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letterswords: 2014-07-31 09:40:54 am
letterswords: 2014-07-30 10:43:56 pm
I still seem to be getting a softlock at the point you mention even if I have visas. I'm not sure if its related to me having to manually add her to my party when I get to the Citadel Station or something different (no Mandalore?). See here:
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Runs: FCP, FC3, XWA, HD1-2, KotOR1-2
***EDIT: Doing some experimenting right now. It looks like Mandalore must also be in the party - I remembered wrong, but it's starting to come back to me Smiley My apologies, and thanks letterswords! You have to complete Onderon instead of Korriban.

The correct script is:
- After Telos, visit Onderon rather than Korriban. That should get both Visas and Mandalore in your party IIRC.
- Then do the planet skip on Dantooine.

Fixed the script in my previous post.
Ok cool. Unfortunate that we have to do Onderon as that sequence is quite a bit longer than Korriban, but still nice to be able to skip a bunch.
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glasnonck: 2014-08-03 04:22:34 pm
Can you still finish the entire Onderon sequence without visiting the other planets, i.e., is there a way to trigger the second part of Onderon early? Or do you not have to complete all of Onderon to get Visas in your party?

If we don't finish all of Onderon we don't get Visas, but we will at least have Mandalore. Then we could do Korriban to get Visas, or do it the other way around so we have a lightsaber for Onderon.
Even if we could do all of Onderon in one go its definitely actually faster to do Korriban+Onderon 1.
So I finally finished an RTA with the new strategies, and accidentally figured out (mostly from dying over and over) that we can actually skip the entire fight with Darth Traya by abusing the same thing I talked about before (initating extra conversations). I'll try to get a good video of it sometime soon and link it here. My actual run wouldn't be the best way to show it off, I think.
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AlecK47: 2014-08-06 08:17:16 pm
AlecK47: 2014-08-06 08:16:43 pm
Another skip... well that's good news.

Also, since it hasn't been mentioned here yet, the other day I directed letters to where all the rolls and mechanics type stuff is displayed.  Unfortunately the stun attack the droids do in the Telos bunker is Will (DC15 - and he only had a +6, or a 60% chance to make it) so stims don't actually help.  The only recourse is to equip anything that can boost Bao Dur's saves (particularly his Will) or his WIS.  I seem to remember there being a Force Mask or the like somewhere on Peragus that I always seemed to get, but I can't remember where it was or even if it was always the same location.
I can't seem to figure out what happened. I highlighted the whole fight (including all my deaths/reloads/etc.) in hopes that someone can figure out what happened:
turns out korriban is also unnecessary. If you trigger the preliminary visas-darth nihilus cutscene, you can go straight to dxun. Go through there a bit until you reach the mandalorian camp, then leave camp. You go west from there to a group of cannoks, which has a guaranteed lightsaber part drop. Then return to your ship, the visas fight triggers, and you can make your saber then finish the rest of dxun/onderon.
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glasnonck: 2014-12-21 11:27:31 pm
So I was doing a derusting run today while offline and I was able to get the full Kreia skip that letters mentioned. <edit> After additional investigation I found an important trick to this skip: non-player dialog needs to be automatically skipped, which is a separate glitch that I don't know how to force. If this is not in effect, Kreia will be in combat mode before you exit the second conversation. </edit>

What I do is rapidly press '4' and 'r' at the same time. '4' selects the fourth dialog option which will eventually exit each conversation. 'r' is the key I have bound to the "default action," which in this instance will start a conversation. If you press these keys rapidly enough AND get lucky, you will skip both phases of the final battle with Kreia and end up back at the main menu. It doesn't work all the time, so make a quick save before you talk to Kreia to start the first fight.

As a side note for those who don't know, I think you might have to perform a save buffer as you are approaching Kreia to skip the start of the first conversation. This will allow you to get close enough to interact with Kreia multiple times.
So I decided to test and see how much of a difference there would be between male and female exiles using the current any% route. The current dialogue choices don't need to be changed, but you'll need to add the Disciple to your party.

My tests seem to show that the female exile is in total ~45 seconds slower than the male exile. I've made a comparison video to demonstrate the differences: link.

Atris Convo - You can skip a couple extra dialogues as female.
After Atris  - As the female exile, you don't have to watch any dialogue concerning the Handmaiden Brianna.
Dantooine  - As the female exile, you have to add the Disciple to your party, losing about 2.5 minutes. You'll need the Disciple to avoid a soft-lock after revisiting Atris.
Atris Again  - When heading to Atris as the female exile, you can skip the Disciple's dialog when he comes to visit you on the Ebon Hawk. Also, you won't have to play as or talk to the Handmaiden or fight Atris the first time. However, you have to run to Atris's chamber from the hanger.
Malachor    - As the female exile, you can't start fighting Sion with only one dialogue choice, but you can with two. I didn't add this to the overall time difference.

There may be more differences that I'm not aware of since it seems that some dialogues are skippable as the female exile that are not as the male exile.
There are two new door skips on Telos. Citadel Station I've known about one of them for about a month, so I thought I'd mention both here on the thread.

You can skip past the door to the czerka mainframe to bypass just about all of B-4D4. Once you're inside, you can interact with the mainframe as if you were B-4D4. Then all you have to do is talk to the droid, take him to Chodo, and talk to Chodo as B-4D4. Quest complete. Maybe about 1.5 minutes saved without loads. (close to 2 minutes with loads)

The new one is that you can skip past the door to the Ithorian hanger. The droid is there and the quest can be completed as normal. This means that after save buffering at the start of Telos, you can go straight into the hanger and retrieve the droid that Chodo wants immediately. I'm not sure how much time this would save, though. I still have yet to test it thoroughly.
I know this is weird to pop up like this, as it's my second post and I didn't really know where to put it. I've been a casual gamer of this game on and off for the past 7 or so years when I first found it. Anyways, I was always interested in SDA and GDQ and noticed there were runs of this game.

Cut to today about 5 minutes ago, I was running sentinel and was screwing around with the console commands [made myself level 6, that was it] but on Peragus where you're on the scaffolding in the space suit, I was alternating pressing escape and enter [this is on the steam version btw I was trying to mash my way through the scene] and it skipped the cutscene of the harbinger docking and instead transported me onto the ship, in the space suit allowing me to walk around. I had no party, skipped the entire dormitory section, and false flagged the door with Sion [you never get the Kreia scene and the door stays open] attacking the sith troopers causes you to get stuck in place, but I managed to get around them while reloading saves. It allowed me to progress through all of the Harbinger  [without going to the bridge] until I got to the tunnel with T3, where it just started up the convo with him like it would normally on the Ebon Hawk the first time. Unfortunately I couldn't find a way to clip past him. I don't know if this is known or something, but it could shave off a few minutes if someone can do something with it? Sorry if this is in the wrong section, I tried googling harbinger skip and tried to see if Kotor2 had its own dedicated group board, but couldn't find much. Straight up all I did was kept hitting Enter>Escape>Enter>Escape right from where Atton starts talking, and it just put me in a loading screen aboard the Harbinger