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Kirby Super Star Ultra (Any %) (Single Segment)

Verifier Responses

Category: Milky Way Wishes any% run. Would be part of an IL table.
Time: about 15:58 (starting from the moment the runner presses A on "New Game" to the last hit against Marx).
Cheating: no.
Quality: there were some skipped frames in a few places. The game pauses a bit for a split second, hard to not notice.

First of all, this run made the mistake to base his run with the KSS run. While KSSU is a remake of KSS, they're very different, speed-wise.
  • The runner starts with Skyhigh. Not a problem, since this planet has the most useful powers for a speedrun: Jet, Wing and Wheel. However, in KSS, Wing was pretty strong and fast. The same can't be said in KSSU. Jet is much superior than Wing both in power and speed (except vertical speed if used correctly).
  • After that, he goes to Mekkai, skipping 2 planets between them. The reason this is done in KSS is because of Plasma and how broken that is. In KSSU, however, it was nerfed. A lot. I think even the runner realized this, because the only time he uses Plasma is until he gets Hammer.
    For KSSU, the best start is probably Skyhigh for Jet, then Cavius for Hammer.

Comments planet by planet:
  • Skyhigh: as I mentioned, Jet > Wing.
  • Mekkai: on 2nd part, lower path is faster, since you're invincible. Plasma should be skipped.
    Wham Bam Rock: after the Hammer Flip, you could attack again with a neutral air attack.
  • Aquarius: there's a faster route in the labyrinth: at the 2nd split, go up instead, then up again.
    Fatty Whale: when he's coming, using Hammer Flip pretty much means getting hit. Using Hammer Throw is recommended.
  • Hotbeat: at the cannons part, just mash the buttons, and you should be fired to the right.
  • Halfmoon: not getting the star at the start is faster, if done right.
    1st cart used without reason.
    Use Hammer Throw against the sub bosses.
  • Nova: instead of killing as fast as possible and start going backwards, kill 4 and get max speed to the right. Then kill the second-to-last, kill the last while the camera slows down, and kill the ones you skipped while going back.
  • Marx: Wing? Hammer, please.

I'd suggest the runner to watch some KSSU videos instead of KSS, and/or ask in the forums about stuff, like differences and tricks.
Also, for KSS runs, check 0xwas' videos. The SDA videos are pretty old already.


I'm not going to go into nearly as much detail as the first verifier ddid.  A/V looks good, no signs of cheating, about 15:58 for time, but I too will have to reject.  Combined with what verifier 1 brought up, the run had some sloppy moments to it.  The biggest ones would be the missed hammer hits, if anything.  There was also a lot of damage being taken and it seemed like the runner was very reckless despite trying to speed through the game.

No Cheating. This should be part of an IL table rather than labled as an any% run of KSSU. I timed it as 15:58. As the runner's comments mentioned, there is a brief pause.

I just ran any% MWW in roughly 14:24 on my first try, without having touched this game in the past few months except for a 100% race last night, and without ever having done any% MWW (I do 100%). There are at least 30 seconds of mistakes I made. That shows how (to be blunt) bad the strats are and how unoptimized this speedrun is.

As mentioned before, the runner bases the strats and route off of SDA's KSS run, which is already two major mistakes:

1. The SDA run is horribly outdated (it starts with freaking YO YO for goodness sake)
2. KSS and KSSU are very, very, very different

I don't need to make any specific comments as the first verifier basically says everything I wanted to say, except... Wing against Marx? Seriously? This isn't KRtDL. But even assuming the runner's route and strats were optimal, I still would not accept this because it has quite a few noticeable mistakes in a merely 15-minute run.

I recommend the runner post on these forums or contact some of KSSU speedrunners (romscout, kirbymastah, or particulary anwonu as he's going for 100% KSSU attempts and speedruns it the most actively). If the runner wants to go for an IL table, the runner will need to update the strats and optimize it more, as again, I still wouldn't accept this just on the basis of running quality.


A/V was good, No cheating was detected. As suggest by the other verifers, this should be run of an IL Table instead being labled as an any % run for KSSU.
A few quick notes:
There were a few places where the runner took unnecessary damage that cost him some time.
Missing two hammer swings in-a-row vs Fatty Whale cost the runner a lot of time.
As mentioned by the first verifier comment, He used the 1st cart on half moon without giving a reason for it in the runners comments.
Verdict: Reject
Reason: The strats the runner used were from KSS, the run on SDA is out of date, and KSSU is completely different from KSS.

Audio/video - there's a portion where the video skips quite a bit.

I feel like the runner has a decent amount of skill and can get "the run," but should work on the route.

Skyhigh goes well.
Mekkai has some unnecessary hits, and the runner takes spark which doesn't feel like it's needed. Hits taken on boss.
In Cavius, the runner missed a shot, and then took a hit, costing quite a bit of time.
Aquarius has more unnecessary hits right off the bat. The missed hammers on the boss also cost a little bit of time.
Floria seems all right until the boss fight, where those hits cost a bit of time.
Hotbeat was reasonable. Unfortunate missed hammer swing.
In Halfmoon, I feel like getting the star didn't really save much time, if any.  That first minecart also seemed a bit slow.
Galactic nova could use the improvement suggested by the first verifier.
And finally, the boss fight with Marx seems decent. I think the runner should take the first verifier's advice and use hammer, though.

