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Journey to Silius (Any %) (Single Segment) (ntscus) (nes)

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Quote from ktwo:
This is ktwo.

The run comments explain well how this run went. I will therefore not make a detailed account of mistakes and what can be improved.
In short, the run starts out in a stellar fashion in stage 1. Stage 2 introduces one or two minor mistakes. Stage 3 has a few more mistakes. Stage 4 is honestly not too good looking (for a speedrun). However, I know that the attempts that get that far (stage 3 is a major run killer) will put pressure on the runner, so I guess a few mistakes can be excused.
All in all, it's nice to see a serious speedrun effort of this game that builds on the currently published run and includes time savers that have been discovered since (or that I opted out of). Congrats to a nice run, ZakkyDraggy!

My normal computer has just crashed, so I can only open watch this video in wmp. I can therefore not time the run down to the frame, but I agree with 11:17.


(Comparison with the pal-run on the site - This run is a little over 10 seconds faster than my run (if converted from pal-time to ntsc-time). Most of the improvement comes from a method to increase the character speed. A couple of seconds are also saved by improved boss strats. In-level strat improvements are minor. The overall execution is not improved imo, but I still think this deserves to obsolete the pal-run.)

Audio/video quality fine for a NES game.  Pretty solid run, and I agree with ktwo's comments on what's improved over the current site run and what can still be improved in future runs.  A strat I've seen another runner use for the 1st boss is to waste some ammo after killing the 3rd jumper, so that your ammo runs out right as the boss dies (auto-switching Jay back to the hand gun and saving a menu visit at the start of stage 2).  I haven't played JtS recently enough though to remember if having more health/ammo left at the end of a stage causes the next stage to start faster, or if that pause time is always the same regardless of how much health/ammo the game has to refill.

I vote to accept.

Video: Good
Audio: Good
Cheating: None

The run appears very well done as a whole. Of course there are minor mistakes, especially level 3 and 4 where they are more visible. Seeing as how difficult level 3 onwards is to get consistently, I do not think this diminishes how clean the run is overall. I also understand getting RNG drops for ammo and health to save time are not very consistent at all with low drop rates as you essentially have to expect drops with certain strategies.

Stage 1- Ducking for land mine to shoot is very minor but understandable to get consistently. Boss is very clean
Stage 2- Stopping for split seconds on steps wastes a little bit of time obviously, but otherwise great stage. Boss is again very good.
Stage 3- Some of riskier strats pay off here, notably the fire mines and laser trap timings. I also think the methods of bypassing or dodging certain enemies works well here. While there are minor slowdowns in input, I also recognize how difficult it can be to get a good level 3. Boss is well done with 1 health unit left.
Stage 4- Some safety strats especially towards the end cost some time, but again the stage can be very hard to consistently get good. Mini boss missed one potential shot but boss is clean.
Stage 5- The stage itself is pretty much perfect seeing as it is autoscroll. Minor delay at rocket ship eye things. Terminator goes down quickly for a very good run.

This is a definitely a treat for me to watch a good Journey to Silius run. I hope others enjoy it just the same. Congrats ZakkyDraggy Smiley

Decision: Accept

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'ZakkyDraggy'!
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I like this game, and am happy to see a new run coming down the SDA pipeline.