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La Mulana (Any %) (Single Segment)

Verifier Responses

A/V good, no cheating.  Not really much to say, I found the run to be very well done for a game that is so difficult in the first place.  I would time this as 1:46:55.  Seeing as it's much faster than the current SDA run and looks like it was much more optimized even despite the errors that the runner themselves described, I give this an accept!

An excellent run with quality playing and major route improvements over the current SDA run.  I particularly liked the new strategy the runner developed for the Bahamut fight.  The luck-dependant points also went incredibly well, more than enough to make up for the one major mistake.  A/V quality was fine, and I found no signs of cheating.  A definite accept.

A/V insane quality, no signs of cheating. Slowdown during the Amphis fight seems common, especially if one is recording.

This is a good run, great route, good bat luck when it mattered, great lizard luck, and godly coin luck. The run isn't that smooth though. There's the general holdups and damage taking in places like the Tower of the Goddess and Chamber of Birth, but the bigger messups in the twice-missed elevator in Twin Labs and the Palenque ankh blunder. Some of this is made up for by the lizard and getting the wall clip skips quickly. Most of the boss fights were really good. Looks like a miss on Amphis but it didn't really matter. Missed the quick kill on Ellmac, but it's still just a matter of 2-3 seconds. Viy could have been quicker, not sure if it was bad luck or what. Tiamat fight was quite good. Some lost time on forgetting the paradiddle pattern on Mother.

All in all there is room for improvement, but with the new route saving so much time over the existing run there's little reason not to ACCEPT
I am however looking forward to an even better run in the future. Perhaps some competition?

Oh, and I time this run at about a 1:46:55

Sometimes, people do crazy things in defense of their mother. Other times, people endure countless death traps, lightning bolts, vampiric lizard warriors, world civilizations, winged hippo-dragons, cheapskate skeleton merchants and rambling but helpless stone wisemen to kill her. In the spirit of Billy Crystal vs Ma Fratelli, I present this commentary on…


Charity…Kindness…and forcing you into corporeal form to bring you a true death that your great great great great great great grandkids could not. Happy Mother’s Day!

Audio/Visual:  I’m so glad it’s the original. The new version’s soundtrack is…spotty. The music talking to the 2nd Wiseman is sped up for some reason, but the text appears to be at the right speed. Tis odd.

Gameplay: No cheatyness detected, Viy might disagree though. The player was incredibly aggressive in attacking enemies, bosses and sub-bosses. The visual of Lemaza charging into monsters many times his size while stabbing furiously is pleasing to my eyes.

0:14:28 – FISH BOOST!...then sadly, BAT BOOST!
0:22:40 – Sick strats on the Bahumut fight, excellent timing on the rolling shurikens and flares make this fight silly.
0:27:47 – Bat sniping
0:33:10 – Huh, you can stand on the blocks in the MU room.
0:40:00 – Viy fight…………..wat?!
0:42:47 – At this point I recovered from the Viy fight.
0:45:06 – The morning sun has vanquished the horrible lizard knight.
0:46:20 – Amateurs! I’ll show you a proper sacrifice!
1:00:15 – Nice skip on the Turretcopters
1:06:25 – Rather unsporting
1:08:10 – VERY unsporting.
1:11:05 – I’M GRENADE MAAAAN!!!
1:16:30 – A flute that makes silent people talk…The Ocarina of Mime!

0:26:50 – Minor issue jumping to the platform in the Moon Temple
0:47:27 – Just realized how much I miss the Conch Horn tune.
50:30 – No crazy Sakit firin’ his lazor glitch, ah well.
0:57:40 – Lemaza just had to take a spike bath.
1:12:22 – Lemaza realizes too late how Palanquing, like planking, is sooo 2011.
1:17:00 – “We had a job..but we can’t do it. Do it for us?” – Congress,  1990-2013 or the Wise Men, 2013

I ACCEPT this run as superior in quality and shorter in duration.

Whippins commence at 0:00:31 and the crystalized essence of all creation lands on Lemaza at 1:47:26. This is a time of 1:46:55.

Throw Momma from the Train reference, ftw.

I'd write detailed comments, but I'm short on time recently. A/V is fine. Didn't time it but everyone else got the same time so I'm assuming they were correct.

Sorry for the short comments. Run is very, very entertaining. The showboating that cost him two lift cycles in Twin Labyrinth was funny even though it could have been very easily avoided. Unfortunate mishap with the palenque ankh trigger. Still, very very good time. Accept from me.

@previous verifier: new version music is ace, you swine!

A/V is good, I thought audio might be slightly desynced at the end but seems fine. No signs of cheating - there's a LOT of insanely good on the fly decisions made throughout the run, I don't know how much of that is due to limited enemy patterns. There's enough believable mistakes that it doesn't make it suspect.

Overall, gameplay is very impressive, especially in regards to damage boosts. The menus felt consistently slow (especially towards the beginning), the most obvious being cases where player lingers on a menu or chooses the wrong weapon.

Things I noticed:
- I was extremely surprised the cross was picked up, but maybe it's just a case of you don't know what you've got til it's gone. I tried to look out for spots where it'd come particularly in handy and none jumped out at me, maybe in true shrine of the mother.

- Even without slowdown, the amphis strat seems really slow compared to basic subweapon usage. I guess you're just really pressured for ammo at this point.

- Seems to go a bit overboard collecting weights in the endless corridor weight refill room

- Those viy, western tower of the goddess, twin lab elevators, and palenque mural mistakes really were messy and leave a lot of room for improvement.

- An obvious min/max, but you could prob skip 1 or 2 life jewels. I think this run in particular would have completed just fine without the twin labs life jewel.

Questions I'm not 100% on:
- An oddity: I don't know if this just disappears at some point in the game and I forgot, but the player's version seems to have a pot in place in the first warp you take in the confusion gate, where mine does not.

- Admittedly I'm out of the loop on the route, but is this the optimal route in regards to the endless key? Is getting the e. key really faster than skipping it entirely?

- In the twin labs wait, do you have to wait in the center of screen as player does, rather than closer to the door?

Chunky mistakes make it improvable, but it's still a good run that's entertaining to watch. Accept.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Travis 'Solairflaire' Hofman!
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Clear as a crisp spring morning!
Congratulations solairflaire Smiley
Formerly known as Skullboy
Congrats! Definitely looking forward to seeing this one.
I completely missed this getting posted. Good thing I was looking for the Rygar verification...

I can honestly say I was kind of afraid this would get rejected because of those few major things that happened.

I'm glad it got and accepted, and thanks to the verifiers.