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Kingdom Hearts (Any %) (Single Segment) (Standard)

Verifier Responses

Accepted Final Time (Est) - 5:37:32 (I counted from the screen going all fjklsadfglkwrb after the last hit on Ansem's Final Form, while subtracting 10 seconds from the beginning when the run hadn't actually started.)

The run is solid.

A/V Quality - 9/8 respectively

There was no cheating detected throughout the course of the run.

After several days and many issues actually trying to play the video, I'm finally done with my comments on the run. I'll be going into a lot of detail, so I'm hiding most of the comments in spoilers to make it easier to read through them.

-I tried to time the run with WSplit, but the video didn't play all the way through without pausing (no fault of the runner) and so I had to time it with the timer on the video itself. So I got a time of 5:37:24 (timed from the new game file selection and ending at the final blow against Ansem) and an estimated SDA time of 5:33:25 5:33:35 (timed from the start of player control and ending at the final blow against Ansem).

A/V quality
-Absolutely no issues with the audio and video here. This is a high quality run and definitely meets SDA's standards, if not exceeds them. For a PS2 game, this looks incredibly crisp and sounds great.

General Notes
-This is the English version, so there is no way to skip the cut scenes.

-The runner skips all of the optional battles, which is the standard for almost any RPG game.

-Overall, magic and Ars Arcanum prove very helpful in a lot of the boss fights and even against the required Heartless enemies.

Dive to the Heart
-Control starts at 3:49 after selecting the new game.

-Choosing the Dream Sword gives you strength abilities.

-Sacrificing the Staff allows for less magic and less AP. Defense is neutral.

-Good first Shadow kill. Very fast.

-That last Shadow in the second round could have been nicer, but that's no fault of the runner.

-Runner didn't realize the command menu would reset while Examining the door. Cost about a second.

-Whiffing the box and failing the air combo also cost some time, but that's tricky to pull off.

-Picked first answers from FF kids for quicker level up at the beginning of the game, which is obviously the best choice.

-Shadows could have been nicer again, but he made due with what he had.

-That was a fast Darkside. Getting hit by the Shadow was the only flaw.

Destiny Islands
-Good shortcuts getting up that tree and getting over to the Rope. I've never thought to try those before.

-That attack after the second Log seemed unnecessary, unless he was just mashing X.

-The fish behaved nicely. Very fast collection of those.

-Getting the Seagull Egg, it looked like he played it safe climbing all the way up the tree, but I could be wrong.

-The lower route is the faster one during the Riku race.

-Coconuts were slow to come down, but after one another came immediately. Totally luck-based there.

-Darkside took quite a while, but that's on account of the low level. It would still be slower to grind.

Traverse Town 1
-You don't have to go to the Accessory Shop first. Didn't know that.

-You need to kill five enemies for the Leon fight to be "unlocked," so to speak.

-At such a low level, it's faster to die to Leon than to fight him.

-I hope that Elixir in the hotel is going to be used later. I have a feeling it will be.

-That was a really lucky Protect Chain drop. I wonder if that's going to be useful.

-That could have been a better Soldier fight. I don't think Donald killed any of them with his Fire spell.

-He's constantly mashing Triangle to get his party members to attack. I'm not sure if that's necessary. Hopefully it is, because it's rather annoying.

-That was a pretty good Guard Armor fight. Took minimal damage and was constantly attacking.

-Paused a bit too early, but did a fast equip of Dodge Roll and Brave Warrior.

-Expect a lot of Dodge Rolling from now on. It's faster than running.

-Triggering Merlin now allows you to savewarp there later when it's required to progress the story.

-Before embarking to Wonderland, he's making a minimum part Gummi Ship to increase speed.

-That Gummi Ship has really weak Armor. It can't take too many hits.

-Dodge Rolling past the door was probably a bad idea. Running to it would have been faster.

-Before using Trinity Marks or opening chests, you have to clear all Heartless by running away from them.

-I think that Trinity was to get an Ether. Could be useful for magic later.

