight (only possible on xbox, not even PS3. PS3 you can get 16 though.)
SP - very nice!
MW - YOU GOT A 32!?!?! I quit....
XS - Very good Cheesy

Co-op Run of this game is very different then single player.  my experience on that is very limited, so all I'll say is that I'm confident all is possible and it looks good.  I know that the other verifiers are more experienced on the co op run and I'll leave it to them to comment.

Decision: Accept

Quote from Kotti:
Execution and routing are damn near optimal throughout the co-op run, trying to improve the runs without some completely new glitches seems like a waste of time.

Some of the highlights for me were:

Temple of Light - Shield jumping out of bounds on the way to the fire trap.

Forgotten Gate - That zip is just too good, my favorite new trick in the run.

Toxic Swamp - Jumping out of the first switch room using a Spear of Darkness

Flooded Passage - Getting out of bounds in the last room so that the camera doesn't slow Lara down.

Jaws of Death - Clipping through the last door.

Fiery Depths - Good spearwarp position, ropejumping straight to a lower platform, climbing on the straicase through it.

Stronghold Passage - Not jumping.

Mirror's Wake - Very nice route overall. RIP ball strats Sad

Xolot's Stronghold - Railgun/Spear of Light quick kills. Standing still is also very impressive.

I'm not too familiar with the single player runs but generally speaking they looked very good.


Quote from Ariwa:
Regarding coop:

Every level was completed almost flawlessly with an end result of a 3 minute and 33 second improvement to the old record.

Other than that I think Kotti's post covers everything I'd want to say.

The singleplayer run looked good even if I don't know much about it.


Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'Fatalis' & 'dawhos'!
Thread title:  
A new glitch was discovered that saves 25 seconds on one level. I should have a new IL for it within a week. How do I upload improved ILs?
Not a walrus
Since this is already past verifiction, best thing to do is a new submission. If you want to replace the level in this one we can make sure to mark that, but it'll probably delay the publication of this one.
I'll save it for a possible future submission, thanks.

The submission was finally published, but you guys messed up the comments. co-op should be on top because it's the game's main category and the comments were written as such.