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sshplur: 2007-03-04 07:09:25 am
Ok, here's what's happening with Target 00 (segment 1): in six hours worth of recording attempts I only actually finished it twice (sounds bad, doesn't it?).

My first finish was awful but the second finish was mostly good. I starting timing from when Garcian moves up to when Kun Lan catches the bullet. My finishing time was roughly 16:14, with 33 seconds of mistakes. This is longer than Estryark's estimates, but I think 15 minutes is the limit.

I screwed up two double dodges (dodging two Smiles at once), losing 3 seconds. At the library I dodged too early and turned the double dodge into two separate dodges, and outside Room 212 (candle puzzle) I missed one of the Smiles and kept the two separate, taking a hit because they were too close. I did manage to kill the Speed Smile in one lucky shot, so I guess that evened things out...

Another 4 seconds was lost from slow inputs, button mashing and getting stuck at junctions, mainly from junctions overlapping as you approach. This is very, very annoying, as the junctions/stuff you don't want to interact with take priority. Sometimes you have to wait until they separate (not long, just some milliseconds, but it comes back to bite your ass in the end). I gave myself a half a second penalty per stop.

The main problem with the segment was the Angel fight, and this is where 26 seconds was lost. Y'see, for a long time I always suspected that she doesn't stand in the centre of the room, and now I'm sure of it after last night. She stands closer to the south door and that's why sometimes you'll get a good view of her back, and othertimes you can't see a damn thing because you're standing on the other side of the room.

The fight itself was two cycles longer and I also penalised myself for the time it took to actually reach the north door junction after she died (2 seconds).

So next time the fight will be kept in the south half of the room, and hopefully I'll get atleast 15:45.

What makes fighting hard is that without Waver upgrades the cross hair traces an inconsistent, wide '8' (Keving Smith is the only one with dead-still, perfect aim. I don't know about the other characters with level 5 Waver), and the crosshair's high sensitivity. Without the option to lower it it's hard to be precise and adjust to the annoying '8' being traced as you aim...

The good part of this segment is that every other dodge went perfectly. I finished with 2 vials of thin blood left, but I believe there's no use for them.

Anyway, that's what's happened so far. I'll be getting a DVD recorder this week so I won't have to worry about tapes. If I get a good segment 1 before then I'll record it to DVD.
Can't wait until you record and send me the video so I can watch
Something's been bugging me about Target 00. The thing is, even without all the mistakes in the run I talked about in my previous post I'm still 7 seconds slower than Estryark - my time would be 15:41... I ran Estryark's test run through TMPG and his time is 15:34, snipping out all the footage up to one frame before Garcian moves and from one frame after the last cut scene is skipped.

I thought I had the route down and all I needed was a perfect run, but it turns out I still have some testing to do.

One test in particular is using Con's super speed when you go get the Fire Ring in the washing room. I did use super speed for the second half of the room, after killing the Micro Smile (before that, I used it for the first half). At the back of my mind I always thought it was useless unless you're going to run through the whole room and ignore the Micro Smile.

Another test is about using super speed to get the second Object in the washing room. I tested this before, but I'm going to test it again just to make sure. I got all the times from Estryarks' test run as accurately as I can for these tests, so I just need to record some footage to compare.

But even with all this testing I've a feeling that it has to do with playing in 50mhz mode... I was sure that most new games don't have their speeds affected in 50 mhz mode, only their fps. But now I think there is, in fact, a very, very small slow down. Small enough that you woudn't know the difference because the game still feels the same. Or maybe i'm thinking too much about those 7 seconds...
Here's some stuff I wrote down about Con's super speed and Kevin's invisibility.

Con and Kevin's special abilities run in real time (save the Inventory screen), so loading times, getting blown up, and skipping cutscenes are counted against the count down.

Con's super speed runs for 20 seconds.

Kevin's invisibility runs for:
15 seconds on level 0
20 seconds on level 1
25 seconds on level 2
30 seconds on level 3
35 seconds on level 4
40 seconds on level 5

I tested Kevin because I think there's some parts later in the game where his invisibility would be faster than simply dodging/tanking more than 3 Smiles. I probably won't be upgrading him but I timed his upgrades anyway.
There definitly are some parts in the game where Kevin's invincibility is better than either taking out the enemies, or dodging them.  Right off the top of my head are the top of the carnival level, and part two of that level where you have to run down the long stretch near the pool.  The Ulmeyda level is particularly useful, the bigger smiles take quite long to fall.  The long mountain path would be very useful as well.
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Estryark: 2007-03-09 08:07:03 am
Im not sure in the may want to use Con's speed ability to run that long curve before you meet the Broken Smile...but you can't waste the time to switch to Kevin, then wait for him to be invisible and pass everything until you get into that building to get Mask's new suit then waste more time to switch again to Mask.

Well I don't know, I didn't plan that part yet and it seem to be the hardest part for this speedrun.

You need to figure out when you have to change character carefully because it's one of the most important thing to get a good's ok to think that some part are good when you are invisible...but you can't switch to Kevin like that and go invisible, run trough only 3-4 monsters then switch back thinking you just saved time.
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Naegleria: 2013-09-15 05:32:09 pm

Not the best run, and I think AdrianVG1 has beaten it, but I think this thread needs some reviving.

I made a spreadsheet, its goal is to find the amount of thick blood you get from smiles, and how much more you get with the kill counter.

I also did some timing and math to found out how much time each personality can run before it would be worth it to switch to con (with superspeed) and back:

40.1 seconds for Dan
32.9 seconds for KAEDE
46.5 seconds for Kevin
39.0 seconds for Coyote
36.1 seconds for Mask
6.1 seconds for Con (He moves twice as fast with super speed, and it takes 3 seconds to activate)
34.5 seconds for Young Harman

With KAEDE's speed being 1, and all the others being compared to it:
2.77  Con's Superspeed
1.52  Kevin
1.41  Con
1.32  Dan
1.28  Coyote
1.16  Mask
1.09 Young Harman

It takes about 9 seconds to switch characters.  Con's superspeed lasts 21 seconds.
Hi.  Anyone been keeping up here?  Anyone still interested in this speedrun around here?
Quote from Simna:
Hi.  Anyone been keeping up here?  Anyone still interested in this speedrun around here?

I wonder if anyone who was interested before is still around.