-You need at least one piece of evidence to progress the story, and this is the fastest one to get.

-I wonder if he reset if he didn't choose the Heartless evidence here.

-Good idea to collect munny after the fight.

-Transitioning to the next cut scene took way too long. Completely out of the runner's control and very unfortunate.

-Another Elixir grab in the Tea Party Garden. They must be useful for later.

-Good manipulation to avoid Heartless in the upside-down Bizarre Room.

-That was close trying to open that hatch to get to the Queen's Castle again. Good avoiding a Heartless spawn there.

-Missed the first jump to the table. Not a huge deal.

-And now we see the Fire spell in use. It's a really fast way to defeat the Trickmaster.

-He misses a few Fire spells and runs out of magic, which makes the fight longer than it should have been. An improvable Trickmaster overall.

-A small error warping out of Wonderland.

Deep Jungle
-Skipping Olympus Coliseum is ideal, as that world is optional.

-Good use of Fire against Sabor. A good fight to start the world.

-A stupid camera angle jumping to those stairs interferes with the platforming here.

-Some strange menu navigation after the camp cut scene costs a few seconds.

-Good jump to the vine at the end of Hippo's Lagoon. Avoided waiting for the hippo to rise out of the water.

-Blizzard was a good way to start the Powerwild fight at the camp. Not realizing Blizzard had run out was not a good way to finish it.

-That Powerwild fight in Climbing Trees felt slow. Maybe could have used Blizzard?

-Tree House fight was a lot better. Good use of magic in that fight.

-Blizzard and Donald made the Cliff fight really fast.

-The next fight was iffy, to say the least. Missing Blizzard definitely hurt.

-Critical Plus allows Tarzan to do more damage. Removing special attacks makes him use basic attacks all the time and heal more often.

-That Sabor fight was a little ugly. Lots of damage taken there and Tarzan had to use healing items twice.

-Some iffy navigation in the Climbing Trees area.

-Maybe could have used a full combo to finish Clayton in the first round.

-Stealth Sneak caused a bit of trouble during the second round but it wasn't too bad.

-Impressive platforming in one of the most difficult to navigate platforming sections of the game: the Waterfall.

Traverse Town 2
-Flying to Traverse Town via Wonderland is faster than via Olympus Coliseum.

-Going to the Alleyway via the Hotel allowed him to skip the Heartless spawn and get the Red Trinity Mark.

-Can you not skip the chat with Cid faster?

-As I suspected, all of the items collected so far were to sell for munny. He's going to buy a Haste-G Gummi piece later for faster flying if I'm not mistaken.

-And now we see that savewarp pay off.

-Unlocking the door allows for faster re-entry to the Third District later.

-He bought a Haste-G and a Fira-G with his extra munny. That will make Gummi Ship flying really fast.

-Saving Opposite Armor till later is a lot faster than fighting him now.

-Looked like not equipping the Fira-G was a mistake on his end.

-This Gummi Ship flying is now very fast thanks to the stronger engine and the Haste-G.

-Simba turns out to be pretty fast in this Desert fight, but the summon animation was really long. Guess it can't be helped though.

-Looked like he had some trouble unlocking that lock without spawning Heartless.

-Good Dodge Roll and land to reach the Bazaar.

-Looks like that summon animation shows up every time.

-Good job keeping the Pot Centipede contained to one room.

-Nice use of Blizzard to finish off the Pot Centipede.

-Staying on the Cave of Wonders Guardian is a feat in itself. The Bandit almost knocked him off at the end. He was fortunate to get the kill before that happened.

-A bit of trouble hanging on a ledge in that chamber before the treasure room. Cost a few seconds.

-The Jafar fight is really awkward, but that's just the way it's designed.

-Curing Aladdin now allows him to help in the Genie Jafar fight, I guess.

-Nice idea to Cure in the air. Saves time and recovers some health for the next fight.

-Looks like Blizzara against Jafar kept Iago from moving, making him easier to hit.

-Carpet riding must have been boring to play. He might have been able to get the magic bubbles in order to recover some MP for the next skirmish, but it looks like he did that pretty well.

