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Karoshi (Any %) (Single Segment)

Verifier Responses

A/V decent, no cheating.

Pretty close to optimal. I count about 2 seconds lost from mistakes, 3 seconds from execution and less than a second from bad luck. I'm impressed enough the runner got all the bounce pistol shots first try. However, the runner's notes state that the runner only ran the game 10 times to get this time. That is very little effort compared to the vast majority of speedruns we accept, and I am convinced several seconds could be shaved off if the runner just put some more time in.


Quote from Lhexa:
A/V is fine, as is the timing.

You can see slight hesitation at various points, costing maybe 3-4 seconds throughout the run.  There are also a handful of mistakes:

On death 2, the right-hand box doesn't need to be pushed at all.

Death 4: the box is pushed a bit too far to the right to start with.  The amount of time spent pushing the box will be constant, but you can still minimize the time spent running back to the button.  It might even be faster to jump over the boxes at the end, and push one to the left.

Death 8: You can hit the bullet slightly earlier, but it's tough.

Death 10: The runner uses the gun to move the box, which is a nice optimization.

Death 14: If you keep moving to the right you can hit the bullet earlier.

Death 15: This could have been done on the first attempt.

Deaths 20 and 24 have alternate strategies, but when I tried them out I found they were slower.

There's a cute trick on death 22 (the long wait) -- the runner jumps to end the level a fraction of a second quicker.

Death 29: The runner takes two tries to grab the gun.

Death 30: The runner starts off moving the wrong direction.

Final kill: A missed jump at the start.

Opinion: Reject.  The time could be brought down ten or so seconds by fixing the above problems, and in a game this short and simple, it seems alright to demand that much optimization.

A/V quality is fine, no cheating detected.

The runner obviously knew what he was doing, there were very minor movement mistakes but other than that the execution was great.


A/V is fine, I see no obvious signs of cheating.

As far as I know, there aren't any real exploits in this game, so it's all about optimization and execution; the former is fine, the latter is not.

Given that the game only lasts 275 seconds (215 in practice, since 60 seconds are spent doing nothing), there's still a little bit too much scope for improvement here. It's not much, I estimate there's around 5-8 seconds of possible improvements, but this is still a bit too much for such a short run.

A weak reject.

A/V is fine, no cheating from what I can tell.

This is an odd one. There are some levels which are close to flawless, but others there are serious hesitations and unnecessary movements. Also, I feel like only doing 10 attempts of a game this short and then sending it in is kind of silly.

That said, however, I felt most of the levels weren't too bad. I do think that maybe he should try to go for another one, but for now I have no problem accepting this one.


Decision: Reject

Reason: For such a short run the polish is lacking.

This run will be available for a month. After that these link(s) will no longer work.
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I do hope the runner keeps trying.  I think s/he could achieve a much cleaner run with enough effort.  It would also be neat to see the mind-bending antics of Karoshi 2 in a speedrun.
Ditto. The level of necessary improvements are quite small and the runner shouldn't be discouraged; it just needs to be a bit more precise, with quicker reaction times.
Good starting run.  Yeah -- just more iterations will do the trick for this.

I wonder if the one-minute level trick is allowed in this game.  I forget the details, but I think if you tab out of the game and back, the timer completes instantly and you bypass the wait...
Willing to teach you the impossible
Note about the number of attempts: DW did less than 5 attempts I think for NES Zelda or something super low like that. The game is not all complex and does seem simple enough. Polish for this short of a game is rather necessary.

Just did a title thread search for the game. Nothing. Is it more the runner did few attempts or the fact they never attempted to used the best resource they had available. The community is the best thing you have on your side. Post videos. Others found strats that the runner most likely never knew about. A few posts could have avoided this as it would give others a chance to share the information.