Going to have to reject, but I think the runner can easily improve their route and get a little more practice to get an acceptable run. Keep at it!

Verifiers 1 and 3 covered things good enough. Suboptimal route and mediocre execution at best in key spots is an easy decision to reject. I need to stop being so late to these verification threads so I can get more useful input in before everyone else covers it. So a definite reject, and I don't have anything to add that wasn't already said.

Decision: Reject

Reason: Poor planning and execution.

This run will be available for a month. After that this link will no longer work.
Thread title:  
So calling this an individual level run doesn't mean I have to start from scratch on each level?
yuri 4 life
i just watched your whole run. #1 verifier pointed almost things out which i wanted so I'd like to suggest two points that verifier didn't point out. 

1, this route is better. The route is skyhigh, (hotbeat, cavius or reverse order), mekkai, halfmoon, floria, aquqrius then nova. The reason is same as #1 verifier, skyhigh has useful ability but Jet is almost certainly more powerful than wing as long as I've watched anwonu's 100% stream (sorry, i never played DS version but this ability is by far stronger than wing in kss) and plasma is no longer powerful. And in skyhigh, if you get jet, the door maze is right, right and boss which is very short.

2, going to hotbeat as 2nd planet is possibly faster than cavius as 2nd because you don't have switch ability at Chameleo Arm and saves time in overworld movement but the problem is you have to fight against Chameleo with Jet, which is slower than Hammer. I will leave this to kssu runners :p

kss and this still has some similar things such as jet strategy you can watch my kss run. Good luck on your next run Smiley
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I'm trying stuff out & Jet does seem like it might be useful for getting around quickly but it seems terrible for fighting bosses so I think I still need to use Wing for bosses until I get Hammer.

Does anyone know of a site where I can watch KSSU speedruns. I haven't been able to find any.

Should I ask questions in this topic or should I ask in another one?
1st verifier here. I did a run after watching your run. It was similar to 3rd verifier: I've always done 100% runs, so I didn't know an exact route. But it wasn't that hard to do anyway.
Here's a comparison video.

Currently, I think no one is doing serious attempts to run this game (I do 100% occasionally, but not as often as before). But I have a few videos on Twitch (check the 2:09:43 for general strategy, and the 2:12:01 for MKU if you're interested).

kirbymastah has posted a few videos for each subgame (don't know if for all of them). Check the topic:
I think it's better to post the questions there as well. Easier to find later than this topic.

@0xwas: I might try testing Hotbeat before Cavius. It's just that Chameleo Arm with Hammer is so easy to do.. =p
I think I'll just keep speedrunning other modes because Jet has introduced me to a whole new level of frustration.
Edit history:
kirbymastah: 2012-11-07 11:06:48 am
3rd verifier here. You really need to learn Jet if you plan on speedrunning KSSU, as it is the GOD ability of the game. It's the second most powerful overall for bosses (next to hammer), and is generally the most mobile. The only sub-game you can run without learning Jet are the arenas, spring breeze, and gourmet race. Otherwise if you don't use jet for the other subgames, your run will be rejected.

Dynablade: Mix for jet in the second room
Metaknight's Revenge: Mix for jet in first room, right behind you
Revenge of the King: Mix for jet in second level, third room

Also, I highly recommend watching Anwonu's videos moreso than 0xwas's, because while not as optimized, they pretty much show how you speedrun the game overall. Even if you aren't doing 100%, learning Jet is pretty crucial to having a competent run. I do have subgame 100% videos on my youtube, but spring breeze and dynablade have routes that are outdated by anwonu's videos.

Revenge of the King:
Revenge of Metaknight:

The above, though, are applicable to any%. I'm not sure if the gameplay quality of these videos match up to anwonu's RTA videos, but if you want to run other subgames, watch these and Anwonu's 100%runs.

And no, an individual level table for KSSU would be each subgame.

As for any% route for MWW, I don't know if it's faster to do Cavius second or Hotbeat second. I'd probably say Cavius just because Hammer is so good, and slays chameleo arm, but i'll leave it to anwonu to test that. In general, though, you should pretty much never be using wing to fight bosses (it's probably best to skip it in any%, to be honest).
I'm just gonna stick to the modes that don't involve Jet.
Edit history:
Anwonu: 2012-11-07 04:33:59 pm
There's MKU as well. That one might be good to learn, especially because you don't need to submit all the other subgames for an IL table.
Beating my current SDA run shouldn't be that hard. I believe a sub-26 in-game time is possible.

Oh, and I tried Chameleo Arm with Jet. I think the few seconds I save by going Hotbeat first are all lost in the fight. Jet is powerful, but not as broken as Hammer =p