-The Power Up in the small room is a good buy. Finally, Scan and Blitz are equipped for stronger attacks and a look at HP gauges for later fights.

-In the next section of the game, two of the three worlds Monstro, Atlantica, and Halloween Town must be completed. Monstro and Halloween Town are the fastest, so he flies towards Halloween Town so he can make it there later.

-A direct route to Parasite Cage turns out to be not direct at all. Credit to the runner for remembering the route through Monstro.

-Wow, guess Parasite Cage 1 doesn't put up much of a fight. That was quick.

-Rare Truffles in the Throat prevent damage to the party. That was some good luck there.

-That was a close call on Parasite Cage 2. Other than almost dying, it was a good fight.

-This is definitely a fast world from what I just saw. And with Atlantica's swimming being forced, I imagine Halloween Town is definitely faster.

-The whale spits you back out at Agrabah. Warping to Monstro and having him not show up is possible and makes the route to Halloween Town much faster. Unfortunately, that doesn't happen in this run. It's still faster than flying normally and getting swallowed, but that's a real shame.

Halloween Town
-The trip to Halloween Town was still really fast regardless of the aforementioned misfortune.

-A bit of a hiccup reaching the Power Up in the Town Square.

-The fight in the first graveyard area is required to progress the story. It could have been faster (that last Wight Knight got away from him), but it's still okay.

-The next fight he does is required to enter the Boneyard.

-Good skip of the Wight Knights there to reach the Boneyard.

-Could have navigated better to enter the Lab Entryway. Less Dodge Rolling maybe?

-The fight on Moonlight Hill is required to activate the gravestone to reach the next area.

-Close call opening that door. It took forever for the Heartless to vanish though.

-Good shortcut using that roof to climb up to the next level. Would have never thought of that.

-Fight with Lock, Shock, and Barrel was actually pretty bad. Lots of whiffed attacks. These brats were always annoying though. They’re so small that they’re very hard to hit.

-If EXP was really an important factor, it would have been better to kill Barrel last, as he doles out 240 EXP instead of Lock's 180. It may not have made that much of a difference though.

-The Oogie Boogie fight is very difficult to beat quickly. The fastest method is to hit the dice back at him so he can't attack.

-The way to reach Oogie is to step on the switch below him to raise the platform. Missing this costs a lot of time, so I understand why he was being conservative here.

-Fire against Oogie Boogie was a strategy I never thought of. It only does a little damage, but every bit counts. Thunder would have been even more effective if he didn't have to go out of the way to get it.

-Good shot at the dice to skip the first big attack.

-Missed the second dice, but he only got Heartless instead of a long roulette attack.

-Healing machine sucked to roll, especially since Oogie walked ALL THE WAY AROUND the area in order to reach it. It didn't heal that much though.

-A bit of trouble jumping up to that first orb.

-Oogie's Manor went very well overall, he didn't fall off of the level at any time and beat it quickly.

-I guess flying to Atlantica is required, even if going there is not. Never knew that.

-Climbing up that ladder was tricky, but that's due to the poor programming, not the runner.

-I see that keeping Donald and Goofy was useful for the Green Trinity Mark that's required.

-Some of those Stop spells were wasted because Antisora dropped below the floor.

-Goofy with MP Gift and Donald with Cure make for a great combination of MP and HP healing.

-Scan is useful for finding the real Antisora. I think that's its first really beneficial use other than the obvious effect.

-Overall, Antisora is a difficult and long fight, but the runner did well to beat him as quickly as he could.

-I don't know if flying was the best idea for this Heartless fight. The problem against the Pirates was his attack kept hitting the deck and that he couldn't Counterattack.

-Stop proved effective against the Air Pirates and the Battleship.

-Peter Pan was also a good ally with his Hummingbird and Stop abilities.

-Why did he leave the deck and come back? This is why comments would be useful. Otherwise I'd have to call this a mistake.

-Captain Hook was a pretty quick fight overall. Good use of air combos and Stop to do damage without too much retaliation.

