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Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep (Any %) (Segmented) [KH Scenario: Terra]

Verifier Responses

Quote from Elren:
Audio Quality is good
Video Quality is acceptable

This run has quite a lot of tiny mistakes in movement and menu work where 0.~1sec is lost. I won't talk about these cause it would be annoying to read.
Instead I'll talk about each segment seperatedly.

Segment 1
The Light Orb fight the enchanted dominion forced fight were good. Getting ventus lv2 on first fire pot sure was good luck. Sewer machine went especially well, one of the fastest fights I've ever seen till now. The forced fight in castle of dreams wasnt bad, but the finisher wasnt placed right which cost a few seconds due to the surviving bruisers. First protection section without any troubles. Second section started badly. After the start it went just fine though. The boss goes down like always.

Segment 2
Everything in this segment goes well. Two-cycling the mirror and that with a short pattern sure looks good. Then equipping Treasure Trove, whats unnecessary. It only differs in a +1 Magic what Terra really doesn't need. Costs only a few seconds anyway. After a slow start the next fight went especially well. Nice use of Strike raid btw.

Segment 3
The next bigger mistake, he forgot to equip air dash. Costs 5 second overall. The mandrake killing goes well and the Trinity armor gets recycled without problems. I don't understand how the system decided on the last command style though. It can be so random sometimes...

Segment 4
The Training went exceptionally well! Just bursting through everything in a matter of seconds. And thats the reason you had to fail the rest of the segment. It's a law of nature. Being tricked in guarding by Braig cost a lot of time, but he went down fast enough to keep this segment. Then you enter the Disney Race, fail the power start, fly straight into the tornados twice, get blinded and then win with only 10~15 seconds lost! Damn Troll -.-
Olympic forced fight went good enough...

Segment 5
Definitely my favorite segment! The Turney fights all went well with minimal trolling. Both Zack fights were okay, not the best but fast enough.
Deep Space forced, normally a problem fight, goes way better with the route now and is even for that beaten pretty fast. Failing a jump in the Hangar costs a few sec. The experiment fight is the fastest one I've ever seen. And the funniest! Neverland is a piece of cake so we move on.

Segment 6
Eraques gets beaten to a pulp by his student so he can Rest in Peace now. His private segment was worth it.

Segment 7
A well manipulated Segment, no mistakes, only dooming the world for the next decade...

The run is far from being perfect. A bunch of small mistakes and a few big ones make up for a good time loss. The boss fights were well planes and (most of the time) well executed and manipulated. That leaves me wishing for better planning on some of the forced fights. A dedicated runner could shave of at least 5 minutes.
Having said all that it's still an awesome run that deserves respect. At the time Essentia ran this at SGDQ with a 2h time, who would have thought we would see a run with an endtime of 1:15:07(ingame time! differs a bit from Real Time)?... ...(Aside from both of us)
That speaks for itself so my decision absolutely has to be accept!

I'm Elren by the way :p

The audio and video are fine, no problems here. There was also zero evidence of any kind of cheating. This run is a mixed bag, with some wonderful moments and some not so great moments. I'm going to go over this starting with:

Strategy: The overall effectiveness of the planned route. Rushing thunder surges seemed to flow well throughout the run. He got some early commands that helped out in other ways, and some easy to buy ones too. The end result is a lot of good abilities that help the effectiveness of the surges, and 6 of them to boot. The early flame salvo was also great, and helped deal tons of free damage to bosses and hard forced fights. I'd be hard pressed to find a more efficient way to fix commands, and this is probably my favorite aspect of this run(of course, not counting the unequipped air dash). I counted steps for a while to test the effectiveness of EXP Walker over just sliding around everywhere. Seeing as it probably netted him at least 1000 EXP, it was most definitely worth it, especially given the unversed EXP output rate. One thing I might have done is added more segments. There are some particularly annoying parts buried in long segments, which often makes for accepting subpar segments that have one good quality.

