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Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep (Any %) (Single Segment) [KH Scenario: Terra]

Verifier Responses

This is a great single segment run. The deck command progression is good in that slowly building up to a slew of Thunder Surges lets the runner save a lot of time on every boss from Eraqus, enough that finding those items and melding those commands is worth the time. I remember the last segmented run's route and execution and this is surprisingly close.

There are a few minor mistakes throughout, but pretty much every fight goes as planned. The only fights I could notice mistakes in were the Trinity Armor, Braig, and Experiment 221 battles. Getting that Abounding Crystal midway through was a lucky find, and when I saw him killing mandrakes, I was very surprised that the runner went for EXP Walker single segment. It pays off and probably nets a couple levels indirectly.

Most of the menuing is pretty good, with a few small mistakes. The run seems optimized to pause as little as possible, which is good because that pause load time is long. The movement is solid throughout, except in the cases where the analog stick gives him trouble.

Overall, this is a solid run, a great watch, and an easy accept.

->After mulling it over I have decided to add a few more notes to my Post.
and change my verdict.

Play Time: 1:21:41

No Cheating detected

A/V quality acceptable
The A/V quality is a bit of an issue if it is possible the black box around the video could stand to be reduced, or straight out eliminated.
I also experienced two loud Audio spikes in castle of dreams I tried a different player and still had the same issues, they occur in the first hallway with Cinderella and if can be removed they should be. If none of the other verifiers had this issue please disregard and assume it was a technical issue on my end.

Thoughts on the run

The initially fight for the master exam with the orbs looks very dirty, but is still done in a good time, not sure if there is such a thing as a good looking orb fight. Some of the boss fights had some lack luster moments specifically Braig, Trinity Armor, Experiment 221, and Terra/Xehanort which losses a little bit of time. Almost, if not all, the other fights went as expect for a speed run or better and are well within expectation.

The Menuing throughout this whole run is on the whole decent, but there are several moments lost to some stutters or pausing in the menu by the runner. The cut scene skipping and button mashing/command cycling are alright aside from some cut scene skip delays. there are a few slow command cycling moments but these are over all not large time losses. In general the menuing is okay, but not up to a good enough level for an SDA run, it often feels sloppy and sluggish.

Exp Walker is useful, but after testing it my self I noticed when you perform a dash/ neutral attacks (thunder/magnet) you gain no exp, also after looking at a level chart and noticing by level 20 (his level by the end Neverland) it is about 672 exp for that last level I think at most exp walker may have gained one level by end game, though it may have been needed to make leveling faster earlier on, it seems a bit excessive to consider it a necessary part of the run, so I am not sure if it was worth the trouble of getting ( but i do applaud the runners efforts in adding this to the run to force one extra level to increase damage on the last bosses, as this really losses him no time over all).

If other runners find that the exp routing in this run is inefficient I would take the other verifiers opinions over mine in this aspect.

Final decision

All and All this run is pretty good, with the audio/video issues, the some what lackluster execution, And routing issues with Exp, I would have to say I


to be honest this is a real tough call I really wanted to like this run, but the more I look at it the more I realize it is just below SDA standards, which is really hard to say because I would love to have a BBS run hosted on this site. 
I would encourage the runner to take a second pass at this run, it is nearly there and with a little work I think it will easily be an acceptable run for SDA.

A/V Quality is fine except for the audio spikes mentioned above.

The run brilliants with good RNG overall. Terra gets all the crystals he ever needs the Ven and Aqua D-Link Stars as soon as possible and an abounding crystal. Even the bosses are nice to him like Wheel Master, Xehanort and a near perfect Eraqus pattern, one you would never expect in a SS.

Including Aqua-Link in the route saves loads of time and the runner earned my earnest respect for this find and the incredible tenacity he has for actually manipulating an abounding crystal in a SS, which only saves a bit of time for Terra. Now to the bad things...

The runner makes a lot of small mistakes over time that add up (several cutscene skip failures, movement mistakes, not using select in shops, some menu stuttering, not using airdash on the RG door) but I'll only talk about bigger ones from now on.
There are only a handful of fights in this game where you can loose a lot of time and the runner fails three of them. Additional to that comes that some of the other fights weren't that good either(Orbs, Protection Run, NL1). In Radiant Garden the runner overtrains, adds loadtimes and doesnt pick up the D-Link Prizes of the last Chrono Twister instead wanders of and kills 2 Floods for their prizes. The Turney was pretty optimised except for the last(and maybe the first) round and looses ~10s. Now the worst part is the second training section in OC. He fights there for about a minute not counting the added Loading times. Killing of a few enemies in NL instead would have saved a good amount of time and prevent overtraining. It's a big route mistake that costs at least 20s. Also the runner doesnt make good use of the Exp-Walker making me wonder why he went through the trouble of manipulating it in the first place.

Overall this run is a great improvement but i believe that with a few adjustements and a bit more training(Cause most mistakes were execution wise) the runner will easily be able to drop another minute or more of this time. Therefore this run doesn't match the SDA standards and i have to reject it.

Sorry for the long delay. All I can really say for now is the audio and video are good and that there is no cheating detected. The run is ok but not that great enough ot be on the main page of sda reject

Decision: Reject

Reason: It seems that this run needs a bit more polish to be SDA-ready

This run will be available for a month. After that this link will no longer work.
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