Traverse Town 3
-It's time to come back and fight Opposite Armor to finish off Traverse Town.

-Good menu navigation to equip abilities.

-Glide makes climbing to the top of the Gizmo Shop possible without Thunder. Very smart.

-That Ars Arcanum could have been better. That probably wasted a fair bit of time.

-Nevertheless, that fight went very quickly thanks to the higher levels.

-The Firaga-G will make flying even faster. Nice find.

Hollow Bastion 1
-I've come to expect good platforming in this run. It doesn't surprise me anymore.

-Gravity did so much damage against that Defender it wasn't even funny. Good job.

-Good Glide shortcut to cut corners just outside the castle.

-Ars Arcanum fails him again.

-Riku's doing a lot of damage because Sora is so underleveled.

-That was a rather ugly fight, but he got through it. Props to the runner.

-Good use of Fire spells on those candles. The aiming system is behaving.

-The warthog statues are not so friendly, but that's not a huge deal.

-Once again, who needs Thunder? Gliding to the chandelier is just as effective.

-Once again, Gravity proves very effective against the Wyverns.

-If you don't finish a combo against the Wizards, they won't teleport! Ingenious!

-Looks like that Trinity was useful for the Megalixir, but the Cottages might be helpful, too.

-Glide keeps proving effective for shortcuts.

-Jumping on top of the platform is a good way to reach Maleficent.

-He could have paid more attention to his MP at the start of Dragon Maleficent.

-Aero is a good idea to reduce damage, because Dragon Maleficent was really doing a lot of damage.

-That was a close shave at the end of that fight! Overall, it could have been a lot better.

-Three Wishes is hard to deflect, so it is useful to set up Counterattacks, which prove very effective.

-Ars Arcanum is doing much more damage this time.

-That was a really fast Riku fight. I've never seen anything quite like that.

-I always used to fall down to the bottom of the castle and take the elevator up to the main entrance, but what the runner does is faster.

Hollow Bastion 2
-Wow! Dying on the Gummi Ship route lets you warp drive to Hollow Bastion! That's incredible!

-That fight to open up the elevator switch could have been a little bit better, I think. Took some time to take out those Wyverns. Also, Blizzara may have been a better idea against the Red Nocturnes unless they had too much health.

-Wish that Defender hadn't hit him on his way to the keyhole room.

-Oblivion is the best keyblade that is easily obtainable, so it makes sense for him to equip it here.

-Behemoth fight goes as well as it could have. Ars Arcanum could have done more, but it did a decent amount of work.

-Menu management could have been better. Some hestiations and misclicks hampered it a bit.

End of the World
-Aero keeps you from leaving the battle area? That's a shame.

-A bit of a problem leaving the second battle area. That's okay this late in the run.

-That Behemoth fight could have ended better, but what can you do?

-Ray of Light adds a ton of MP. Smart move considering the Gravity and Ars Arcanum spamming.

-Got the most out of Simba in that Olympus Coliseum room. Guess that's why Cheer was equipped.

-I guess the worlds he didn't beat he had to fight the Heartless in.

-I want to see these Megalixirs be put to use. Otherwise, why did he get them?

-Chernabog was handled swiftly and effectively. That was a great fight. He only used the flaming pillar attack once and only blew Sora away once.

-Cool. The Megalixirs got equipped and we have more magic for the million Heartless battles coming up.

-Simba proves effective once again. I guess summons can only be used once a battle, otherwise he probably should have used him sooner.

-Looks like he forgot to equip Berserk. At least he remembered before he couldn't do it anymore.

-With Ars Arcanum and timely Dodge Rolls, the first Ansem fight goes really well. Submit would have taken up way too much time and he avoided it.

-Darkside went really quickly, too. Turns out climbing to his head is really useful.

-Submit hit during second Ansem, but it didn't waste too much time. He also only used his invincible move once, which was good.

-First big Ansem fight takes a long time only because he keeps attacking and dodging your strikes. Not much you can do about that.