Early Game Execution: My least favorite parts of the run were when the forced fights against early unversed looked sloppy. Some finishing moves missed, some commands were just chilling out in the window when they could have sped things up, like sliding dash and stun edge during and after the protection section. There was a lot of luck and skill that did happen though, like ventus level 2 in the first fight. All 3 of the early boss fights were fast and neatly done. Overall, though, he probably could have saved a minute or two between the forced fights alone in the first three worlds.

Mid Game Execution: Trinity armor looks great, and all of the bosses before Eraques are well executed. It hurts to see Braig and the Experiment get away at the last second, when he was just going to Flame salvo them anyway(especially with the fast experiment fight). The Disney race only costs a few seconds too, as does the missed hangar jump in the low gravity. Olympus Coliseum is well done too. His play seems to flow a lot better here as he's getting closer to his endgame setup. This makes him a lot better at forced fights.

End Game: Eraques and the end bosses have nothing on this guy. Well done. I have nothing but good things to say here.

Overall: It comes down to, should I accept because of a great strategy, great boss execution, and a host of creativity? Or should I reject because of the tiny mistakes that keep cropping up and adding up, like in forced fights with mobs of unversed, trace menu slowness, movement, and accepting of some imperfect segments because of a strong part that is difficult to replicate. In my opinion, a person being more precise in certain places could shave at least 7 minutes off this run. (Being 75 minutes, that's approximately 10% of the time of the run! Real time even more.). And I bet if we put this up, we'd be surprised in the next run how much was missed in the first and improved upon. But more segments cost time, and while maybe 1-2 more might have been helpful, the 30-40 second loss makes it less worth it. The margin of improvement now becomes much shorter, approximately 4-5 minutes, which is just over 5%. This is not significant in my opinion, so my decision is...

Decision: Accept. I believe in you and your strategy and ability, as shown by certain parts of this run. That is why I think you can perfect it later. For now however, this run is an excellent display of effort and creativity. The luck required in each individual segment (ven level2, magic mirror, and abundant crystal for example) outweighs the worse parts of the run, and assuming a 7 segment plan, I would have kept every one of those segments. Thanks for an entertaining display!

A/V: was good no cheat detected

in general

There were a few mistakes here and there that cost a couple of seconds but nothing reeally critical except  maybe one or two mistakes, BUT the boss fights were very well done, some forced fights could have gone better, so this time can really be improved, but still the end time at 1:15:07 was amazing, but keep in mind that this time is far from perfect, andl ike i said it can be improved  BUT i have nothing more to say than...


Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Morgan 'Fragmaster01' Gulick!
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We all scream for Eyes Cream
I'm guessing this is on Beginner?

Needs more Critical Tongue

Nonetheless, I can't wait for this run.
After this run was posted, it came to our attention that the runner wasn't playing this game off of the UMD. Unfortunately, this method violates our rules regarding Hardware Modification.
-Hardware modification: Players may not modify their consoles, with a few exceptions. The only extra or modified hardware allowed are mod chips and boot disks used for playing imports, audio/video mods to allow old systems to output in higher quality, and official add-ons, such as the Nintendo 64 Expansion Pak. For example, the PlayStation 2 HDD is allowed, whereas the HD Loader is not. Additionally, to answer a commonly-asked question: since glitches that involve pressing left and right or up and down at the same time require pressing buttons hard enough to break or circumvent the crossbar underneath d-pads, glitches that involve pressing these buttons at the same time are banned. This section only applies to consoles; PC players can feel free to bump their graphics settings up as much as they can.

Sadly, we've had to remove the run because of this. I wish we had known about this ahead of time but it seems nobody saw that post before the run was submitted and I was never asked if it was OK. People noticed the faster-than-normal load times after the run was posted.
We all scream for Eyes Cream
Would the comments happen to still be available? Wanted to look at them for comparison purposes.
I don't generally release comments for rejected runs because they're usually written with the assumption that the run will be accepted. If you seriously want to see them shoot me a PM and I'll consider it.