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Golden: 2014-09-06 07:53:51 pm
Golden: 2014-08-27 08:30:44 pm
Hello everyone,

Myself and several others are organizing the JRTA Marathon, the goal of which is to bring Japanese runners to AGDQ without the burden of expensive travel costs. The Japanese community has never had a presence at the GDQs, and we hope the JRTA Marathon can assist in making AGDQ 2015 the first time this isn't the case. We've spent the last several days talking with 0xwas, Ohon, and Hanage, who have all successfully made it through the 1st round of submissions for AGDQ. Our goal is to bring all 3 of them to AGDQ 2015.

The JRTA Marathon itself will take place September 26-28. We'll need your help spreading the word and filling our schedule. It is my belief that this marathon is a cause the community can and will rally behind. The twitch page for the event is The info panels on that twitch page contain the schedule, and will eventually contain the donation link, etc.

Please help us spread the word of this marathon!

Update: Schedule has been announced! We will contact runners shortly with details.
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This is a really great idea!  I am super excited about the prospect of getting these 3 to AGDQ 2015.  You better believe I'll be supporting this event.
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I'm such a big fan of this marathon. It has the potential to do so much good for the GDQ's, and for the global speedrunning community. I intend to support this event however I am able.
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Just submitted !
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This is a really awesome idea!  Can't wait to see this.
Really awesome idea! This will be great!!
Glad I have a chance to support this. Hope it goes well!
I know it seems rushed, but we only have 3 days left to submit games. You can do so here:

The reason we are doing this marathon on seemingly short notice is because there are a lot of things we need to take care of after we raise the money to make sure these guys can get to AGDQ.
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This idea is amazing, just want to reiterate that.
Submitted, anything to get 0x to a GDQ
Glad my fanboy lvls aren't THIS high
While I'm debating applying for the marathon (first official one with no prior experience, lol), I still just want to give my general support for this event.  We NEED to get these three runners for AGDQ, so I'm approving this so hard right now.  I'm very sure that this will be successful.  Good luck to those that already applied.
Any idea on when schedule will be posted?
As soon as possible after the submission deadline. I don't plan to take too terribly long to decide. I would say maybe by Wednesday or Thursday.
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I have dreamed of this for years. Hopefully it will finally come true. Good luck.
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submitted megaman 1 gameboy  :>
I found out late tonight that we were mentioned on TSSB. In order to give people a little more time to submit, I extended the deadline 2 more days. So you have until the end of September 2nd to submit games!
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Would you be interested in a co-op run submission? we do over netplay, one of us streams and one of us local records. Would be glad to help these guys get to AGDQ.
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I offered language choice as an incentive for my Vanquish submission, but in the case of this marathon the language should obviously default to Japanese. Wasn't thinking too clearly about that at the time.

In any case, I hope this marathon is a great success! Having a few Japanese runners at AGDQ would be glorious.
Cool. Just want to know if I have to put aside a game to go hard on the others.
Ruling the cosmos!
It might be in my better interest to mention this just in case, but I accidentally put my name on the submission form as "Copilor" instead of "Copilot", and I accidentally said "Some" instead of "Soma" for my category on Aria of Sorrow. Please excuse my inability to type.
Submissions are closed. We have way more submissions than expected (150 people)! Unfortunately for a lot of people that means with such a short marathon there will be excluded games and gamers. I hope to have a schedule for you all to look at by the end of the week.
So I offered metroid prime 100% and have given a 2:20:00 estimate, but I was assuming timing would end at the end screen with JRTA timing; would that be accurate? It's still a very high estimate though
I fully recognize my games as lackluster and me not being a charismatic runner/entertainer and I have no problems being cut. I support this marathon all the way and will do what I can to support this in any possible way even if I don't have to run a game.