-Shadow fight goes well with Ars Arcanum killing most of them.

-The weird tentacles go all right.

-Ars Arcanum does well against the Darkballs, though not quite as effective as it was against the Shadows.

-The Face is pretty hard to kill I guess. Good move to attack after it dies to refill the charge gauge.

-Ars Arcanum is really effective against the Invisibles, probably because there aren't so many of them.

-That blob thing goes down pretty quick with the whole party attacking it.

-Final Ansem goes as well as it could have. He's still annoying to hit, but the runner does a good job of finishing him off.

-This was an impressive run and it will be a difficult run to beat. For a 5.5 hour run, there are very few mistakes that only cost minutes at best. Considering that this is the world record and that it obsoletes the segmented run already on the site, this is an easy ACCEPT.

Time- 5:37:34(-3:57 till first control of character)

Cheating none detected

A/V – Great

Overall Thoughts and Notes
This run is Great the execution throughout is very good. The route is up to date and avoids all unnecessary battles; the Menuing is minimized and often superb. There are some small errors, but nothing one would not expect in a 5 and ½ hour run, especially since the errors consist of a minor menu flub here, a boss side stepping the runner’s attack there, etc. all of the magic techniques, and summons are used at the most advantages moment, and the effects of each keyblade are used when they are more advantageous then others, e.x. using Three Whishes (and the effect to be “difficult to deflect”) on riku 2 to help deflect blows and keep pilling on the dmg.
I would go in detail about the run, but there are far to many things to talk about, also this run is good enough that I don’t feel that it needs to be cherry picked. Also one of my fellow verifiers made a set of notes that are practically the same as mine so for sanity's sake please refer to that list for any “errors” mentioned.

Final Decision
After watching this run a few times over, over the course of a few different sitting I find no reason that this run is anything other then an


*There are a few issues, minor as they may be, I would like to see the run notes for so I will most likely change this later, if not my decision stands*

Sorry this took so long I had a lot of issues getting the video to play.

Dive to the heart -
Picks the dream sword while giving up magic which is best in a any% speed run
Shadows go pretty well with only the final one trolling with 2d mode
Loses a second on the command tutorial when searching the door
Picks the first options which means you level faster to 50 and slower afterwards which is the best for a speedrun
Shadows troll a bit with 2d mode but nothing the runner could do about it
Really fast darkside fight.

Destiny islands -

Loses a second on the first item collection due to overly mashing X while collecting the log
Fast fish collection
No reason to rename the ship here
Lower route is much faster and its impossible to collect the bolder mushroom during the race
Pretty bad coconut luck but gets the second one very quickly to make up for it
Pretty slow darkside due to being under leveled but grinding on Riku / FF kids is much slower

Traverse Town -

kills exactly 5 shadows and enter the accessory shop for Squall Leon to show up
Its much quicker to die to Leon in KH1 due to being under leveled
Pretty average soldier fight but gets a lucky protect chain drop
Uses the triangle command to force Donald and Goofy to attack saving time on the Guard armour fight
Good Guard armour fight.
Pauses too early but is fast during the menuing
Dodge roll is faster than walking in KH1 (and 358/2 days) so it should be used constantly from now on
Its quicker to unlock Merlin now to unlock the save warp later
the "Tissuebox" gummi is made due to its amazing speed. However I don't think the weapon is needed until after deep jungle unless the gummi parts obtained in those missions are sold later.
Over all good gummi mission


Gets the ether trinity and the evidence to advance the story
Picks the heartless evidence to save the most time on the tower fight (Its not random despite popular belief)
Good tower fight
Grabs the mad hatter's elixir which will be useful on Ansem
Manipulates heartless in upside down bizarre perfectly
An ok trickmaster but made good use of fire
Minor mistake leaving the world
No mistakes during the gummi mission

Deep Jungle

Good Sabor fight
Some bad camera angels leaving the house screw up the platforming but doesn't cost too much time
Its quicker to pick up the slides at this point than later
Bad menuing trying to use the slides costs a bit of time
Good lagoon by avoiding the hippo jumps
Good power wild fight at the camp
The climbing trees fight was pretty slow. Should have used blizzard rather than fire.
Good Tree house fight
Cliff fight was near perfect
Misses a blizzard on the next fight costing a lot of time
an ok Sabor fight but could have been much better
Good first Clayton fight
Veil lizard trolled a little bit but the second fight was pretty good despite that
Its much faster to go back past wonderland than Via OC

Traverse Town 2

Going through the red room prevents heartless spawning allowing the trinity to be used
Sells the items gathered so far
Opens the door to the third district for later use
Sells some gummi parts for haste-G and Fira-G making the cannon worth it for the first 4 missions
Skipping opposite armour is faster


despite the summon animation its much quicker to use simba outside the cave of wonders
Minor issue unlocking the first switch
Simba is quicker for Pot centipede in KH1 (However it is slower in 1.5) and the fight goes really well
Any fight where you stay on the guardian's head is a win.
Jafar is a terrible boss in every KH game he appears in so some time loss is expected (I can't wait until they make the Jafar fight in KH chi)
Good genie jafar fight
Toji has mentioned taking intentional damage during the carpet mini game to get a damage boost but I'm not sure if that actually saves time.
Blitz and scan are equipped after obtaining the power up in the small room
Monstro actually turning up is a miracle if you watch Chrono


Takes the optimal route to parasite cage (which is incredible given monstro's layout)
Sadly PC doesn't have his FM colours but other than that the fight is perfect
Mushroom luck really helped out on the way to PC2
Bar almost dying a really good PC2 fight
Sadly Monstro turns up on the way to Halloween town wasting a bit of time

Halloween town

Gets the power up jump pretty easily (Sadly they changed that to dalmatians in FM)
Good first fight
Got the boneyard skip
Good moonlight hill fight (Random thought - why do the imps need a ladder to get to Oogie's mansion in 358/2?)
Ok navigation to the Imp fight but the heartless took a while to despawn.
Horrible Lock shock and barrel fight but they are super annoying in KH1 compared to 1.5.
Manages to keep out Donald / Goofy when the platform raise which saves time in the long run. However he missed the final dice knockback wasting a huge amount of time.
A bit of issue getting to the first shadow glob but other than that a quick Oogie's manor

Hook's ship

Hook's ship didn't turn up which is a huge time loss purely down to RNG
Wastes a second trying to climb up the ladder in the hold
Some stop spells wasted on anti Sora but it was a good fight overall
Good heartless fight
Runner leaves the deck and comes back to create a check point in case he dies to hook since if you die to hook without leaving the deck he would have to repeat both the heartless fight and the hook fight including all cutscenes.
Hook got knocked off the ship once but other than that a good fight

Traverse town 3

Using glide allows you to skip getting thunder for the Gizmo shop
Guard armour / opposite armour goes well
Getting Firaga-G allows for a much faster gummi for HB / The end of the world

Hollow bastion

You have to use magic while Sora has the wooden sword.
an ok Riku 1 fight but loses some time towards the end of the fight
Good navigation through HB using all the short cuts
Very good Maleficent fight
Misjudges his mana during Dragon Maleficent but saves time by using stop instead of Tinkerbell
Excellent Riku 2 fight
Good shadow movement
Dying on the gummi ship is faster than finishing it
Oblivion is the best keyblade in KH1 vanilla (rumbling rose in 1.5 / FM)
Good behemoth fight

The end of the world

using gravity on the angel stars saves a lot of time
Behemoth trolled towards the end but it was still a good fight
Doing the OC / Antlantica rooms here is much quicker than actually doing the worlds
Really good Chernabog fight
Got Simba strats perfectly. Very nicely done
Forgot berserk so had to reequip it in Destiny islands
Good Ansem 1 fight
Very quick Darkside 3 fight getting the climb to his head
Ansem 2 was a troll but nothing the runner could have done about that
an ok Ansem 3 fight not too much time lost as taking 1-2 hits could easily kill a run
Good shadow fight
Darkballs go as well as it can really considering the nature of the enemy
Face goes pretty well and abuses his death animation to refill some of the charge gauge
The invisible fight goes really well thanks to Ars Arcanum
Its actually faster to use gravity on that blob but the fight still goes really well
Ok Ansem 4 fight with the runner doing his best to survive until the end.

Other stuff -

A/V are both great
The run uses pretty optimal strats and the only obvious flaw in the run was hook's ship not turning up which is just bad luck
Cutscenes can't be skipped in vanilla KH1 so they have to be endured
No cheating detected although he cheats in KH chi getting super rare cards so we should reject just because of that

Final Decision -

Accept! Its a great run and likely to be the last Kh1 vanilla any% run since 1.5 is coming out in a month with cutscene skips.

A/V is fine
No Cheating detected

General Notes:
- No unnecessary fights were fought
- There were a few times where the runner suffered a hit but it wasn't detrimental to the progress
- Cutscenes must be watched because it isn't Final Mix
- There will be Gummi Ship customization for Gummi Ship sections, of course, because going at the normal rate for those would definitely waste time
- Picked best way to level up throughout

Overall, I say Accept as well.

I had been busy the past few days, but I've gotten around to this.

A/V quality is superb.
I did not detect any cheating.

I used WSplit for timing, and from New Game to last hit, I got a time of 5:37:21, shaving about 13 minutes off the segmented record.

General Comments:
    All the optional worlds were skipped and unnecessary fights were bypassed.
    Most of the necessary Heartless encounters were handled superbly, though a few gave issue, but that was bad luck.
    There were some noticeable errors, but this being a single segment run of that time length, it's acceptable.
    Great menus, few hiccups, but otherwise very well done.
    Routes were planned out well, as were the boss fights (Pot Centipede, Riku II), though some had bad luck.

Overall:  ACCEPT IT. 

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Daniel 'Sonicshadowsilver2' Tipton!
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Part of a balanced breakfast.
I'll step forward now and say I was one of the verifiers (second from the top). This was an incredible run and it looks like it will be immortalized because everyone will want to be speed running the HD remix with cut scene skips. Fantastic job, Sonic.
Twinkle-Twinkle Lil' Star, har har!
I agree. I was the second-to-last Verifier and, like I said, couldn't agree more. It will be interesting to see if there's anything new when HD is released. Congrats, sonicshadowsilver2! I also plan to check out your "Jiminy's Journal 100%" for KH2 on Twitch sometime when I have 18 free hours thumbsup
SDA Apprentice -- (3-1)
Well, the best thing about the HD remake is that it is really going to be the "Final Mix" version of the game, which allows KH1 to play like KH2 in terms of Camera, skippable cutscenes, and a few other small things that were taken not from the unreleased Japan only release.  I'm sure that when it comes out, we will be seeing some things in the HD speed run that we currently don't have in the current KH Speed Runs.

Until the game comes out on Sept 10th (Sept 13th in EU), we will have to wait to see (unless if anyone in Japan has already constructed a route plan already).  Congrats SonicShadowSilver2.
Quote from MAS8705:
Well, the best thing about the HD remake is that it is really going to be the "Final Mix" version of the game, which allows KH1 to play like KH2 in terms of Camera, skippable cutscenes, and a few other small things that were taken not from the unreleased Japan only release.  I'm sure that when it comes out, we will be seeing some things in the HD speed run that we currently don't have in the current KH Speed Runs.

Until the game comes out on Sept 10th (Sept 13th in EU), we will have to wait to see (unless if anyone in Japan has already constructed a route plan already).  Congrats SonicShadowSilver2.

People have already been running the 1.5 version for some time now. I suggest you check the leaderboards out and watch some of the runs
dat jerk
Woo!! Congrats SSS2!!
The artist formerly known as Qxy
Excellent job! Can't wait to see this on the site.
This truly is a superb run with how long and difficult of a game Kingdom Hearts 1 is.  It just shows how strong this run is considering his best of splits aren't much lower than this current time.